Ticket #4118: peer_status.diff

File peer_status.diff, 677 bytes (added by bugmenot, 11 years ago)
  • daemon/transmission-remote.1

    295295.D1 D: Downloading from this peer
    296296.D1 d: We would download from this peer if they would let us
    297297.D1 E: Encrypted connection
     298.D1 H: Peer was found through DHT
    298299.D1 I: Peer is an incoming connection
    299300.D1 K: Peer has unchoked us, but we're not interested
    300301.D1 O: Optimistic unchoked
     302.D1 T: Peer is connected over \(*uTP
    301303.D1 U: Uploading to peer
    302304.D1 u: We would upload to this peer if they asked
    303305.D1 X: Peer was discovered through Peer Exchange (PEX)