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1It is assumed the reader is familiar with bencoding, as described in
2the BitTorrent protocol specification at
5Dictionary keys used below will be enclosed in quotation marks, these
6are used for clarity and are not part of the actual key.
8The IPC protocol is used to allow processes to control or retrieve
9information from Transmission frontend, such as transmission-daemon,
10or the GTK+ or Mac OS X frontends.  This communication is done
11over a unix-domain socket file such as
12~/.transmission/daemon/socket. In this document the Transmission
13frontend will be referred to as the server and the process connecting
14to it as the client.
16Once a client connects to the server's socket, messages may be
17exchanged until either end closes the connection. Messages contain an
1832-bit payload length, encoded as 8 bytes of ASCII hexadecimal,
19followed by the payload. Upper, lower, or mixed case for the length
20are all acceptable and must be handled correctly. Payload lengths
21greater than 2^31 - 8 (ie: 2147483640 decimal, 7FFFFFF8 hex) are not
24Bencoded messages will additionally be shown in the following format
25for better readability:
26str  - "this is a string"
27num  - 38795
28list - ("wheeee", 435, "writing docs is boring")
29dict - {"name": "Josh", "beverage": "coffee", "quantity": "too damn much" }
31For version 1, the message payload is a bencoded dictionary, the
32valid keys and value formats for which are described below. Multiple
33keys may be used in one message.
35An example version 1 message:
38        {"port": 51413}
40For version 2 the message payload is a bencoded list containing a
41message id string followed by a bencoded value, the format of which is
42the same for version 1. The value may be followed by an optional
43bencoded integer, this is a message tag and is described in more
44detail below.
46An example version 2 message:
49        ("get-info-all", ("hash"))
51The same message with a tag:
54        ("get-info-all", ("hash"), 5)
56Once the connection is made both the client and server must send a
57version 1 style message (ie: the payload is a dictionary and may not
58contain a tag) with the dictionary key "version" and a value formatted
59as described below. The version should be the first but not
60necessarily only key in the dictionary. Any other keys should be
61ignored and not processed as messages. Neither the client nor the
62server should wait to receive a version message before sending one, it
63must be sent immediately. No other messages should be sent until the
64version is received.
66The version value should be a bencoded dictionary containing two keys,
67"max" and "min". These are the minimum and maximum supported protocol
68versions, respectively. Communication will take place using the
69highest protocol version supported by both the client and the server,
70and is not possible at all if there is no common version. A client may
71receive a version value that is an integer instead of a dictionary
72with "min" and "max" keys. This deprecated version format indicates
73the only version supported by the server.
75The version dictionary may optionally contain a key "label". This is a
76human-readable name for the software, it is not machine-readable and
77neither servers nor clients should attempt to parse it.
79An example message containing minimum and maximum versions 1 and 2:
82        {"version": {"min": 1, "max": 2}}
84Tagged messages, only supported in version 2, allow a client to tag a
85message with a positive non-zero integer. The server is then required
86to send a response to the message even if none would normally be
87required, and to tag the response with the same integer. When the
88server receives a tagged message it must send exactly one message back
89with the same tag. The client is allowed to use the same tag for
90multiple messages, even if a response to the first is not received
91before the second it sent. If a tagged message does not normally
92require a response then a "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported" or
93"bad-format" message will be sent back.
95An example tagged message and response:
98        ("start", (8), 15)
100        ("succeeded", "", 15)
102Some example sessions, including version handshake, are found at the
103end of this file.
105Dictionary keys are encoded in UTF-8 and case sensitive. Any character
106except a NUL (0x00) is valid. A server or client need not support
107every possible key and should silently ignore any that it does not
110If a reference to a boolean is seen, it should be taken to mean an
111integer with a value of 0 representing false, 1 representing true, and
112any other value undefined.
114Individual torrents are identified by a unique integer. This integer
115is only valid for the current connection and may be invalid or refer
116to another torrent in a future connection. If a torrent is closed it's
117ID will never be reused to refer to another torrent for at least the
118duration of the connection. Negative integers or 0 are not valid IDs.
120A list of keys and the format of their values follows. Also listed is
121the minimum protocol version that the key may be used with.
