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3   - If you find a bug, please report it at
4   - New translations are encouraged
5   - Windows devs: it would be interesting to see if/how this works on Windows
[10902]9   Transmission-qt is a GUI for Transmission loosely based on the GTK+ client.
11   This is the only Transmission client that can act as its own self-contained
12   session (as the GTK+ and Mac clients do), and can also connect to a remote
13   session (as the web client and transmission-remote terminal client do).
15   Use Case 1: If you like to run BitTorrent for awhile from your desktop,
16   then the Mac, GTK+, and Qt clients are a good match.
18   Use Case 2: If you like to leave BitTorrent running nonstop on your
19   computer or router, and want to control it from your desktop or
20   from a remote site, then transmission-remote and the web and Qt clients
21   are a good match.
[8346]23   To use the Qt client as a remote, in the menu go to Edit > Change Session
25   The Qt client is also the most likely to wind up running on Windows,
26   though that's not a high priority at the moment...
30   This currently is a little awkward.  We're working on it...
32   1. Prerequisites: Qt >= 4.x and its development packages
33   2. Build Transmission as normal
[10902]34   3. If you built Transmission without DHT, edit
[8999]35      - LIBS += $${TRANSMISSION_TOP}/third-party/dht/libdht.a
[10902]36   4. In the qt/ directory, type "qmake-qt4"
37   5. In the qt/ directory, type "make"
38   6. In the qt/ directory, as root, type "INSTALL_ROOT=/usr make install"
[8231]39      (Feel free to replace /usr with /usr/local or /opt or whatever)
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