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1.Dd July 21, 2008
5.Nm transmission-remote
6.Nd a remote control utility for
7.Xr transmission-daemon 1
9.Xr transmission 1
11.Bk -words
13.Op Ar host:port | host | port
14.Op Fl a Ar filenames-or-URLs
15.Op Fl as
16.Op Fl AS
17.Op Fl asd Ar number
18.Op Fl asu Ar number
19.Op Fl asc
20.Op Fl ASC
21.Op Fl b
22.Op Fl c Ar path | Fl C
23.Op Fl d Ar number | Fl D
24.Op Fl e Ar size
25.Op Fl er | ep | et
26.Op Fl -exit
27.Op Fl f
28.Op Fl g Ar files
29.Op Fl G Ar files
30.Op Fl gsr Ar ratio
31.Op Fl GSR
32.Op Fl h
33.Op Fl i
34.Op Fl ic
35.Op Fl if
36.Op Fl ip
37.Op Fl it
38.Op Fl l
39.Op Fl m | M
40.Op Fl n Ar user:pass
41.Op Fl ne
42.Op Fl N Ar netrc
43.Op Fl o | O
44.Op Fl p Ar port
45.Op Fl Bh
46.Op Fl Bn
47.Op Fl \&Bl
48.Op Fl ph Ar files
49.Op Fl pl Ar files
50.Op Fl pn Ar files
51.Op Fl pr Ar peers
52.Op Fl r
53.Op Fl R
54.Op Fl s | S
55.Op Fl sr Ar ratio
56.Op Fl SR
57.Op Fl srd
58.Op Fl si
59.Op Fl st
60.Op Fl t Ar all | active | Ar id | Ar hash
61.Op Fl hl
62.Op Fl HL
63.Op Fl u Ar number | Fl U
64.Op Fl utp | no-utp
65.Op Fl v
66.Op Fl V
67.Op Fl w Ar download-dir
68.Op Fl x | X
69.Op Fl y | Y
70.Op Fl pi
74is a remote control utility for
75.Xr transmission 1
77.Xr transmission-daemon 1 .
79By default,
81connects to the transmission session at localhost:9091.
82Other sessions can be controlled by specifying a different host and/or port.
84.Bl -tag -width Ds
85.It Fl a Fl -add Ar filenames-or-URLs
86Add torrents to transmission.
87.It Fl b Fl -debug
88Enable debugging mode.
89.It Fl as Fl -alt-speed
90Use the alternate Limits.
91.It Fl AS Fl -no-alt-speed
92Don't use the alternate Limits.
93.It Fl asd Fl -alt-speed-downlimit Ar limit
94Limit the alternate download speed to
95.Ar limit
96kilobytes per second.
97.It Fl asu Fl -alt-speed-uplimit Ar limit
98Limit the alternate upload speed to
99.Ar limit
100kilobytes per second.
101.It Fl asc Fl -alt-speed-scheduler
102Use the scheduled on/off times.
103.It Fl ASC Fl -no-alt-speed-scheduler
104Don't use the scheduled on/off days and times.
105.It Fl -alt-speed-time-begin Ar time
106.Ar Time
107to start using the alt speed limits (in hhmm).
108.It Fl -alt-speed-time-end Ar time
109.Ar Time
110to stop using the alt speed limits (in hhmm).
111.It Fl -alt-speed-days Ar days
112Set the number of
113.Ar days
114on which to enable the speed scheduler, using a list such as "2,4-6".
115.It Fl -torrent-done-script Ar filename
116Specify a
117.Ar file
118to run each time a torrent finishes
119.It Fl -no-torrent-done-script
120Don't run any script when a torrent finishes
121.It Fl c Fl -incomplete-dir Ar dir
122When adding new torrents, store their contents in
123.Ar directory
124until the torrent is done.
125.It Fl C Fl -no-incomplete-dir
126Don't store incomplete torrents in a different directory.
127.It Fl d Fl -downlimit Ar limit
128Limit the maximum download speed to
129.Ar limit
131If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them. Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
132.It Fl D Fl -no-downlimit
133Disable download speed limits.
134If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them. Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
135.It Fl e Fl -cache Ar size
136Set the session's maximum memory cache size in MiB. This cache is used to reduce disk IO.
137.It Fl er Fl -encryption-required
138Encrypt all peer connections.
139.It Fl ep Fl -encryption-preferred
140Prefer encrypted peer connections.
141.It Fl et Fl -encryption-tolerated
142Prefer unencrypted peer connections.
143.It Fl -exit
144Tell the Transmission to initiate a shutdown.
145.It Fl f Fl -files
146Get a file list for the current torrent(s)
147.It Fl g Fl -get Ar all | file-index | files
148Mark file(s) for download.