124Key:     "addfiles"
125Version: 1
126Format:  list of strings
127Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "info"
128Example: 8:addfilesl21:/torrents/foo.torrent20:/home/me/bar.torrente
129         "addfiles", ("/torrents/foo.torrent", /home/me/bar.torrent")
130Details: Each string is the absolute path to a torrent metainfo file
131         for the server to add. Note that whether or not the torrent
132         metainfo file is copied (allowing the original to be moved or
133         deleted safely) is implementation dependent and may not
134         currently be known or changed with this protocol.
136Key:     "addfile-detailed"
137Version: 2
138Format:  dict
139Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "info"
140Example: 16:addfile-detailedd4:file19:/tor/wooble.torrente
141         "addfile-detailed", {"file": "/tor/wooble.torrent"}
142Details: Dictionary containing information about a torrent for the
143         server to add. Valid keys include:
144           "file"       string, filename of torrent metainfo file
145           "data"       string, contents of a torrent metainfo file
146           "directory"  string, directory for data files for the torrent
147           "autostart"  boolean, start the torrent automatically
148         Either "file" or "data" is required, but both are not allowed.
150Key:     "automap"
151Version: 2
152Format:  boolean
153Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
154Example: 7:automapi1e
155         "automap", 1
156Details: Enable (1) or disable (0) automatic port mapping on the server.
158Key:     "autostart"
159Version: 2
160Format:  boolean
161Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
162Example: 9:autostarti0e
163         "autostart", 0
164Details: Enable (1) or disable (0) automatic starting of new torrents
165         added via "addfiles" or "addfiles-detailed" messages.
167Key:     "bad-format"
168Version: 2
169Format:  value is ignored
170Replies: N/A
171Example: 10:bad-format0:
172         "bad-format", ""
173Details: Sent in response to a tagged message which was structured
174         incorrectly. For example, an "autostart" message with a
175         string value might cause this message to be returned.
177Key:     "directory"
178Version: 2
179Format:  string
180Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
181Example: 9:directory21:/home/roger/downloads
182         "directory", "/home/roger/downloads"
183Details: Set the default directory used for any torrents added in the future.
185Key:     "downlimit"
186Version: 2
187Format:  int
188Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
189Example: 9:downlimiti100e
190         "downlimit", 100
191Details: Set the server's download limit in kilobytes per second.
192         Negative values are interpreted as no limit.
194Key:     "encryption"
195Version: 2
196Format:  string
197Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
198Example: 10:encryption8:required
199         "encryption", "required"
200Details: Set the encryption mode for peer connections. Valid values
201         are "required", "preferred" and "plaintext".
203Key:     "failed"
204Version: 2
205Format:  string
206Replies: N/A
207Example: 6:failed17:permission denied
208         "failed", "permission denied"
209Details: Sent in response to a tagged message to indicate failure.
211Key:     "get-automap"
212Version: 2
213Format:  value is ignored
214Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "automap"
215Example: 11:get-automap0:
216         "get-automap", ""
217Details: Requests that an "automap" message be sent back.
219Key:     "get-autostart"
220Version: 2
221Format:  value is ignored
222Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "autostart"
223Example: 13:get-autostart0:
224         "get-autostart", ""
225Details: Requests that an "autostart" message be sent back.
227Key:     "get-directory"
228Version: 2
229Format:  value is ignored
230Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "directory"
231Example: 13:get-directory0:
232         "get-directory", ""
233Details: Requests that an "directory" message be sent back.
235Key:     "get-downlimit"
236Version: 2
237Format:  value is ignored
238Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "downlimit"
239Example: 13:get-downlimit0:
240         "get-downlimit", ""
241Details: Requests that a "downlimit" message be sent back.
243Key:     "get-encryption"
244Version: 2
245Format:  value is ignored
246Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "encryption"
247Example: 14:get-encryption0:
248         "get-encryption", ""
249Details: Requests that an "encryption" message be sent back.
