Ticket #2354: invalid-url.diff

File invalid-url.diff, 987 bytes (added by charles, 13 years ago)

crude mockup to give the basic idea. I can't compile the mac client here, so this snippet might not even compile.

  • CreatorWindowController.m

    456456                else if (fInfo->result == TR_MAKEMETA_IO_WRITE)
    457457                    [alert setInformativeText: [NSString stringWithFormat: NSLocalizedString(@"Could not write \"%s\": %s.",
    458458                        "Create torrent -> failed -> warning"), fInfo->errfile, strerror(fInfo->my_errno)]];
     459                else if (fInfo->result == TR_MAKEMETA_IO_URL)
     460                    [alert setInformativeText: [NSString stringWithFormat: NSLocalizedString(@"Invalid URL")]]
    459461                else //invalid url should have been caught before creating
    460462                    [alert setInformativeText: [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%@ (%d)",
    461463                        NSLocalizedString(@"An unknown error has occurred.", "Create torrent -> failed -> warning"), fInfo->result]];