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(edit) @6301   14 years charles (gtk) partial fix for #562: No error message when opening broken …
(edit) @6300   14 years charles steal some blocklist/encryption options from remote & reuse them in cli
(edit) @6299   14 years charles sync the man pages with the cli/daemon/remote changes
(edit) @6298   14 years charles have daemon and cli use tr-getopt too.
(edit) @6297   14 years charles fold the rewritten getopt code into libT
(edit) @6296   14 years charles oops, remove some debugging print messages from the previous commit. …
(edit) @6295   14 years charles cleanup the new getopt code a bit. sync remote's manpage.
(edit) @6294   14 years charles (daemon) allow wildcards to be used when adding torrents again, such …
(edit) @6293   14 years charles spec fix: timesCompleted is an int, not a double.
(edit) @6292   14 years charles transmission-remote: add a very detailed torrent `info' command
(edit) @6291   14 years charles (daemon) add file-listing capabilities to transmission-remote
(edit) @6290   14 years livings124 add a warning; improve the manual reordering code
(edit) @6289   14 years livings124 fix recently introduced bug that caused resuming/pausing torrents …
(edit) @6288   14 years charles (gtk) #1073: Too many queries to disable Desktop hibernation
(edit) @6287   14 years livings124 replace LICENSE with COPYING
(edit) @6286   14 years charles fix autoconf `COPYING' file generation
(edit) @6285   14 years charles (gtk) #1063: don't inhibit power management when torrents are paused
(edit) @6284   14 years charles #1052: intltool 0.40 fails to configure
(edit) @6283   14 years charles (gtk) #1069: revert r6280
(edit) @6282   14 years charles (libT) #319: periodically save the .resume file in case of crash
(edit) @6281   14 years charles (libT) #1045: gracefully handle trackers that return a scrape interval …
(edit) @6280   14 years charles #1069: Unknown seeders and leechers count in `Peers' tab
(edit) @6279   14 years charles (gtk) #1035 prefrence "Remove source to trash" doesn't work
(edit) @6278   14 years charles (gtk) #1043: Include recent folders in the destination folder chooser
(edit) @6277   14 years charles (gtk) #1070: 1:60 ???
(edit) @6276   14 years livings124 fix bug where inspector would reset when changing transfer state (at …
(edit) @6275   14 years charles (rpc) uploading files via an http form w/file inputs works now.
(edit) @6274   14 years livings124 groups are now stored as objects instead of dictionaries
(edit) @6273   14 years livings124 fix 2 invalid return types; don't show notices when compiling the xib's
(edit) @6272   14 years charles (rpc) get torrent uploads partially working.
(edit) @6271   14 years charles possible fix to the getgateway.c build error -- let's see what hudson …
(edit) @6270   14 years livings124 a little simplification of the last commit
(edit) @6269   14 years livings124 #1065 QL Zooming in the inspector wasn't zooming to the icon
(edit) @6268   14 years charles upgrade to libnatpmp-20080630
(edit) @6267   14 years livings124 change "English" to "en"
(edit) @6266   14 years charles (gtk) fix r6263 error
(edit) @6265   14 years livings124 trivial changes to sorting by state and other miscellaneous changes
(edit) @6264   14 years livings124 adjust the progress colors corresponding to #1061
(edit) @6263   14 years charles (gtk) #1062: "Help" menu is not HIG compliant
(edit) @6262   14 years livings124 cleanup for the removal of the ip sort function
(edit) @6261   14 years livings124 comparing with the numeric option works for sorting IP address …
(edit) @6260   14 years livings124 add a comparison method for the transfer names to sort the exact same …
(edit) @6259   14 years charles part 1 of Aloisius' performance patch
(edit) @6258   14 years livings124 missed one
(edit) @6257   14 years livings124 use localizedCaseInsensitiveCompare instead of caseInsensitiveCompare
(edit) @6256   14 years livings124 when stopping all downloads (of torrent files) on quit, get an …
(edit) @6255   14 years livings124 delete the torrent file right after it finishes downloading and is …
(edit) @6254   14 years livings124 if a group row is selected and the content changes, refresh the inspector
(edit) @6253   14 years charles (rpc) fix crash when quickly toggling rpc on/off reported by John_Clay
(edit) @6252   14 years livings124 store progress gradients in the gradient class; miscellaneous cleanup
(edit) @6251   14 years charles when getting 5xx errors from a tracker, keep increasing the intervals …
(edit) @6250   14 years livings124 some more adjustments to the progress bar gradient
(edit) @6249   14 years charles #1055 transmission-remote --list outputs an empty list
(edit) @6248   14 years livings124 avoid some unnecessary calculations when drawing the progress bar …
(edit) @6247   14 years livings124 whoops
(edit) @6246   14 years livings124 the progress bar color gradients are now all generated by a single …
(edit) @6245   14 years charles (RPC) make all the speed units consistent.
