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  • trunk/cli/transmissioncli.1

    r6096 r6299  
    3535.Op Fl v Ar level
    3636.Op Fl p Ar port
    37 .Op Fl d Ar download-rate
    38 .Op Fl u Ar upload-rate
     37.Op Fl d Ar number
     38.Op Fl u Ar number
    3939.Op Fl f Ar script
    4040.Op Fl n
    4242.Op Ar output-dir
    44 .Op Fl v Ar level
    45 .Fl c Ar source-file
    46 .Fl a Ar announce-url
    47 .Op Fl p Ar port
    48 .Op Fl m Ar comment
     44.Fl n Ar path
     45.Op Fl a Ar url
     46.Op Fl c Ar comment
     47.Op Fl r
    4948.Ar output-file
    5756The options are as follows:
    5857.Bl -tag -width Ds
     59.It Fl a, Fl -announce Ar announce-url
     60When creating a new torrent, set its announce URL
     62.It Fl c, Fl -comment Ar comment-text
     63When creating a new torrent, set its comment field
     65.It Fl d, -downlimit Ar number
     66Set the maximum download speed in KB/s
     68.It Fl D, -no-downlimit
     69Don't limit the download speed
     71.It Fl f, -finish Ar script
     72Set a script to run when the torrent finishes
    5974.It Fl g, Fl -config-dir Ar directory
    60 Where to look for configuration files.
    61 .It Fl o, Fl -output-dir Ar directory
    62 Where to save downloaded data.
    63 .It Fl c, Fl -create-from Ar source-file
    64 Create torrent from the specified source file.
    65 .It Fl a, Fl -announce Ar announce-url
    66 Specifies the announce-url the new torrent will use. Can only be
    67 used in conjunction with -c or --create-from.
    68 .It Fl r, Fl -private
    69 Sets the private flag for the new torrent. Can only be used in
    70 conjunction with -c or --create-from.
    71 .It Fl m, Fl -comment Ar comment-text
    72 This optional parameter adds a comment to the new torrent. Can only
    73 be used in conjunction with -c or --create-from.
     75Where to look for configuration files
    7477.It Fl h, Fl -help
    7578Prints a short usage summary.
    7680.It Fl i, Fl -info
    77 Shows information from the specified torrent file, such as the
    78 cryptographic hash, the tracker, announcement, file size and file
    79 name.
     81Shows torrent details and exit
     83.It Fl m, Fl -portmap
     84Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP
     86.It Fl M, Fl -no-portmap
     87Disable portmapping
     89.It Fl n, Fl -new Ar path
     90Create torrent from the specified file or directory
     92.It Fl p, -port Ar port
     93Set the port to listen for incoming peers. (Default: 51413)
     95.It Fl r, Fl -private
     96When creating a new torrent, set its 'private' flag
    8098.It Fl s, -scrape
    81 Prints the number of seeders and leechers for the specified torrent
    82 file, and exits.
    83 .It Fl v, -verbose Ar level
    84 Sets debugging options. You can use both many -v flags, or a -v level. The current available levels are 0-2, with the highest
    85 level producing the most output.  The default is 0.
    86 .It Fl n, Fl -nat-traversal
    87 Attempt to use the NAT-PMP and UPnP IGD protocols to establish a port
    88 mapping for allowing incoming peer connections.
    89 .It Fl p, -port Ar port
    90 Specifies an alternate port for the client to listen on.  The default is
    91 51413.
    92 .It Fl u, -upload Ar upload-rate
    93 Specifies the maximum upload rate in kB/s, which defaults to 20.  The
    94 level -1 may be used for unlimited uploads.
    95 .It Fl d, -download Ar download-rate
    96 Specifies the maximum download rate in kB/s, which defaults to -1 for
    97 no download limit.
    98 .It Fl f, -finish Ar script
    99 Specifies a shell script to be executed upon successful download.
    100 .It Fl y, Fl -recheck
    101 Force a recheck of the torrent data.
     99Print the current number of seeders and leechers for the specified torrent
     101.It Fl t, -tos
     102Set the peer socket TOS for local router-based traffic shaping.
     104.It Fl u, -uplimit Ar number
     105Set the maximum upload speed in KB/s
     107.It Fl U, -no-uplimit
     108Don't limit the upload speed
     110.It Fl v, Fl -verify
     111Verify the torrent's downloaded data.
     113.It Fl w, Fl -download-dir Ar directory
     114Where to save downloaded data.
    102118.Sh SIGNALS
    103119In addition to these options, sending
  • trunk/cli/transmissioncli.c