251Key:     "get-info"
252Version: 2
253Format:  dict with keys "id" and "type" for lists of ints and strings
254Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "info"
255Example: 8:get-infod2:idli4ei7ei2ee4:typel4:hash4:nameee
256         "get-info", {"id": (4, 7, 2), "type": ("hash", "name")}
257Details: Requests that the server send back an "info" message with
258         info on all the torrent IDs in "id". The "type" key requests
259         what info will be returned. See below for valid values to use
260         here. Since the torrent ID is always included in an "info"
261         message an empty or missing "type" key will cause only the ID
262         to be returned. An "info" message will always be sent back,
263         even if it is empty.
265Key:     "get-info-all"
266Version: 2
267Format:  list of strings
268Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "info"
269Example: 12:get-info-alll4:hash4:namee
270         "get-info-all", ("hash", "name")
271Details: Same as "get-info" message with all torrent IDs specified.
273Key:     "get-pex"
274Version: 2
275Format:  value is ignored
276Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "pex"
277Example: 7:get-pex0:
278         "get-pex", ""
279Details: Requests that a "pex" message be sent back.
281Key:     "get-port"
282Version: 2
283Format:  value is ignored
284Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "port"
285Example: 8:get-port0:
286         "get-port", ""
287Details: Requests that a "port" message be sent back.
289Key:     "get-status"
290Version: 2
291Format:  dict with keys "id" and "type" for lists of ints and strings
292Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "status"
293Example: 10:get-statusd2:idli4ei7ei2ee4:typel5:state9:completedee
294         "get-status", {"id": (4, 7, 4), "type": ("state", "completed")}
295Details: Same as "get-info" message except status type strings are used
296         instead and the server sends back a "status" message.
298Key:     "get-status-all"
299Version: 2
300Format:  list of strings
301Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "status"
302Example: 14:get-status-alll5:state9:completede
303         "get-status-all", ("state", "completed")
304Details: Same as "get-status" message with all torrent IDs specified.
306Key:     "get-supported"
307Version: 2
308Format:  list of strings
309Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "supported"
310Example: 13:get-supportedl6:lookup8:get-port16:addfile-detailede
311         "get-supported", ("lookup", "get-port", "addfile-detailed")
312Details: Request that a "supported" message be returned with whichever
313         of the given message keys are supported.
315Key:     "get-uplimit"
316Version: 2
317Format:  value is ignored
318Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "uplimit"
319Example: 11:get-uplimit0:
320         "get-uplimit", ""
321Details: Requests that an "uplimit" message be sent back.
323Key:     "lookup"
324Version: 2
325Format:  list of strings
326Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format", "info"
327Example: 6:lookupl40:0f16ea6965ee5133ea4dbb1e7f516e9fcf3d899ee
328         "lookup", ("0f16ea6965ee5133ea4dbb1e7f516e9fcf3d899e")
329Details: Request that the server send back an "info" message with "id"
330         and "hash" keys for any torrents with the given hashes.
332Key:     "info"
333Version: 2
334Format:  list of dictionaries
335Replies: N/A
336Example: 4:infold2:idi3e4:name3:fooed2:idi9e4:name3:baree
337         "info", ({"id": 4, "name": "foo"}, {"id": 9, "name": "bar"})
338Details: A list containing information for several torrents. The
339         dictionaries always contain at least an "id" key with the
340         integer ID for the torrent, other possible values are listed
341         below.
343Key:     "noop"
344Version: 2
345Format:  value is ignored
346Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
347Example: 4:noop0:
348         "noop", ""
349Details: This does nothing but keep the connection alive. With a tag
350         it may be used as a ping.
352Key:     "not-supported"
353Version: 2
354Format:  value is ignored
355Replies: N/A
356Example: 13:not-supported0:
357         "not-supported", ""
358Details: Sent in response to a tagged message to indicated that the
359         message was not supported.
361Key:     "pex"
362Version: 2
363Format:  boolean
364Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
365Example: 3:pexi0e
366         "pex", 0
367Details: Enables or disables peer exchange.
369Key:     "port"
370Version: 2
371Format:  int between 0 and 65535
372Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
373Example: 4:porti51413e
374         "port", 51413
375Details: Change the port the server uses to listen for incoming peer
376         connections.
