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First commit on my own 8-)

Sorting by progress, sorting no longer causes crashes.
New look for the table.
Info is now inspector: can set individual and multiple ratio limits, shows listing of files, more info in general, resizes when changing tabs, can change tabs with cmd-left and cmd-right.
Menu items moved to "Transfers" menu.
Sliding status bar in its own view.
Prefs moved into their own nib.
Toolbar items for pause and resume selected (many wanted this, but it needs better icons)
New icons for Transfers and General.
A lot of tweaking of main window to fix alignment etc.
Sparkle used for updated (still needs to be added to website to work).

And a lot more tweaking and changes that I'm too lazy to list. let's hope I commit this right

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2//  SUUpdater.h
3//  Sparkle
5//  Created by Andy Matuschak on 1/4/06.
6//  Copyright 2006 Andy Matuschak. All rights reserved.
9#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
11// Before you use Sparkle in your app, you must set SUFeedURL in Info.plist to the
12// address of the appcast on your webserver. If you don't already have an
13// appcast, please see the Sparkle documentation to learn about how to set one up.
15// .zip, .dmg, .tar, .tbz, .tgz archives are supported at this time.
17// By default, Sparkle offers to show the user the release notes of the build they'll be
18// getting, which it assumes are in the description (or body) field of the relevant RSS item.
19// Set SUShowReleaseNotes to <false/> in Info.plist to hide the button.
21@class SUAppcastItem, SUUpdateAlert, SUStatusController;
22@interface SUUpdater : NSObject {
23        SUAppcastItem *updateItem;
25        SUStatusController *statusController;
26        SUUpdateAlert *updateAlert;
28        NSURLDownload *downloader;
29        NSString *downloadPath;
31        NSTimer *checkTimer;
32        NSTimeInterval checkInterval;   
34        BOOL verbose;
35        BOOL updateInProgress;
38// This IBAction is meant for a main menu item. Hook up any menu item to this action,
39// and Sparkle will check for updates and report back its findings verbosely.
40- (IBAction)checkForUpdates:sender;
42// This method is similar to the above, but it's intended for updates initiated by
43// the computer instead of by the user. It does not alert the user when he is up to date,
44// and it remains silent about network errors in fetching the feed. This is what you
45// want to call to update programmatically; only use checkForUpdates: with buttons and menu items.
46- (void)checkForUpdatesInBackground;
48// This method allows you to schedule a check to run every time interval. You can
49// pass 0 to this method to cancel a previously scheduled timer. You probably don't want
50// to call this directly: if you set a SUScheduledCheckInterval key in Info.plist or
51// the user defaults, Sparkle will set this up for you automatically on startup. You might
52// just want to call this every time the user changes the setting in the preferences.
53- (void)scheduleCheckWithInterval:(NSTimeInterval)interval;
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