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Last change on this file since 3155 was 3155, checked in by charles, 15 years ago
  • add sanity checks to incoming piece data requests. This may solve the inout.c:99 assertion failure.
  • rename the gtk client from transmission-gtk' to transmission' for parity with the mac client.
  • Property svn:keywords set to Date Rev Author Id
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1[Desktop Entry]
4Name=Transmission BitTorrent Client
6Comment=A free, lightweight BitTorrent client with a simple, intuitive interface
7Comment[bg]=СвПбПЎеМ, лек BitTorrent клОеМт с прПст, ОМтуОтОвеМ ОМтерфейс
8Comment[es]=Un cliente libre, ligero de BitTorrent con una interfaz simple e intuitiva
9Comment[fi]=Ilmainen, kevytkÀyttöinen BitTorrent ohjelma jossa on helppokÀyttöinen kÀyttöliittymÀ
10Comment[fr]=Un client BitTorrent léger, libre, avec une interface simple et intuitive
11Comment[it]=Un client BitTorrent libero e leggero con un'interfaccia semplice ed intuitiva
12Comment[pl]=Darmowy, lekki klient BitTorrent z prostym, intuicyjnym interfejscem
13Comment[ro]=Un client BitTorrent liber, neîncărcat, cu o interfaţă simplă şi intuitivă
14Comment[ru]=СвПбПЎМый, легкПвесМый BitTorrent клОеМт с прПстыЌ, ОМтуОтОвМыЌ ОМтерфейсПЌ
15Comment[sv]=En fri, lÀttviktig BitTorrent-klient med ett enkelt och intuitivt grÀnssnitt
16Exec=transmission %F
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