source: branches/0.9x/misc/transmissioncli.zsh @ 3925

Last change on this file since 3925 was 3925, checked in by charles, 15 years ago

Change the default port from 9090 to 51413 to get in compliance with IANA's port number assignment scheme. (1024 through 49151 are reserved)

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1#compdef transmissioncli
3_arguments -s -S \
4'(-h --help)'{-h,--help}'[Print help and exit]' \
5'(-i --info)'{-i,--info}'[Print metainfo and exit]' \
6'(-d --download)'{-d,--download}'[Maximum download rate (nolimit = -1) (default = -1)]:integer:' \
7'(-n --net-traversal)'{-n,--nat-traversal}'[Attempt NAT traversal using NAT-PMP or UPnP IGD]' \
8'(-p --port)'{-p,--port}'[Port we should listen on (default = 51413)]:integer:' \
9'(-s --scrape)'{-s,--scrape}'[Print counts of seeders/leechers and exit]' \
10'(-u --upload)'{-u,--upload}'[Maximum upload rate (nolimit = -1) (default = 20)]:integer:' \
11'(-v --verbose)'{-v,--verbose}'[Verbose level]:level:((0\:Low 1\:Medium 2\:High))' \
12"*:torrent files:_files -g '*.torrent'"
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