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1.Dd July 21, 2008
4.Nm transmission-daemon
5.Nd a bittorrent client
7.Bk -words
8.Nm transmission-daemon
9.Fl h
11.Op Fl a Ar x.x.x.x,...
12.Op Fl b | B
13.Op Fl c Ar directory
14.Op Fl C
15.Op Fl f
16.Op Fl g Ar directory
17.Op Fl h
18.Op Fl p Ar port
19.Op Fl t | T
20.Op Fl u Ar username
21.Op Fl v Ar password
22.Op Fl P Ar port
23.Op Fl m | M
24.Op Fl l Ar limit
25.Op Fl L Ar limit
26.Op Fl er | ep | et
27.Op Fl V
28.Op Fl w Ar download-dir
32is a daemon-based Transmission session that can be controlled
33via RPC commands from transmission's web interface or
34.Xr transmission-remote 1 .
36.Bl -tag -width Ds
37.It Fl a Fl -allowed Ar x.x.x.x,...
38Allow RPC access to a comma-delimited whitelist of IP addresses.
39Wildcards can be specified in an address by using '*'.
40Default: ""
41Example: "127.0.0.*,192.168.1.*"
42.It Fl b Fl -blocklist
43Enable peer blocklists.  Transmission understands the bluetack blocklist file format.
44New blocklists can be added by copying them into the config-dir's "blocklists" subdirectory.
45.It Fl c Ar directory
46Directory to watch for new .torrent files to be added.  As they are added to this directory,
47the daemon will load them into Transmission.
48.It Fl C
49Do not watch for new .torrent files.
50.It Fl B Fl -no-blocklist
51Disble blocklists.
52.It Fl f Fl -foreground
53Run in the foreground and print errors to stderr.
54.It Fl g Fl -config-dir Ar directory
55Where to look for configuration files.  This can be used to swap between using the cli, daemon, gtk, and qt clients.
56See for more information.
57.It Fl er Fl -encryption-required
58Encrypt all peer connections.
59.It Fl ep Fl -encryption-preferred
60Prefer encrypted peer connections.
61.It Fl et Fl -encryption-tolerated
62Prefer unencrypted peer connections.
63.It Fl gsr Fl -global-seedratio Ar ratio
64All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed until a specific
65.Ar ratio
66.It Fl GSR Fl -no-global-seedratio
67All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed regardless of ratio
68.It Fl h Fl -help
69Print command-line option descriptions.
70.It Fl -incomplete-dir Ar dir
71When adding new torrents, store their contents in
72.Ar directory
73until the torrent is done.
74.It Fl -no-incomplete-dir
75Don't store incomplete torrents in a different directory.
76.It Fl i Fl -bind-address-ipv4
77Listen for IPv4 BitTorrent connections on a specific address. Only one IPv4 listening address is allowed. Default: (All addresses)
78.It Fl I Fl -bind-address-ipv6
79Listen for IPv6 BitTorrent connections on a specific address. Only one IPv6 listening address is allowed. Default: :: (All addresses)
80.It Fl r Fl -rpc-bind-address
81Listen for RPC connections on a specific address. This must be an IPv4 address. Only one RPC listening address is allowed. Default: (All addresses)
82.It Fl -paused
83Pause all torrents on startup
84.It Fl L Fl -peerlimit-global Ar limit
85Overall peer limit. Useful on embedded systems where the default might be unsuitable. Default: 240
86.It Fl l Fl -peerlimit-torrent Ar limit
87Peer limit per torrent. Useful on embedded systems where the default might be unsuitable. Default: 60
88.It Fl m Fl -portmap
89Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP
90.It Fl M Fl -no-portmap
91Disable portmapping
92.It Fl o Fl -dht
93Enable distributed hash table (DHT).
94.It Fl O Fl -no-dht
95Disable distribued hash table (DHT).
96.It Fl p Fl -port Ar port
97Port to open and listen for RPC requests on.  Default: 9091
98.It Fl P, -peerport Ar port
99Port to listen for incoming peers on. Default: 51413
100.It Fl t Fl -auth
101Require clients to authenticate themselves.
102This doesn't do much good unless
103.Ar username
105.Ar password
106are also set.
107.It Fl T Fl -no-auth
108Don't require authentication from clients.
109.It Fl u Fl -username Ar username
110Used for client authentication.
111.It Fl v Fl -password Ar password
112Used for client authentication.
113.It Fl V Fl -version
114Show version number and exit
115.It Fl w Fl -download-dir
116Where to store downloaded data.
119.Bl -tag -width Fl
121Sets the default config-dir.
123.Sh FILES
124.Bl -tag -width Ds -compact
125.It ~/.config/transmission-daemon
126The config-dir used when neither
129.Op Fl g
130is specified.
131See for more information.
134.An -nosplit
135.An Charles Kerr ,
136.An Josh Elsasser ,
137.An Eric Petit ,
139.An Mitchell Livingston .
141.Xr transmissioncli 1 ,
142.Xr transmission 1 ,
143.Xr transmission-remote 1
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