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1The Transmission Project
4Lead Developers <>
5  Jordan Lee, Mnemosyne LLC <> (Daemon, Backend, GTK+ client)
6  Mitchell Livingston, Digital Ignition LLC <> (Mac OS X client)
8Project Contributors
9  John Clay <> (Website maintenance and troubleshooting, Mac OS X help documentation)
10  Bruno Bierbaumer (Web client patches)
11  Juliusz Chroboczek (DHT, network code, BitTorrent code improvements)
12  Daniel Lee (Patches)
13  Tomas Carnecky (Profiling, patches, and detection of sneaky bugs)
14  Diego Jiménez (Patches)
15  Kendall Hopkins <> (Web client)
16  Malcolm Jarvis <> (Web client)
17  Kevin Glowacz <> (Web client)
18  Rashid Eissing (Mac OS X Transfers preferences icon)
19  Hugo van Heuven, madebysofa (Main icon design)
20  Andreas Nilsson (GNOME adaptation of main icon)
21  Dean Ostetto (Mac OS X Turtle image)
22  Rick Patrick (Mac OS X images)
23  Jonas Rask (Mac OS X Globe icon)
24  Erick Turnquist (IPv6 code, support)
25  Maarten Van Coile (Wiki Wrangler, troubleshooting, support)
26  James "Kibo" Parry (Updated Mac Retina images)
28Previous Developers
29  Eric Petit <> (Project originator)
30  Josh Elsasser <> (Daemon, Backend, GTK+ client)
31  Bryan Varner <> (BeOS client)
33Mac OS X Translators, current release:
34  Jorge Carrasco (Spanish)
35  Etienne Samson (French)
36  Marco Cavazzuti (Italian)
37  Anton Sotkov (Russian)
38  Alexander Bykov (Russian)
39  Maarten Van Coile (Dutch)
40  Guilherme Fernandes (Brazilian Portuguese)
41  Sven-S. Porst (German)
42  Tianhao He (Simplified Chinese)
43  Sérgio Miranda (European Portuguese)
44  Daniel ¯stergaard Nielsen (Danish)
45  Emir SARI (Turkish)
47GTK+ Translators:
48  Hundreds of people in an ever-changing list.
49  See the po files for a full list.
51Third-Party Resources:
52  Nick Mathewson and Niels Provos for libevent. <>
53  Greg Hazel of BitTorrent Inc. for libutp. <>
54  Thomas Bernard for MiniUPnP and libnatpmp. <>
55  The Growl Development Team for Growl. <>
56  Andy Matuschak for Sparkle. <>
57  Bryan D K Jones for VDKQueue. <>
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