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  • trunk/macosx/FilePriorityCell.h

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    2828@interface FilePriorityCell : NSSegmentedCell
    30     NSMutableDictionary * fItem;
    3230    NSImage * fLowImage, * fHighImage, * fNormalImage, * fMixedImage, * fNoneImage;
  • trunk/macosx/TransmissionHelp/html/FAQ.html

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    2121                        </div>
    2222                                <p>Read these tips for <a href="Speed.html">maximizing your download speed</a>.
    23                                 <p>Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block traffic on well known peer to peer ports. If this applies to your ISP, try changing the port Transmission uses.
    24                                 Some ISPs also throttle all peer to peer (esp BitTorrent) traffic, which can slow or even stop your transfers. Protocol encryption is not a feature at the moment, however is slated for a future release.
     23                                <p>Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throttle peer-to-peer traffic, and even block it completely on well known peer to peer ports. If your ISP is listed on <a href="">this page</a>, it is likely you will experience these issues.
     24                                <p> Transmission's encryption feature may overcome any ISP throttling. Checking the 'Ignore unencrypted peers' box (Prefs >> Advanced) also may improve your speed further, at the expense of losing some potential peers in the swarm. Changing the port Transmission uses might help if the ISP targets particular ports.
    2626                                <p>Ultimately, the speed you get depends on the quality of the peers you are downloading from. If they have dial up connections, you are only going to be able to download at dial up speeds.
    4545                        </div>
    4646                                <p>PEX (Peer Exchange) is a method of discovering new peers via other peers, rather than the tracker. It allows Transmission to attach to the swarm much quicker.
    47                                 PEX is automatically disabled for privately tracked torrents.
     47                                PEX is automatically disabled for privately tracked torrents. The feature is compatible with both Azureus and µTorrent peers.
    4848                                <p>
     49                        <div id="pagetitle">
     50                                <h1>What is encryption? </h1>
     51                        </div>
     52                                <p>Transmission encrypts the connections it makes with other peers when necessary, using the RC4 cipher. The implementation is compatible with other clients such as Azureus and µTorrent. It is always enabled, however you have two options: accepting connections from anyone, regardless of encryption; or only accepting encrypted connections. Note that the latter option may make you unconnectable in some swarms. The encryption feature does not mean your session is secure or anonymous, it is merely a way to avoid the traffic shaping measures some ISPs have implemented.
     53                                                <p>
    4954                        <div id="pagetitle">
    5055                                <h1>Why can I only connect to around 60 peers? </h1>
  • trunk/macosx/TransmissionHelp/html/Speed.html

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    2323                                <li>Make sure Transmission's <a href="portforward.html">port is forwarded</a>. Port forwarding makes it easier for others to connect to you, which therefore increases your speed.
    2424                                <div summary="To do this" id="taskbox">
    25                                         <p>If your router supports UPnP or you have Apple Airport, Transmission can do this automatically; just tick the checkbox in Preferences >> Network.
     25                                        <p>If your router supports UPnP or you have Apple Airport, Transmission can do this automatically; just tick the checkbox in Preferences >> Advanced.
    2626                                </div>
    2727                                </li>
  • trunk/macosx/TransmissionHelp/html/portforward.html

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    96                                                 <li>Go to Preferences >> Network, and check 'Automatically map port'. </li>
     96                                                <li>Go to Preferences >> Advanced, and check 'Automatically map port'. </li>
    149                                         <li>Go to Preferences >> Network. </li>
     149                                        <li>Go to Preferences >> Advanced. </li>
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