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2        <a name="PortForwarding" />
3        <head>
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6                <title>Port Forwarding FAQ</title>
7        </head>
8        <body>
9                <div id="mainbox">
10                        <a href="../index.html">Home</a>
11                        <div id="pagetitle">
12                                <h1>Why do I see a red dot and "Port is closed"?</h1>
13                        </div>
14                        <p>You haven't port forwarded correctly. Port forwarding opens a port in your firewall or router so that incoming connections from the outside world can be made with Transmission.
15                        <p>
16                        <div id="pagetitle">
17                                <h1>Why do I need to Port Forward?</h1>
18                        </div>
19                        <p>Transmission uses a single port for all the torrents you are downloading. If the port has not been opened (ie forwarded) that means only you can make connections to others in the swarm.
20                        If the port is forwarded, others can connect to you, thus increasing the potential number of people connected to you, and more importantly increasing the speed of your download.
21                        <p>
22                        <div id="pagetitle">
23                                <h1>How do I Port Forward?</h1>
24                        </div>
25                        <ul>
26                                <li>If you have an Apple Airport, or a UPnP compatible router, Transmission can map its port automatically. Most routers manufactured since 2001 have this feature.
27                                <div summary="To do this" id="taskbox">
28                                        <ol>
29                                                <li>Open Transmission. </li>
30                                                <li>Go to Preferences >> Network, and check 'Automatically map port'. </li>
31                                                <li>You should see a success notification and green dots.</li>
32                                                <p>If you get a red dot and the message 'Error mapping port', <a href="upnp.html">click here</a>.</li>
33                                        </ol>                           
34                                </div>
36                                <li>If you don't have a compatible router, it is simple to forward Transmission's port manually. For instructions <a href="pfrouter.html">click here</a>.</li>
38                                <li>If you don't use a router, that is, your modem is directly connected to your computer, you'll need to open Transmission's port in the Mac OS X firewall. For instructions <a href="pffirewall.html">click here</a>.<br>
39                                NB: it is highly recommended you enable the Mac OS X firewall if you are not using a router.</li>
40                        </ul>   
42                        <p>
43                        <div id="pagetitle">
44                                <h1>How do I know if I've done it right?</h1>
45                        </div>
47                        <div summary="To do this" id="taskbox">
48                                <ol>
49                                        <li>Open Transmission. </li>
50                                        <li>Go to Preferences >> Network. </li>
51                                        <li>Check the notification next to 'Incoming TCP Port'. </li>
52                                </ol>
53                        </div>
54                        <p>
55                        <ul>
56                                <li>If you get a red dot and the message 'Port is Stealth' or 'Port is Closed' then you haven't forwarded correctly.<br>
57                                 NB: If Transmission has successfully mapped the port automatically in this case, make sure the OS X firewall is either disabled, or you have <a href="pffirewall.html">allowed Transmission's port</a>.
58                                  The firewall can cause the port to remain closed, even if it has been successfully mapped by the router.</li>
59                                <li>If you get a green dot and 'Port is Open' then you have successfully port forwarded! </li>
60                        </ul>
62                        </p>
63                        <a href="../index.html">Home</a>
64                </div>
65        </body>
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