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1.Dd July 21, 2008
5.Nm transmission-remote
6.Nd a remote control utility for
7.Xr transmission-daemon 1
9.Xr transmission 1
11.Bk -words
13.Op Ar host:port | host | port
14.Op Fl a Ar filenames-or-URLs
15.Op Fl as
16.Op Fl AS
17.Op Fl asd Ar number
18.Op Fl asu Ar number
19.Op Fl asc
20.Op Fl ASC
21.Op Fl b
22.Op Fl c Ar path | Fl C
23.Op Fl d Ar number | Fl D
24.Op Fl er | ep | et
25.Op Fl f
26.Op Fl g Ar files
27.Op Fl G Ar files
28.Op Fl gsr Ar ratio
29.Op Fl GSR
30.Op Fl h
31.Op Fl i
32.Op Fl l
33.Op Fl m | M
34.Op Fl n Ar user:pass
35.Op Fl N Ar netrc
36.Op Fl o | O
37.Op Fl p Ar port
38.Op Fl th
39.Op Fl tn
40.Op Fl tl
41.Op Fl fh Ar files
42.Op Fl fl Ar files
43.Op Fl fn Ar files
44.Op Fl pr Ar peers
45.Op Fl r
46.Op Fl R
47.Op Fl s | S
48.Op Fl sr Ar ratio
49.Op Fl SR
50.Op Fl srd
51.Op Fl si
52.Op Fl st
53.Op Fl t Ar all | Ar id | Ar hash
54.Op Fl hl
55.Op Fl HL
56.Op Fl u Ar number | Fl U
57.Op Fl v
58.Op Fl V
59.Op Fl w Ar download-dir
60.Op Fl x | X
61.Op Fl y | Y
62.Op Fl pi
66is a remote control utility for
67.Xr transmission 1
69.Xr transmission-daemon 1 .
71By default,
73connects to the transmission session at localhost:9091.
74Other sessions can be controlled by specifying a different host and/or port.
76.Bl -tag -width Ds
77.It Fl a Fl -add Ar filenames-or-URLs
78Add torrents to transmission.
79.It Fl b Fl -debug
80Enable debugging mode.
81.It Fl as Fl -alt-speed
82Use the alternate Limits.
83.It Fl AS Fl -no-alt-speed
84Don't use the alternate Limits.
85.It Fl asd Fl -alt-speed-downlimit Ar limit
86Limit the alternate download speed to
87.Ar limit
88kilobytes per second.
89.It Fl asu Fl -alt-speed-uplimit Ar limit
90Limit the alternate upload speed to
91.Ar limit
92kilobytes per second.
93.It Fl asc Fl -alt-speed-scheduler
94Use the scheduled on/off times.
95.It Fl ASC Fl -no-alt-speed-scheduler
96Don't use the scheduled on/off days and times.
97.It Fl -alt-speed-time-begin Ar time
98.Ar Time
99to start using the alt speed limits (in hhmm).
100.It Fl -alt-speed-time-end Ar time
101.Ar Time
102to stop using the alt speed limits (in hhmm).
103.It Fl -alt-speed-days Ar days
104Set the number of
105.Ar days
106on which to enable the speed scheduler, using a list such as "2,4-6".
107.It Fl -torrent-done-script Ar filename
108Specify a
109.Ar file
110to run each time a torrent finishes
111.It Fl -no-torrent-done-script
112Don't run any script when a torrent finishes
113.It Fl c Fl -incomplete-dir Ar dir
114When adding new torrents, store their contents in
115.Ar directory
116until the torrent is done.
117.It Fl C Fl -no-incomplete-dir
118Don't store incomplete torrents in a different directory.
119.It Fl d Fl -downlimit Ar limit
120Limit the maximum download speed to
121.Ar limit
123If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them.  Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
124.It Fl D Fl -no-downlimit
125Disable download speed limits.
126If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them.  Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
127.It Fl er Fl -encryption-required
128Encrypt all peer connections.
129.It Fl ep Fl -encryption-preferred
130Prefer encrypted peer connections.
