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(edit) @3340   15 years charles fix the `transmission.desktop' errors reported by jinzo and Lacrocivious
(edit) @3339   15 years charles define DESKTOP_FILES in (jas8522)
(edit) @3338   15 years charles fix stupid bug from yesterday that made uploading difficult.
(edit) @3337   15 years charles fix recent tracker error reported by John_Clay that made it slower to …
(edit) @3336   15 years charles extra paranoia to safeguard against a possible tracker crash
(edit) @3335   15 years charles * add intltool macros to make it easier to build from svn. * minor …
(edit) @3334   15 years livings124 update NEWS
(edit) @3333   15 years charles i18n cleanup: (1) take strings that were very similar and make them …
(edit) @3332   15 years charles fix crash reported by Waldorf in
(edit) @3331   15 years charles give trackers more time before timing out the requests. make the …
(edit) @3330   15 years charles * fix a bug with uploading encrypted pice data to another peer * extra …
(edit) @3329   15 years charles add a NULL "install:" target for third-party libraries so they don't …
(edit) @3328   15 years charles make the gtk translation files play nicely with autoconf
(edit) @3327   15 years livings124 double click progress string in main window instead of single click to …
(edit) @3326   15 years livings124 switch-ify more code
(edit) @3325   15 years livings124 ensure everything is deallocated properly on quit, libtransmission is …
(edit) @3324   15 years livings124 code to place all icons in the inspector's tabs...still needs the images
(edit) @3323   15 years livings124 add higher speed options to action pulldown menus
(edit) @3322   15 years charles the purge flag should take priority over all the other reasons to keep …
(edit) @3321   15 years charles fix atom initialization issue with r3320
(edit) @3320   15 years charles ban peers that feed us too many bad blocks.
(edit) @3319   15 years charles fix minor shutdown bug
(edit) @3318   15 years charles get rid of a confusing error message that describes a harmless situation
(edit) @3317   15 years charles * don't reuse http connections to trackers. I think this is what …
(edit) @3316   15 years livings124 get rid of some warnings
(edit) @3315   15 years livings124 improve the inspector's tab background images
(edit) @3314   15 years livings124 change some initializers so that they are aware of their own nib's name
(edit) @3313   15 years livings124 use premade NSBox lines for separators in the status and filter bars …
(edit) @3312   15 years livings124 correct appcast urls
(edit) @3311   15 years charles recheck the completeness stats after `recheck torrent'
(edit) @3310   15 years livings124 adjust tab button layout a bit to avoid overlaps
(edit) @3309   15 years charles try to connect to peers faster when a torrent is initially started.
(edit) @3308   15 years charles fix John_Clay's ptrarray.c:201 crash. (maybe.)
(edit) @3307   15 years livings124 adjust info tab buttons a little
(edit) @3306   15 years livings124 better remaining space check
(edit) @3305   15 years livings124 factor in only checked files when determining if there is enough …
(edit) @3304   15 years livings124 get rid of a few redundant variables
(edit) @3303   15 years livings124 remove unnecessary files/commented-out code
(edit) @3302   15 years livings124 show initially selected tab as selected
(edit) @3301   15 years livings124 clean up a little inspector code
(edit) @3300   15 years livings124 get selected tab in inspector closer to working: 1. it doesn't select …
(edit) @3299   15 years livings124 hilight pushed inspector tab...this will be made a different color later
(edit) @3298   15 years livings124 file priorities inspector column works again
(edit) @3297   15 years livings124 set properties for new files
(edit) @3296   15 years livings124 first commit of updated inspector...images are just placeholders currently
(edit) @3295   15 years charles * add a per-peer request queue to hold the next 10-15 seconds' worth …
(edit) @3294   15 years charles s/Stop/Pause/
(edit) @3293   15 years charles fix potential "recheck torrent" deadlock
(edit) @3292   15 years charles accept suggestion from infernux to use the standard gtk media_pause …
(edit) @3291   15 years charles removed an assertion that depended on valid input from a peer in order …
(edit) @3290   15 years charles don't allow duplicate requests to the same peer, even during endgame. …
(edit) @3289   15 years charles tweak the `start torrent' code based on feedback from BentMyWookie?
