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Update the copyright year in the source code comments.

The Berne Convention says that the copyright year is moot, so instead of adding another year to each file as in previous years, I've removed the year altogether from the source code comments in libtransmission, gtk, qt, utils, daemon, and cli.

Juliusz's copyright notice in tr-dht and Johannes' copyright notice in tr-lpd have been left alone; it didn't seem appropriate to modify them.

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2 * This file Copyright (C) Mnemosyne LLC
3 *
4 * This file is licensed by the GPL version 2. Works owned by the
5 * Transmission project are granted a special exemption to clause 2(b)
6 * so that the bulk of its code can remain under the MIT license.
7 * This exemption does not extend to derived works not owned by
8 * the Transmission project.
9 *
10 * $Id: clients.h 11709 2011-01-19 13:48:47Z jordan $
11 */
13#ifndef __TRANSMISSION__
14 #error only libtransmission should #include this header.
17#ifndef TR_CLIENTS_H
18#define TR_CLIENTS_H
21 * @brief parse a peer-id into a human-readable client name and version number
22 * @ingroup utils
23 */
24void tr_clientForId( char * buf, size_t buflen, const void * peer_id );
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