source: trunk/Makefile @ 265

Last change on this file since 265 was 265, checked in by titer, 16 years ago

Split and moved makefiles into a seperate folder, fixes and speed-up to
the retrieving of the SVN revision, OS X packages now show the revision
if this isn't a release build

  • Property svn:keywords set to Date Rev Author Id
File size: 736 bytes
[260]1# $Id: Makefile 265 2006-05-31 12:54:53Z titer $
[265]3include mk/
[265]5default: all
[265]7# Before we do anything else, make sure we have and an
8# updated
[265]10required: mk/ mk/
12        @echo "Please run ./configure first."
13        @false
14mk/ FORCE
15        @echo "Checking SVN revision..."
16        @./
[265]19# Now call the Makefile that'll really build
20# OS X has its special Makefile that wraps to Xcode
[265]22-include mk/
23ifneq ($(SYSTEM),Darwin)
24REALMAKE = $(MAKE) -f mk/
[265]26REALMAKE = $(MAKE) -f mk/
[265]29all: required
30        @$(REALMAKE) all
31clean: required
32        @$(REALMAKE) clean
33install: required
34        @$(REALMAKE) install
35package: required
36        @$(REALMAKE) package
37package-release: required
38        @$(REALMAKE) package-release
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