149.Ar all
150marks all all of the torrent's files for downloading,
151.Ar file-index
152adds a single file to the download list, and
153.Ar files
154adds multiple files to the download list,
155such as "\-g1,3-5" to add files #1, #3, #4, and #5 to the download list.
156.It Fl G Fl -no-get Ar all | file-index | files
157Mark file(s) for not downloading.
158.It Fl gsr Fl -global-seedratio Ar ratio
159All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed until a specific
160.Ar ratio
161.It Fl GSR Fl -no-global-seedratio
162All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed regardless of ratio
163.It Fl h Fl -help
164Print command-line option descriptions.
165.It Fl i Fl -info
166Show details of the current torrent(s)
167.It Fl if Fl -info-files
168List the specified torrent's files
169.It Fl ip Fl -info-peers
170List the specified torrent's peers
171.It Fl ic Fl -info-pieces
172List the specified torrent's pieces
173.It Fl it Fl -info-trackers
174List the specified torrent's trackers
175.It Fl si Fl -session-info
176List session information from the server
177.It Fl st Fl -session-stats
178List statistical information from the server
179.It Fl l Fl -list
180List all torrents
181.It Fl m Fl -portmap
182Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP
183.It Fl M Fl -no-portmap
184Disable portmapping
185.It Fl n Fl -auth Ar username:password
186Set the
187.Ar username
189.Ar password
190for authentication
191.It Fl ne Fl -authenv
192Set the authentication information from the
193.Ar TR_AUTH
194environment variable which must be formatted as
195.Ar username:password.
196.It Fl N Fl -netrc Ar filename
197Set the authentication information from a
198.Ar netrc file.
199See netrc(5) for more information.
200.It Fl o Fl -dht
201Enable distributed hash table (DHT).
202.It Fl O Fl -no-dht
203Disable distribued hash table (DHT).
204.It Fl p Fl -port Ar port
205Set the
206.Ar port
207for use when listening for incoming peer connections
208.It Fl Bh Fl -bandwidth-high
209Give this torrent first chance at available bandwidth
210.It Fl Bn Fl -bandwidth-normal
211Give this torrent the bandwidth left over by high priority torrents
212.It Fl \&Bl Fl -bandwidth-low
213Give this torrent the bandwidth left over by high and normal priority torrents
214.It Fl ph Fl -priority-high Ar all | file-index | files
215Try to download the specified file(s) first.
216.Ar all
217marks all of the torrent's files as normal priority,
218.Ar file-index
219sets a single file's priority as normal, and
220.Ar files
221sets multiple files' priorities as normal,
222such as "\-pn1,3-5" to normalize files #1, #3, #4, and #5.
223.It Fl pn Fl -priority-normal Ar all | file-index | files
224Try to download the specified files normally.
225.It Fl pl Fl -priority-low Ar all | file-index | files
226Try to download the specified files last
227.It Fl pr Fl -peers Ar number
228Set the maximum number of peers.
229If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them. Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
230.It Fl r Fl -remove
231Remove the current torrent(s). This does not delete the downloaded data.
232.It Fl -remove-and-delete
233Remove the current torrent(s) and delete their downloaded data.
234.It Fl -reannounce
235Reannounce the current torrent(s). This is the same as the GUI's "ask tracker for more peers" button.
236.It Fl -move
237Move the current torrents' data from their current locations to the specified directory.
238.It Fl -find
239Tell Transmission where to look for the current torrents' data.
240.It Fl sr Fl -seedratio Ar ratio
241Let the current torrent(s) seed until a specific
242.Ar ratio
243.It Fl SR Fl -no-seedratio
244Let the current torrent(s) seed regardless of ratio
245.It Fl srd Fl -seedratio-default
246Let the current torrent(s) use the global seedratio settings
247.It Fl td Fl -tracker-add Ar tracker
248Add a tracker to a torrent
249.It Fl tr Fl -tracker-remove Ar trackerId
250Remove a tracker from a torrent
251.It Fl s Fl -start
252Start the current torrent(s)
253.It Fl S Fl -stop
254Stop the current torrent(s) from downloading or seeding
255.It Fl -start-paused
256Start added torrents paused
257.It Fl -no-start-paused
258Start added torrents unpaused
259.It Fl t Fl -torrent Ar all | active | id | torrent-hash
260Set the current torrent(s) for use by subsequent options. The literal
261.Ar all
262will apply following requests to all torrents; the literal
263.Ar active
264will apply following requests to recently-active torrents; and specific torrents can be chosen by
265.Ar id
267.Ar hash .
268To set more than one current torrent, join their ids together in a list, such as
269"\-t2,4,6-8" to operate on the torrents whose IDs are 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8.