378Key:     "encryption"
379Version: 2
380Format:  string
381Example: 10:encryption9:preferred
382         "encryption", "preferred"
383Details: Returns thestring is one of:
384         "required", "preferred", "tolerated"
386Key:     "quit"
387Version: 1
388Format:  value is ignored
389Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
390Example: 4:quit0:
391         "quit", ""
392Details: Cause the server to quit. Note that the connection might be
393         closed without a response being sent.
395Key:     "remove"
396Version: 2
397Format:  list of torrent ID ints
398Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
399Example: 5:removeli3ei8ei6ee
400         "remove", (3, 8, 6)
401Details: Stop and remove the specified torrents. Note that whether or
402         not the downloaded data or the original torrent files will be
403         removed is implementation dependent and may not currently be
404         known or changed with this protocol. If a saved copy of the
405         torrent file has been made then it will always be deleted.
407Key:     "remove-all"
408Version: 2
409Format:  value is ignored
410Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
411Example: 10:remove-all0:
412         "remove-all", ""
413Details: Like "remove" with all torrent IDs specified.
415Key:     "start"
416Version: 2
417Format:  list of torrent ID ints
418Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
419Example: 5:startli3ei8ei6ee
420         "start", (3, 8, 6)
421Details: List of torrent IDs to start.
423Key:     "start-all"
424Version: 2
425Format:  value is ignored
426Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
427Example: 9:start-all0:
428         "start-all", ""
429Details: Start all torrents.
431Key:     "status"
432Version: 2
433Format:  list of dictionaries
434Replies: N/A
435Example: 4:infold2:idi3e5:state7:seedinged2:idi9e5:state6:pausedee
436         "info", ({"id": 3, "state": "seeding"}, {"id": 9, "state" : "paused"})
437Details: Same as "info" message except status type keys are used.
439Key:     "stop"
440Version: 2
441Format:  list of torrent ID ints
442Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
443Example: 4:stopli3ei8ei6ee
444         "stop", (3, 8, 6)
445Details: List of torrent IDs to stop.
447Key:     "stop-all"
448Version: 2
449Format:  value is ignored
450Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
451Example: 8:stop-all0:
452         "stop-all", ""
453Details: Stop all torrents.
455Key:     "succeeded"
456Version: 2
457Format:  value is ignored
458Replies: N/A
459Example: 8:succeeded0:
460         "succeeded", ""
461Details: This is used to indicate that a tagged message was processed
462         successfully.
464Key:     "supported"
465Version: 2
466Format:  list of strings
467Replies: N/A
468Example: 9:supportedl8:get-port6:lookupe
469         "supported", ("get-port", "lookup")
470Details: Sent in response to a "get-supported" message, indicates that
471         the given messages ate supported.
473Key:     "uplimit"
474Version: 2
475Format:  int
476Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
477Example: 7:uplimiti20e
478         "uplimit", 20
479Details: Set the server's upload limit in kilobytes per second.
480         Negative values are interpreted as no limit.
482Key:     "verify"
483Version: 2
484Format:  list of torrent ID ints
485Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "bad-format"
486Example: 6:verifyli3ei8ei6ee
487         "verify", (3, 8, 6)
488Details: List of torrent IDs to stop.
492Info types for "get-info" and "info" messages. The only type for which
493support is mandatory is "id".
495"id"       integer, torrent's ID for this connection
496"hash"     SHA-1 info hash as a 40-char hex string
497"name"     string, torrent name
498"path"     string, path to .torrent file
499"saved"    boolean, true if a copy of this torrent was saved
500"private"  boolean, true if the torrent is private
501"trackers" a list of lists of dictionaries containing tracker info:
502             "address"  string, hostname or ip address of tracker
503             "port"     integer, port for tracker
504             "announce" string, announce url on tracker
505             "scrape"   string, scrape url on tracker, may be absent
506"comment"  string, comment from torrent file
507"creator"  string, creator of torrent file
508"date"     integer, date of torrent creation (unix time_t format)
509"size"     integer, total size of all files in bytes
510"files"    list of dictionaries for the files in this torrent:
511             "name" string, name of file
512             "size" integer, size of file in bytes
515Status types for "get-status" and "status" messages. The only type for
516which support is mandatory is "id".