    r6298 r6299  
    450450    { 'M', "no-portmap",   "Disable portmapping",                                 "M", 0, NULL },
    451451    { 'n', "new",          "Create a new torrent from a file or directory",       "n", 1, "<path>" },
    452     { 'p', "port",         "Port to listen for incoming peers (Default: "TR_DEFAULT_RPC_PORT_STR")", "p", 1, "<port>" },
     452    { 'p', "port",         "Port to listen for incoming peers (Default: "TR_DEFAULT_PORT_STR")", "p", 1, "<port>" },
    453453    { 'r', "private",      "When creating a new torrent, set its 'private' flag", "r", 0, NULL },
    454454    { 's', "scrape",       "Scrape the torrent and exit",                         "s", 0, NULL },
  • trunk/daemon/daemon.c

    r6298 r6299  
    231231    { 'f', "foreground", "Run in the foreground instead of daemonizing", "f", 0, NULL },
    232232    { 'g', "config-dir",   "Where to look for configuration files", "g", 1, "<path>" },
    233     { 'p', "port",         "Port to listen for incoming peers (Default: "TR_DEFAULT_RPC_PORT_STR")", "p", 1, "<port>" },
     233    { 'p', "port",         "Port to listen for incoming peers (Default: "TR_DEFAULT_PORT_STR")", "p", 1, "<port>" },
    234234    { 't', "auth",         "Requre authentication",           "t", 0, NULL },
    235235    { 'T', "no-auth",      "Don't require authentication",    "T", 0, NULL },
    236236    { 'u', "username",     "Set username for authentication", "u", 1, "<username>" },
    237     { 's', "password",     "Set password for authentication", "s", 1, "<password>" },
     237    { 'v', "password",     "Set password for authentication", "v", 1, "<password>" },
    238238    { 'w', "download-dir", "Where to save downloaded data",   "w", 1, "<path>" },
    239239    { 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, NULL }
    250250readargs( int argc, const char ** argv,
    251251          int * nofork, const char ** configDir, const char ** downloadDir,
    252           int * rpcPort, const char ** acl, int * authRequired, const char ** username, const char ** password,
     252          int * rpcPort, const char ** acl,
     253          int * authRequired, const char ** username, const char ** password,
    253254          int * blocklistEnabled )
    268269            case 'T': *authRequired = FALSE; break;
    269270            case 'u': *username = optarg; break;
    270             case 's': *password = optarg; break;
     271            case 'v': *password = optarg; break;
    271272            case 'w': *downloadDir = optarg; break;
    272273            default: showUsage( ); break;
    354355    signal( SIGHUP, SIG_IGN );
    356     readargs( argc, (const char*)argv, &nofork, &configDir, &downloadDir,
     357    readargs( argc, (const char**)argv, &nofork, &configDir, &downloadDir,
    357358              &rpcPort, &acl, &authRequired, &username, &password,
    358359              &blocklistEnabled );
  • trunk/daemon/transmission-daemon.1

    r6146 r6299  
    1212.Op Fl a Ar (+|-)x.x.x.x[/x],...
    1313.Op Fl b
    14 .Op Fl b0
    15 .Op Fl d
     14.Op Fl B
    1615.Op Fl f
    1716.Op Fl g Ar directory
    1918.Op Fl p Ar port
    2019.Op Fl t
    21 .Op Fl t0
     20.Op Fl T
    2221.Op Fl u Ar username
    23 .Op Fl w Ar password
     22.Op Fl v Ar password
     23.Op Fl w Ar download-dir
    4848New blocklists can be added by copying them into the config-dir's "blocklists" subdirectory.
    50 .It Fl b0 Fl -blocklist=0
     50.It Fl B Fl -no-blocklist
    5151Disble blocklists.
    53 .It Fl d Fl -download-dir
    54 Where to store downloaded data.
    5653.It Fl f Fl -foreground
    6966Require clients to authenticate themselves.
    7067This doesn't do much good unless
    71 .Ar username and
    72 .Ar password are also set.
     68.Ar username
     70.Ar password
     71are also set.
    74 .It Fl t0 Fl -auth=0
     73.It Fl T Fl -no-auth
    7574Don't require authentication from clients.
    77 .It Fl u Fl -username ar username
     76.It Fl u Fl -username Ar username
    7877Used for client authentication.
    80 .It Fl w Fl -password ar password
     79.It Fl v Fl -password Ar password
    8180Used for client authentication.
     82.It Fl w Fl -download-dir
     83Where to store downloaded data.
  • trunk/libtransmission/transmission.h

    r6298 r6299  
    111111/** @see tr_sessionInitFull */
    112112#define TR_DEFAULT_PORT                     51413
     113/** @see tr_sessionInitFull */
     114#define TR_DEFAULT_PORT_STR                 "51413"
    113115/** @see tr_sessionInitFull */
    114116#define TR_DEFAULT_GLOBAL_PEER_LIMIT        200
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