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(trunk web) rewrite the dialogs to use jQuery.UI instead of a homerolled dialog. This partially to use more standardized components, and partially to get rid of as many browser/platform-specific hardcodings as possible to make the code more flexible. I'm flying blind wrt iPhone support, so for a little while this may be a two-steps-forward-one-step-back process. Feedback from users runnin the web client on their phones is encouraged...

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1datadir = ${datarootdir}/${PACKAGE_NAME}/${subdir}
3dist_data_DATA = \
4  chrome.png \
5  filter_bar.png \
6  filter_icon.png \
7  iphone_chrome.png \
8  lock_icon.png \
9  logo.png \
10  transfer_arrows.png \
11  wait20.gif
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