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  • trunk/misc/ipcproto.txt

    r2028 r2029  
    121121Version: 1
    122122Format:  list of strings
     123Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "info"
    123124Example: 8:addfilesl21:/torrents/foo.torrent20:/home/me/bar.torrente
    124125         "addfiles", ("/torrents/foo.torrent", /home/me/bar.torrent")
    128129         deleted safely) is implementation dependent and may not
    129130         currently be known or changed with this protocol.
    130 Replies: succeeded, failed, info
    132132Key:     "addfile-detailed"
    133133Version: 2
    134134Format:  dict
     135Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported", "info"
    135136Example: 16:addfile-detailedd4:file19:/tor/wooble.torrente
    136137         "addfile-detailed", {"file": "/tor/wooble.torrent"}
    146147Version: 2
    147148Format:  boolean
     149Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    148150Example: 7:automapi1e
    149151         "automap", 1
    150 Details: Enable (1) or disable (0) automatic port mapping on the
    151          server. Other integer values will likely be treated as 1 but
    152          this shold not be relied upon.
     152Details: Enable (1) or disable (0) automatic port mapping on the server.
    154154Key:     "autostart"
    155155Version: 2
    156156Format:  boolean
     157Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    157158Example: 9:autostarti0e
    158159         "autostart", 0
    159160Details: Enable (1) or disable (0) automatic starting of new torrents
    160          added via "addfiles" message.
     161         added via "addfiles" or "addfiles-detailed" messages.
    162163Key:     "directory"
    163164Version: 2
    164165Format:  string
     166Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    165167Example: 9:directory21:/home/roger/downloads
    166168         "directory", "/home/roger/downloads"
    170172Version: 2
    171173Format:  int
     174Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    172175Example: 9:downlimiti100e
    173176         "downlimit", 100
    178181Version: 2
    179182Format:  string
     183Replies: N/A
    180184Example: 6:failed17:permission denied
    181185         "failed", "permission denied
    185189Version: 2
    186190Format:  value is ignored
     191Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "automap"
    187192Example: 11:get-automap0:
    188193         "get-automap", ""
    192197Version: 2
    193198Format:  value is ignored
     199Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "autostart"
    194200Example: 13:get-autostart0:
    195201         "get-autostart", ""
    199205Version: 2
    200206Format:  value is ignored
     207Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "directory"
    201208Example: 13:get-directory0:
    202209         "get-directory", ""
    206213Version: 2
    207214Format:  value is ignored
     215Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "downlimit"
    208216Example: 13:get-downlimit0:
    209217         "get-downlimit", ""
    213221Version: 2
    214222Format:  dict with keys "id" and "type" for lists of ints and strings
     223Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "info"
    215224Example: 8:get-infod2:idli4ei7ei2ee4:typel4:hash4:nameee
    216225         "get-info", {"id": (4, 7, 2), "type": ("hash", "name")}
    226235Version: 2
    227236Format:  list of strings
     237Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "info"
    228238Example: 12:get-info-alll4:hash4:namee
    229239         "get-info-all", ("hash", "name")
    233243Version: 2
    234244Format:  value is ignored
     245Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "pex"
    235246Example: 7:get-pex0:
    236247         "get-pex", ""
    240251Version: 2
    241252Format:  value is ignored
     253Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "port"
    242254Example: 8:get-port0:
    243255         "get-port", ""
    247259Version: 2
    248260Format:  dict with keys "id" and "type" for lists of ints and strings
     261Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "status"
    249262Example: 10:get-statusd2:idli4ei7ei2ee4:typel5:state9:completedee
    250263         "get-status", {"id": (4, 7, 4), "type": ("state", "completed")}
    255268Version: 2
    256269Format:  list of strings
     270Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "status"
    257271Example: 14:get-status-alll5:state9:completede
    258272         "get-status-all", ("state", "completed")
    262276Version: 2
    263277Format:  list of strings
     278Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "supported"
    264279Example: 13:get-supportedl6:lookup8:get-port16:addfile-detailede
    265280         "get-supported", ("lookup", "get-port", "addfile-detailed")
    270285Version: 2
    271286Format:  value is ignored
     287Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "uplimit"
    272288Example: 11:get-uplimit0:
    273289         "get-uplimit", ""
    277293Version: 2
    278294Format:  list of strings
     295Replies: "failed", "not-supported", "info"
    279296Example: 6:lookupl40:0f16ea6965ee5133ea4dbb1e7f516e9fcf3d899ee
    280297         "lookup", ("0f16ea6965ee5133ea4dbb1e7f516e9fcf3d899e")
    285302Version: 2
    286303Format:  list of dictionaries
     304Replies: N/A
    287305Example: 4:infold2:idi3e4:name3:fooed2:idi9e4:name3:baree
    288306         "info", ({"id": 4, "name": "foo"}, {"id": 9, "name": "bar"})
    295313Version: 2
    296314Format:  value is ignored
     315Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    297316Example: 4:noop0:
    298317         "noop", ""
    303322Version: 2
    304323Format:  value is ignored
     324Replies: N/A
    305325Example: 13:not-supported0:
    306326         "not-supported", ""
    311331Version: 2
    312332Format:  boolean
     333Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    313334Example: 3:pexi0e
    314335         "pex", 0
    318339Version: 2
    319340Format:  int between 0 and 65535
     341Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    320342Example: 4:porti9090e
    321343         "port", 9090
    326348Version: 1
    327349Format:  value is ignored
     350Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    328351Example: 4:quit0:
    329352         "quit", ""
    330 Details: Cause the server to quit.
     353Details: Cause the server to quit. Note that the connection might be
     354         closed without a response being sent.
    332356Key:     "remove"
    333357Version: 2
    334358Format:  list of torrent ID ints
     359Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    335360Example: 5:removeli3ei8ei6ee
    336361         "remove", (3, 8, 6)
    344369Version: 2
    345370Format:  value is ignored
     371Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    346372Example: 10:remove-all0:
    347373         "remove-all", ""
    351377Version: 2
    352378Format:  list of torrent ID ints
     379Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    353380Example: 5:startli3ei8ei6ee
    354381         "start", (3, 8, 6)
    358385Version: 2
    359386Format:  value is ignored
     387Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    360388Example: 9:start-all0:
    361389         "start-all", ""
    365393Version: 2
    366394Format:  list of dictionaries
     395Replies: N/A
    367396Example: 4:infold2:idi3e5:state7:seedinged2:idi9e5:state6:pausedee
    368397         "info", ({"id": 3, "state": "seeding"}, {"id": 9, "state" : "paused"})
    372401Version: 2
    373402Format:  list of torrent ID ints
     403Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    374404Example: 4:stopli3ei8ei6ee
    375405         "stop", (3, 8, 6)
    379409Version: 2
    380410Format:  value is ignored
     411Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    381412Example: 8:stop-all0:
    382413         "stop-all", ""
    386417Version: 2
    387418Format:  value is ignored
     419Replies: N/A
    388420Example: 8:succeeded0:
    389421         "succeeded", ""
    394426Version: 2
    395427Format:  list of strings
     428Replies: N/A
    396429Example: 9:supportedl8:get-port6:lookupe
    397430         "supported", ("get-port", "lookup")
    402435Version: 2
    403436Format:  int
     437Replies: "succeeded", "failed", "not-supported"
    404438Example: 7:uplimiti20e
    405439         "uplimit", 20
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