131.It Fl et Fl -encryption-tolerated
132Prefer unencrypted peer connections.
133.It Fl f Fl -files
134Get a file list for the current torrent(s)
135.It Fl g Fl -get Ar all | file-index | files
136Mark file(s) for download.
137.Ar all
138marks all all of the torrent's files for downloading,
139.Ar file-index
140adds a single file to the download list, and
141.Ar files
142adds multiple files to the download list,
143such as "\-g1,3-5" to add files #1, #3, #4, and #5 to the download list.
144.It Fl G Fl -no-get Ar all | file-index | files
145Mark file(s) for not downloading.
146.It Fl gsr Fl -global-seedratio Ar ratio
147All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed until a specific
148.Ar ratio
149.It Fl GSR Fl -no-global-seedratio
150All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed regardless of ratio
151.It Fl h Fl -help
152Print command-line option descriptions.
153.It Fl i Fl -info Ar id | torrent-hash
154Show details of the current torrent(s)
155.It Fl si Fl -session-info
156List session information from the server
157.It Fl st Fl -session-stats
158List statistical information from the server
159.It Fl l Fl -list
160List all torrents
161.It Fl m Fl -portmap
162Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP
163.It Fl M Fl -no-portmap
164Disable portmapping
165.It Fl n Fl -auth Ar username:password
166Set the
167.Ar username
169.Ar password
170for authentication
171.It Fl N Fl -netrc Ar filename
172Set the authentication information from a
173.Ar netrc file.
174See netrc(5) for more information.
175.It Fl o Fl -dht
176Enable distributed hash table (DHT).
177.It Fl O Fl -no-dht
178Disable distribued hash table (DHT).
179.It Fl p Fl -port Ar port
180Set the
181.Ar port
182for use when listening for incoming peer connections
183.It Fl tn Fl -torrent-priority-normal
184Mark the current torrent(s) as normal priority.
185.It Fl tn Fl -torrent-priority-high
186Mark the current torrent(s) as high priority.
187.It Fl tn Fl -torrent-priority-low
188Mark the current torrent(s) as low priority.
189.It Fl fn Fl -file-priority-normal Ar all | file-index | files
190Mark file(s) as normal priority.
191.Ar all
192marks all of the torrent's files as normal priority,
193.Ar file-index
194sets a single file's priority as normal, and
195.Ar files
196sets multiple files' priorities as normal,
197such as "\-pn1,3-5" to normalize files #1, #3, #4, and #5.
198.It Fl fh Fl -file-priority-high Ar all | file-index | files
199Mark file(s) as high priority.
200.It Fl fl Fl -file-priority-low Ar all | file-index | files
201Mark file(s) as low priority.
202.It Fl pr Fl -peers Ar number
203Set the maximum number of peers.
204If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them.  Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
205.It Fl r Fl -remove
206Remove the current torrent(s).  This does not delete the downloaded data.
207.It Fl -remove-and-delete
208Remove the current torrent(s) and delete their downloaded data.
209.It Fl -move
210Move the current torrents' data from their current locations to the specified directory.
211.It Fl -find
212Tell Transmission where to look for the current torrents' data.
213.It Fl sr Fl -seedratio Ar ratio
214Let the current torrent(s) seed until a specific
215.Ar ratio
216.It Fl SR Fl -no-seedratio
217Let the current torrent(s) seed regardless of ratio
218.It Fl srd Fl -seedratio-default
219Let the current torrent(s) use the global seedratio settings
220.It Fl s Fl -start
221Start the current torrent(s)
222.It Fl S Fl -stop
223Stop the current torrent(s) from downloading or seeding
224.It Fl -start-paused
225Start added torrents paused
226.It Fl -no-start-paused
227Start added torrents unpaused
228.It Fl t Fl -torrent Ar all | id | torrent-hash
229Set the current torrent(s) for use by subsequent options.
230.Ar all
231will apply following requests to all torrents, while specific torrents can be chosen by
232.Ar id
234.Ar hash .
235To set more than one current torrent, join their ids together in a list, such as
236"\-t2,4,6-8" to operate on the torrents whose IDs are 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8.