(edit) @3288   15 years livings124 updated high and low priority images from AR
(edit) @3287   15 years livings124 updated error icon from AR
(edit) @3286   15 years charles a little code simplification -- remove unnecessary branches
(edit) @3285   15 years charles fix the crash reported by Waldorf and John_Clay
(edit) @3284   15 years charles Simplify the tracker/pause/close/recheck/start code.
(edit) @3283   15 years livings124 rename en to English (other languages will be changed to i18n names by …
(edit) @3282   15 years charles dead code removal
(edit) @3281   15 years charles minor little futzing
(edit) @3280   15 years charles speed improvements... this is getting me 700 KiB/s (which is near to …
(edit) @3279   15 years charles some more peer tweaks
(edit) @3278   15 years charles minor source code cleanup…
(edit) @3277   15 years charles add pass subscription info into the peer-msgs constructor so that we …
(edit) @3276   15 years charles fix peer-mgr.c:1092 asset failure reported by Waldorf_
(edit) @3275   15 years charles tear out some now-exterraneous code.
(edit) @3274   15 years charles tweak the peer manager code a little more.
(edit) @3273   15 years charles make the peer manager a little greedier w.r.t. keeping connections alive.
(edit) @3272   15 years charles Fix erratic `(int)EVBUFFER_LENGTH( inbuf ) >= byteCount' error
(edit) @3271   15 years charles clean up the shutdown code a little bit.
(edit) @3270   15 years charles work around portability glitch in libevent's headers
(edit) @3269   15 years charles * simplify the the choking intervals * fix peer-mgr destructor bug * …
(edit) @3268   15 years charles fix looong-standing potential dangling pointer bug reported by BMW
(edit) @3267   15 years charles threads. gotta love 'em.
(edit) @3266   15 years charles roll back a bug introduced in r3265
(edit) @3265   15 years charles some cleanup... remove some dead/obsolete code
(edit) @3264   15 years livings124 "switch-ify" some code
(edit) @3263   15 years charles more agressive purging of connections that give socket errors
(edit) @3262   15 years charles throttle back how many concurrent connections we make.
(edit) @3261   15 years charles try to disconnect all the peers when the user hits `pause'
(edit) @3260   15 years charles don't log BT protocol messages in UL/DL speed -- only log piece data …
(edit) @3259   15 years livings124 add known peers field to the inspector
(edit) @3258   15 years charles add tr_stat.peersKnown to indicate how many peers exist in the peer `pool'
(edit) @3257   15 years livings124 allow columns in peer table to be reordered
(edit) @3256   15 years charles remove newly-unused field tr_peer_stat::isConnected
(edit) @3255   15 years charles maybe fix the where-are-the-peers-coming-from bug reported by …
(edit) @3254   15 years charles simplify libT locks now that it's (more-or-less) single-threaded. fix …
(edit) @3253   15 years charles follow BT `best practices' more closely w.r.t. choosing which pieces …
(edit) @3252   15 years livings124 update strings file
(edit) @3251   15 years livings124 "switch" instead of "ifs"
(edit) @3250   15 years livings124 remove "connected dot" from peer inspector, and append speed string …
(edit) @3249   15 years charles fix bizarre libevent contortion that made valgrind cry
(edit) @3248   15 years charles ensure TR_PEER_FROM_INCOMING peers get peer atoms. this should fix …
(edit) @3247   15 years charles fix some memory issues.
(edit) @3246   15 years livings124 remove unneeded line
(edit) @3245   15 years charles more experimenting with how to get good peers
(edit) @3244   15 years livings124 fix Bitlet and add new Limewire client id's
(edit) @3243   15 years charles tweaks
(edit) @3242   15 years charles experimental better peer management.
(edit) @3241   15 years livings124 streamline the minimal status string code a little
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