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Use toolbar icons that are a little more appropriate.

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1keyboard shortcuts for buttons
2more automation
3  autocheck directory for new torrents
4  move/copy torrent when added
5  move/copy torrent when deleted
6only one simultaneous torrent hash checking
7download threads hang in dns lookups when network goes away
8display upload and download totals per torrent, as well as ratio
9ellipsize for torrent name
10segfault when trying to close a file that failed to open
11flush resume information when torrent is completed
12sorting, rearranging
13dock icon
14remove torrents from saved state if they fail to open
15height of rows inconsistent between downloading and complete
16reduce cpu usage, use select on non-beos platforms
17handle utf-8 correctly
18keyboard shortcuts
20new libtransmission api:
22persistent torrent id
23make errors available instead of printing to stderr
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