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[2457]1The Transmission Project
[6094]4Lead Developers <>
[11626]5  Jordan Lee <>  (Daemon, Backend, GTK+ client)
[11377]6  Mitchell Livingston, Digital Ignition LLC <>  (Mac OS X client)
[8513]7  Kevin Glowacz <> (Web client)
[2457]9Project Contributors
[10925]10  John Clay <> (Website maintenance and troubleshooting, Mac OS X help documentation)
[12436]11  Bruno Bierbaumer (Web client patches)
[10925]12  Juliusz Chroboczek  (DHT, network code, BitTorrent code improvements)
13  Daniel Lee (Patches)
[7637]14  Tomas Carnecky  (Profiling, patches, and detection of sneaky bugs)
[10925]15  Diego Jiménez (Patches)
16  Kendall Hopkins <>  (Web client)
17  Malcolm Jarvis <>  (Web client)
[7636]18  Rashid Eissing  (Mac OS X Transfers preferences icon)
[7637]19  Hugo van Heuven, madebysofa  (Main icon design)
[12235]20  Andreas Nilsson (GNOME adaptation of main icon)
[11352]21  Dean Ostetto  (Mac OS X Turtle image)
[7636]22  Rick Patrick  (Mac OS X images)
[6969]23  Jonas Rask  (Mac OS X Globe icon)
[8106]24  Erick Turnquist  (IPv6 code, support)
[7637]25  Maarten Van Coile  (Wiki Wrangler, troubleshooting, support)
[13338]26  James "Kibo" Parry  (Updated Mac Retina images)
[7636]28Previous Developers
[10000]29  Eric Petit <>  (Project originator)
[7636]30  Josh Elsasser <>  (Daemon, Backend, GTK+ client)
31  Bryan Varner <>  (BeOS client)
[6476]33Mac OS X Translators, current release:
[6969]34  Jorge Carrasco  (Spanish)
35  Etienne Samson  (French)
36  Marco Cavazzuti  (Italian)
37  Anton Sotkov  (Russian)
38  Alexander Bykov  (Russian)
39  Maarten Van Coile  (Dutch)
[10715]40  Guilherme Fernandes  (Brazilian Portuguese)
[9743]41  Sven-S. Porst  (German)
[9824]42  Tianhao He  (Simplified Chinese)
[10784]43  Sérgio Miranda  (European Portuguese)
[13299]44  Daniel ¯stergaard Nielsen  (Danish)
[6476]46GTK+ Translators:
[6969]47  Hundreds of people in an ever-changing list.
48  See the po files for a full list.
[6476]50Third-Party Resources:
[6969]51  Nick Mathewson and Niels Provos for libevent. <>
[13971]52  Greg Hazel of BitTorrent Inc. for libutp. <>
[6969]53  Thomas Bernard for MiniUPnP and libnatpmp. <>
54  The Growl Development Team for Growl. <>
55  Andy Matuschak for Sparkle. <>
[13804]56  Bryan D K Jones for VDKQueue. <>
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