518"completed"         integer, bytes of data downloaded and verified
519"download-speed"    integer, download speed in bytes per second
520"download-total"    integer, total bytes downloaded so far
521"error"             string, one of the following:
522                      "assert"          something happened that shouldn't
523                      "io-parent"       missing parent directory
524                      "io-permissions"  filesystem permission error
525                      "io-space"        not enough free space in filesystem
526                      "io-resource"     insufficient resources
527                      "io-other"        other filesystem i/o error
528                      "tracker-error"   tracker returned error message
529                      "tracker-warning" tracker returned warning message
530                      "other"           other error
531                      zero-length or missing string indicates no error
532"error-message"     string, printable error message
533"eta"               integer, estimated seconds until downloading is finished
534"id"                integer, torrent's ID for this connection
535"peers-downloading" integer, peers downloading from us
536"peers-from"        dict with the following int keys, peer connection sources:
537                      "incoming"    peers connected to our listening port
538                      "tracker"     peers discovered from tracker
539                      "cache"       peers retrieved from on-disk cache
540                      "pex"         peers discovered via peer exchange
541"peers-total"       integer, total connected peers
542"peers-uploading"   integer, peers uploading to us
543"running"           boolean, false if torrent is stopped or stopping
544"state"             string, one of the following:
545                      "checking"    performing hash check on file data
546                      "downloading" downloading file data
547                      "seeding"     seeding file data to peers
548                      "stopping"    contacting tracker to send 'stopped' event
549                      "paused"      torrent is not active
550                      "waiting to checking"
551                                    torrent is queued for hash check.
552                                    yes, this it really is called that.
553"swarm-speed"       integer, swarm speed in bytes per second
554"tracker"           dict with the following keys, current active tracker
555                      "address"     string, hostname or ip address of tracker
556                      "port"        integer, port for tracker
557                      "announce"    string, tracker announce url
558                      "scrape"      string, tracker scrape url, may be absent
559"scrape-completed"  integer, total completed peers as reported by tracker
560"scrape-leechers"   integer, current leechers as reported by tracker
561"scrape-seeders"    integer, current, seeders as reported by tracker
562"upload-speed"      integer, upload speed in bytes per second
563"upload-total"      integer, total bytes uploaded so far
568Data from the client to the server is prefixed with >>> and from
569server to client with <<<. These prefixes and newlines are added for
570clarity, they are not actually sent over the socket.
572Quit the server. Note that this is a version 1 client and so version 1
573messages are used.
574>>> 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi1eee
575            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 1"}}
576<<< 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi2eee
577            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 2"}}
578>>> 0000000Bd4:quit0:e
579            {"quit": ""}
581Pause all torrents and disable automapping. Note the server happens to
582have sent it's version before the client. The value for the stop-all
583message here is 5:fnord instead of 0: as used above, since the value
584is unused anything is allowed.
585<<< 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi2eee
586            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 2"}}
587>>> 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi2eee
588            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 2"}}
589>>> 0000000El8:stop-all5:fnorde
590            ("stop-all", "fnord")
592Change upload and download limits with tagged responses.
593>>> 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi2eee
594            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 2"}}
595<<< 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi2eee
596            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 2"}}
597>>> 00000017l9:downlimiti100ei47el
598            ("downlimit", 100, 47)
599>>> 00000017l9:uplimiti20ei48ee
600            ("uplimit", 20, 48)
601<<< 00000014l8:succeeded0:i47ee
602            ("succeeded", "", 47)
603<<< 00000014l8:succeeded0:i48ee
604            (succeeded"", "", 48)
606Retrieve the upload and download limits. Note that the server has
607returned the responses in a different order than the requests were
608sent. The server is allowed to do this, a client should use tags if
609this is a concern.
610>>> 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi2eee
611            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 2"}}
612<<< 0000001Dd7:versiond3:mini1e3:maxi2eee
613            {"version", {"min": 1, "max": 2"}}
614>>> 00000015l13:get-downlimiti0ee00000013l13:get-uplimiti0ee
615            ("get-downlimit", 0)
616            ("get-uplimit", 0)
617<<< 0000000Fl9:uplimiti20ee00000012l9:downlimiti100ee
618            ("uplimit", 20)
619            ("downlimit", 100)
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