237.It Fl -trash-torrent
238Delete torrents after adding
239.It Fl -no-trash-torrent
240Do not delete torrents after adding
241.It Fl hl Fl -honor-session
242Make the current torrent(s) honor the session limits.
243.It Fl HL Fl -no-honor-session
244Make the current torrent(s) not honor the session limits.
245.It Fl u Fl -uplimit Ar limit
246Limit the maximum upload speed to
247.Ar limit
249If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them.  Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
250.It Fl U Fl -no-uplimit
251Disable upload speed limits.
252If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them.  Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
253.It Fl v Fl -verify
254Verify the current torrent(s)
255.It Fl V Fl -version
256Show version number and exit
257.It Fl w Fl -download-dir Ar directory
259.Ar directory
260as the default location for newly added torrents to download files to.
261.It Fl x Fl -pex
262Enable peer exchange (PEX).
263.It Fl X Fl -no-pex
264Disable peer exchange (PEX).
265.It Fl y Fl -lds
266Enable local peer discovery (LPD).
267.It Fl Y Fl -no-lds
268Disable local peer discovery (LPD).
269.It Fl pi Fl -peer-info
270List the current torrent's connected peers.
271In the `status' section of the list, the following shorthand is used:
272.D1 D: Downloading from this peer
273.D1 d: We would download from this peer if they would let us
274.D1 E: Encrypted connection
275.D1 I: Peer is an incoming connection
276.D1 K: Peer has unchoked us, but we're not interested
277.D1 O: Optimistic unchoked
278.D1 U: Uploading to peer
279.D1 u: We would upload to this peer if they asked
280.D1 X: Peer was discovered through Peer Exchange (PEX)
281.D1 ?: We unchoked this peer, but they're not interested
284Set download and upload limits to 400 KiB/sec and 60 KiB/sec:
285.Bd -literal -offset indent
286$ transmission-remote \-d400 \-u60
287$ transmission-remote \-\-downlimit=400 \-\-uplimit=60
289Set alternate download and upload limits to 100 KiB/sec and 20 KiB/sec:
290.Bd -literal -offset indent
291$ transmission-remote \-asd100 \-asu20
292$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-downlimit=100 \-\-alt-speed-uplimit=20
294Set the scheduler to use the alternate speed limits on weekdays between 10AM and 11PM
295.Bd -literal -offset indent
296$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-time-begin=1000
297$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-time-end=2300
298$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-days=1-5
299$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-scheduler
301List all torrents' IDs and states:
302.Bd -literal -offset indent
303$ transmission-remote \-l
305List all torrents from a remote session that requires authentication:
306.Bd -literal -offset indent
307$ transmission-remote host:9091 \-\-auth=username:password \-l
309Start all torrents:
310.Bd -literal -offset indent
311$ transmission-remote \-tall \-\-start
313Add two torrents:
314.Bd -literal -offset indent
315$ transmission-remote \-a one.torrent two.torrent
317Add all torrents in ~/Desktop:
318.Bd -literal -offset indent
319$ transmission-remote \-a ~/Desktop/*torrent
321Get detailed information on the torrent whose ID is '1':
322.Bd -literal -offset indent
323$ transmission-remote \-t1 \-i
325Get a list of a torrent's files:
326.Bd -literal -offset indent
327$ transmission-remote \-t1 \-f
329Download only its second and fourth files:
330.Bd -literal -offset indent
331$ transmission-remote \-t1 \-Gall \-g2,4
333Set all torrents' first two files' priorities to high:
334.Bd -literal -offset indent
335$ transmission-remote \-tall \-ph1,2
337Set all torrents' files' priorities to normal:
338.Bd -literal -offset indent
339$ transmission-remote \-tall \-pnall
342.An -nosplit
343.An Charles Kerr ,
344.An Josh Elsasser ,
345.An Eric Petit ,
347.An Mitchell Livingston .
349.Xr transmissioncli 1 ,
350.Xr transmission-daemon 1 ,
351.Xr transmission 1
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