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(edit) @1592   15 years livings124 update the image of the main Transmission window in help
(edit) @1591   15 years livings124 lighten the remaining seeding bar a bit
(edit) @1590   15 years joshe Fix private flag check to treat torrents with private=0 as public.
(edit) @1589   15 years livings124 remaining disk space warning now has an option to never ask again
(edit) @1588   15 years livings124 preference to not give warning about remaining space
(edit) @1587   15 years joshe Set roles for non-dialog windows to help WMs out a bit.
(edit) @1586   15 years joshe Don't pass an uninitialized variable to accept().
(edit) @1585   15 years joshe Don't rely on on printf field numbers.
(edit) @1584   15 years joshe Update html help files, as well as queuing and inspector images.
(edit) @1583   15 years joshe Convert to unix line endings.
(edit) @1582   15 years livings124 don't launch if the os is less then Tiger
(edit) @1581   15 years livings124 updated news
(edit) @1580   15 years joshe A couple trivial improvements to tree.h Import queue.h from openbsd.
(edit) @1579   15 years joshe Merge PEX branch, I hope this works.
(edit) @1578   15 years joshe Don't add more peers from pex if we have 50 or more already.
(edit) @1577   15 years livings124 update progress bar when seeding immediately when the stop ratio …
(edit) @1576   15 years joshe Optionally return the info hash after attempting to load a duplicate …
(edit) @1575   15 years livings124 seeding bar shows progress towards ratio
(edit) @1574   15 years livings124 get the app icon in the proper way, to avoid potential badging
(edit) @1573   15 years livings124 updated help index
(edit) @1572   15 years livings124 updated help files from jah
(edit) @1571   15 years livings124 improve KTorrent id a bit more
(edit) @1570   15 years livings124 more accurate ktorrent client id
(edit) @1569   15 years livings124 return "error" when requesting a speed or ratio string for speed/ratio …
(edit) @1568   15 years livings124 command-2 to show message log
(edit) @1567   15 years joshe Unbreak keepalive messages.
(edit) @1566   15 years livings124 silence some warnings
(edit) @1565   15 years livings124 add BTG to clients
(edit) @1564   15 years joshe Append a frontend-specific tag to saved torrents. This prevents one …
(edit) @1563   15 years joshe Use a new, more flexible version message in ipc. Don't actually have …
(edit) @1562   15 years joshe Don't use sprintf, strcpy, or strcat.
(edit) @1561   15 years livings124 tiny consistency changes
(edit) @1560   15 years livings124 change order for consistency
(edit) @1559   15 years livings124 divide a termination while loop to make it safer
(edit) @1558   15 years livings124 update change log some more
(edit) @1557   15 years livings124 updated the news file with the changes I could remember (still needs gtk)
(edit) @1556   15 years livings124 clear test of seeders and leachers to clarify that it applies to the …
(edit) @1555   15 years joshe Send the correct bitfield in the bitfield message.
(edit) @1554   15 years joshe Remove old message length check that was causing some messages to be …
(edit) @1553   15 years livings124 simplify peer string creation
(edit) @1552   15 years livings124 ...add updated Growl 0.7.6 framework
(edit) @1551   15 years livings124 Remove old Growl framework…
(edit) @1550   15 years livings124 peers tab shows count of where peers came from
(edit) @1549   15 years joshe Merge bitfield fix from r1548 to the trunk.
(edit) @1548   15 years joshe Fix saving of bitfield to resume file, this was broken in r1534.
(edit) @1547   15 years joshe bzero -> memset
(edit) @1546   15 years livings124 clarify some text
(edit) @1545   15 years joshe Fix for if unused isn't defined. Pointless churn to silence …
(edit) @1544   15 years livings124 get the pex branch compiling on mac
(edit) @1543   15 years livings124 take out the 5 minute maximum for announcing to the tracker, aka the …
(edit) @1542   15 years joshe Remove some leftover debug code.
(edit) @1541   15 years joshe Compile-testing after a merge is a good idea.
(edit) @1540   15 years joshe Implement Azureus peer protocol, including PEX message. Implement …
(edit) @1539   15 years joshe Create branch for PEX.
(edit) @1538   15 years livings124 "creator" was set to "comment" by a typo in [1524]
(edit) @1537   15 years joshe Don't clobber the private flag during torrent initialization. Display …
(edit) @1536   15 years joshe Fix calloc args.
(edit) @1535   15 years joshe Check all offsets and lengths received from the peer before using them.
(edit) @1534   15 years joshe Do bounds checking on bitfields.
(edit) @1533   15 years livings124 avoid retaining tons of copies of the folder icon
(edit) @1532   15 years joshe Switch to the new icon and update version.
(edit) @1531   15 years joshe Clean up the build a tiny bit more.
(edit) @1530   15 years joshe Silence some unused parameter warnings.
(edit) @1529   15 years joshe Use memset instead of bzero.
(edit) @1528   15 years joshe Prettify the BeOS build output.
(edit) @1527   15 years livings124 store folder icons for now
(edit) @1526   15 years livings124 store file list icons to increase speed under the file tab
(edit) @1525   15 years joshe Check for zero-length torrent name after stripping slashes.
(edit) @1524   15 years joshe Better checking of metainfo. Strip / out of filenames and path …
(edit) @1523   15 years joshe Turn off optimizations. I'm tired of having to edit this file and …
(edit) @1522   15 years livings124 forgot a return
(edit) @1521   15 years livings124 hide error message in inspector if it is no longer applicable
(edit) @1520   15 years livings124 the last commit shouldn't have unhid the check boxes
(edit) @1519   15 years livings124 move torrent check code to the Torrent class
(edit) @1518   15 years joshe Fix unintentional change in the add dialog default directory.
(edit) @1517   15 years joshe Use a tr_tracker_info_t * directly in tr_info_t and tr_tracker_t.
(edit) @1516   15 years joshe Sort files in file window case insensitively.
(edit) @1515   15 years joshe Spruce up the menu a bit and add it to a menubar and the tray icon.
(edit) @1514   15 years livings124 small efficiency change and some improvements for the invisible file …
(edit) @1513   15 years livings124 localize new string
(edit) @1512   15 years livings124 show individual file progress in inspector
(edit) @1511   15 years joshe Have file window's progress bars notice theme changes.
(edit) @1510   15 years joshe Clamp file progress to 0.0-1.0 Clear focus when opening files dialog.
(edit) @1509   15 years joshe Display progress in file window as well as updating periodically.
(edit) @1508   15 years joshe Add function to return the progress of each file in a torrent.
(edit) @1507   15 years joshe Calculate and show directory sizes in file window.
(edit) @1506   15 years joshe Add a window to view a torrent's files.
(edit) @1505   15 years bvarner Brought BeOS GUI up to date with latest libtransmission. There's still …
(edit) @1504   16 years joshe Merge gtkmisc branch.
(edit) @1503   16 years livings124 add a 'New Folder' button to the select download folder dialogue
(edit) @1502   16 years livings124 small help changes
(edit) @1501   16 years livings124 this might've given the masses the wrong idea
(edit) @1500   16 years livings124 remove a period in help a bit of a waste of commit 1500 8-)
(edit) @1499   16 years livings124 small help fix
(edit) @1498   16 years livings124 updated help from jah
(edit) @1497   16 years livings124 remove unused custom subclass
(edit) @1496   16 years joshe Display ratio while downloading and seeding, minor code cleanup. Patch …
(edit) @1495   16 years joshe New swedish translation.
(edit) @1494   16 years joshe Fix typo in comment.
(edit) @1493   16 years livings124 updated formatting for TorrentStorm?
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