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6                <title>Maximizing your download speed</title>
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19                        <div id="pagetitle">
20                                <h1>How do I maximize my download speed?</h1>
21                        </div>
22                                <ol>
23                                <li>Make sure Transmission's <a href="portforward.html">port is forwarded</a>. Port forwarding makes it easier for others to connect to you, which therefore increases your speed.
24                                <div summary="To do this" id="taskbox">
25                                        <p>If your router supports UPnP or you have Apple Airport, Transmission can do this automatically; just tick the checkbox in Preferences >> Network.
26                                </div>
27                                </li>
29                                <li>Make sure you cap your upload speed, so that it isn't flooded. A good rule of thumb is about 60-70% of your maximum upload bandwidth. This can be adjusted in Preferences >> Bandwidth, or in real time using the Action menu.
30                                <div summary="To do this" id="taskbox">
31                                <p>eg. If your upload connection is 256 Kilobits/sec, then you should cap it at 21 KB/sec ((<b>256</b> / 8) * 0.66 = <b>21</b>).
32                                </div>
33                                </li>
35                                <li><a href="gettingstarted.html">Queue</a> your transfers. Transmission's queue preferences are located in Transfers >> Management.
36                                <p>Remember, your download speed is proportional to how fast you upload. If there are many transfers running, then each transfer will only receive a small proportion of your upload bandwidth, reducing their respective download speeds.
37                                To avoid spreading your upload too thinly, a good rule of thumb is to have at least 128 KBit/sec of upload bandwidth for every torrent you wish to run simultaneously.
39                                <div summary="To do this" id="taskbox"> 
40                                        <p>eg. If your upload bandwidth is 256 KBit/sec, then you should only have two (<b>256</b>/128 = <b>2</b>) downloading transfers in the queue.
41                                </div>
42                                </li>
43                                </ol>
44                        </div>
46                </div>
47        </body>
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