(edit) @6244   14 years livings124 don't allow quick look of folders that don't exist
(edit) @6243   14 years charles (gtk) #1050 make some changes to help track down Lacrocivious' bug
(edit) @6242   14 years livings124 assume that fTorrents is always sorted by queue order, and as a result …
(edit) @6241   14 years livings124 attempt to fix #1048
(edit) @6240   14 years charles (daemon) #1046: "transmission-remote -l" should display percentage …
(edit) @6239   14 years livings124 mac build compiles again
(edit) @6238   14 years charles (daemon) #1047: man page inconsistencies
(edit) @6237   14 years charles (rpc) remove the sort and filter options from the "torrent-get" rpc …
(edit) @6236   14 years charles fix `HAVE' error that broke during the webseed-piece changes last …
(edit) @6235   14 years livings124 call new versions of Azureus Vuze
(edit) @6234   14 years charles add `isPrivate' to the info section of the torrent-get method
(edit) @6233   14 years livings124 when setting up the speed limit timer, create the fire date using the …
(edit) @6232   14 years livings124 improve method for determining number of displayed transfers
(edit) @6231   14 years livings124 finish purse of NSCalendarDate
(edit) @6230   14 years charles sync remote w/r6222
(edit) @6229   14 years charles (gtk) #1042: Manual Announce allowed when Never
(edit) @6228   14 years charles (1.2x) #1044: fix bug with the -o command-line option
(edit) @6227   14 years charles (libT) recognize & parse FlashGet? peer-ids
(edit) @6226   14 years livings124 have the speed limit timer keep track of what the next state should be …
(edit) @6225   14 years livings124 start removal of NSCalendarDate, as recommended by Apple in the 10.5 docs
(edit) @6224   14 years charles minor bencode cleanup: (1) remove unused BENC_NULL (2) make …
(edit) @6223   14 years livings124 refactor some of the speed limit scheduling code, so that the timer …
(edit) @6222   14 years charles senseless RPC changes
(edit) @6221   14 years livings124 #562 display an error message when opening broken torrent file
(edit) @6220   14 years livings124 remove the reference to Clutch in the Remote prefs for now
(edit) @6219   14 years livings124 dim the "peer" label in the the inspector options tab
(edit) @6218   14 years livings124 dim text fields in the prefs window when they correspond to disabled fields
(edit) @6217   14 years charles (libT) fix compiler warning.
(edit) @6216   14 years livings124 undo part of the last commit
(edit) @6215   14 years livings124 some cleaning
(edit) @6214   14 years charles fix very minor oops from previous commit. (hi, titer)
(edit) @6213   14 years charles (rpc) fix sorting. simplify the spec, folding similar functions together
(edit) @6212   14 years charles #1034: fix optimistic unchoke bug reported by Aloisius
(edit) @6211   14 years charles small tr_torrentStat() speedup suggested by BentMyWookie?
(edit) @6210   14 years charles (rpc) tweaks to the rpc spec.
(edit) @6209   14 years livings124 make sure the events for "finished downloading" occur if it finishes …
(edit) @6208   14 years livings124 typo caused only a single character of a password to be stored in the …
(edit) @6207   14 years livings124 remove "Security" from the list of targets
(edit) @6206   14 years livings124 add HAVE_STRCASECMP to libT's list of #defines
(edit) @6205   14 years livings124 mac build now compiles
(edit) @6204   14 years charles fix tr_strcasecmp in the case where HAVE_STRCASECMP is not defined
(edit) @6203   14 years charles (RPC) add utility arguments for torrent-info: sort by …
(edit) @6202   14 years livings124 left-allign the text in the inspector pull-down menus; update the …
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