270.It Fl -trash-torrent
271Delete torrents after adding
272.It Fl -no-trash-torrent
273Do not delete torrents after adding
274.It Fl hl Fl -honor-session
275Make the current torrent(s) honor the session limits.
276.It Fl HL Fl -no-honor-session
277Make the current torrent(s) not honor the session limits.
278.It Fl u Fl -uplimit Ar limit
279Limit the maximum upload speed to
280.Ar limit
282If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them. Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
283.It Fl U Fl -no-uplimit
284Disable upload speed limits.
285.It Fl -utp
286Enable uTP for peer connections.
287.It Fl -no-utp
288Disable uTP for peer connections.
289If current torrent(s) are selected this operates on them. Otherwise, it changes the global setting.
290.It Fl v Fl -verify
291Verify the current torrent(s)
292.It Fl V Fl -version
293Show version number and exit
294.It Fl w Fl -download-dir Ar directory
295When used in conjunction with --add, set the new torrent's download folder. Otherwise, set the default download folder.
296.It Fl x Fl -pex
297Enable peer exchange (PEX).
298.It Fl X Fl -no-pex
299Disable peer exchange (PEX).
300.It Fl y Fl -lds
301Enable local peer discovery (LPD).
302.It Fl Y Fl -no-lds
303Disable local peer discovery (LPD).
304.It Fl pi Fl -peer-info
305List the current torrent's connected peers.
306In the `status' section of the list, the following shorthand is used:
307.D1 D: Downloading from this peer
308.D1 d: We would download from this peer if they would let us
309.D1 E: Encrypted connection
310.D1 H: Peer was found through DHT
311.D1 I: Peer is an incoming connection
312.D1 K: Peer has unchoked us, but we're not interested
313.D1 O: Optimistic unchoked
314.D1 T: Peer is connected over uTP
315.D1 U: Uploading to peer
316.D1 u: We would upload to this peer if they asked
317.D1 X: Peer was discovered through Peer Exchange (PEX)
318.D1 ?: We unchoked this peer, but they're not interested
321List all torrents:
322.Bd -literal -offset indent
323$ transmission-remote \-l
325List all active torrents:
326.Bd -literal -offset indent
327$ transmission-remote \-tactive \-l
329Set download and upload limits to 400 kB/sec and 60 kB/sec:
330.Bd -literal -offset indent
331$ transmission-remote \-d400 \-u60
332$ transmission-remote \-\-downlimit=400 \-\-uplimit=60
334Set alternate download and upload limits to 100 kB/sec and 20 kB/sec:
335.Bd -literal -offset indent
336$ transmission-remote \-asd100 \-asu20
337$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-downlimit=100 \-\-alt-speed-uplimit=20
339Set the scheduler to use the alternate speed limits on weekdays between 10AM and 11PM
340.Bd -literal -offset indent
341$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-time-begin=1000
342$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-time-end=2300
343$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-days=1-5
344$ transmission-remote \-\-alt-speed-scheduler
346List all torrents' IDs and states:
347.Bd -literal -offset indent
348$ transmission-remote \-l
350List all torrents from a remote session that requires authentication:
351.Bd -literal -offset indent
352$ transmission-remote host:9091 \-\-auth=username:password \-l
354Start all torrents:
355.Bd -literal -offset indent
356$ transmission-remote \-tall \-\-start
358Add two torrents:
359.Bd -literal -offset indent
360$ transmission-remote \-a one.torrent two.torrent
362Add all torrents in ~/Desktop:
363.Bd -literal -offset indent
364$ transmission-remote \-a ~/Desktop/*torrent
366Get detailed information on the torrent whose ID is '1':
367.Bd -literal -offset indent
368$ transmission-remote \-t1 \-i
370Get a list of a torrent's files:
371.Bd -literal -offset indent
372$ transmission-remote \-t1 \-f
374Download only its second and fourth files:
375.Bd -literal -offset indent
376$ transmission-remote \-t1 \-Gall \-g2,4
378Set all torrents' first two files' priorities to high:
379.Bd -literal -offset indent
380$ transmission-remote \-tall \-ph1,2
382Set all torrents' files' priorities to normal:
383.Bd -literal -offset indent
384$ transmission-remote \-tall \-pnall
387.Bl -tag -width Fl
388.It Ev http_proxy
389Sets the proxy to use for http tracker announces.
392.An -nosplit
393.An Jordan Lee ,
394.An Josh Elsasser ,
395.An Eric Petit ,
397.An Mitchell Livingston .
399.Xr transmission-create 1 ,
400.Xr transmission-daemon 1 ,
401.Xr transmission-edit 1 ,
402.Xr transmission-gtk 1 ,
403.Xr transmission-qt 1 ,
404.Xr transmission-remote 1 ,
405.Xr transmission-show 1
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