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(edit) @3012   15 years livings124 refix grammar (
(edit) @3011   15 years charles fix typo
(edit) @3009   15 years charles unwind the bitfield change
(edit) @3008   15 years livings124 (0.8x) finish updating version info
(edit) @3007   15 years livings124 (0.8x) grammar fix
(edit) @3004   15 years livings124 (0.8x ) update news a little
(edit) @3002   15 years charles update the news for 0.82
(edit) @3001   15 years livings124 (0.8x) update version to 0.82
(edit) @2999   15 years charles (0.8x) fix loooong-standing off-by-one memory allocation bug in the …
(edit) @2993   15 years charles in win32, #define lseek _lseeki64
(edit) @2990   15 years charles (0.8x) take dennis' suggestion for improving the peer debug message
(edit) @2979   15 years charles fix a nasty size width truncation bug, reported by Eric in …
(edit) @2961   15 years charles (0.8x) better fix for previous commit
(edit) @2958   15 years charles (0.8x) Fix hash-checking error. Thanks to denis for tracking it down …
(edit) @2928   15 years charles Bump the 0.8x branch's version to read to 0.81+
(edit) @2925   15 years joshe Merge r2772, r2803, and r2923 from trunk: Implement extension to …
(edit) @2924   15 years joshe Merge r2769 from trunk: Use macros instead of magic numbers when …
(edit) @2922   15 years charles Fix 0.80 bug that could limit transfer speeds
(edit) @2909   15 years joshe Add command-line option to the daemon for using a pidfile. Properly …
(edit) @2906   15 years charles sync the 0.81 announcement from trunk
(edit) @2905   15 years livings124 update news with date
(edit) @2903   15 years livings124 update version info
(edit) @2900   15 years livings124 (0.8x) Italian pref typo fix from Conte Zero
(edit) @2896   15 years charles (0.8x) fix Nan error reported by persept
(edit) @2894   15 years charles (0.8x) modify name in GTK desktop file to follow Linux usability guidelines
(edit) @2892   15 years livings124 (0.8x) update news a bit more
(edit) @2890   15 years charles (0.8x) backport r2872's leak fix for 0.81. update the NEWS file.
(edit) @2862   15 years charles improve cli-driven torrent creation. (Danez, #309 & #310)
(edit) @2855   15 years charles (0.8x) added slovakian translation by Mirek
(edit) @2839   15 years charles (0.8x) tyop fix for Linux
(edit) @2823   15 years livings124 (0.8x) update credits
(edit) @2779   15 years livings124 (0.8x) add updated Russian localization
(edit) @2778   15 years livings124 (trunk) remove Russian localization
(edit) @2774   15 years livings124 fix a problem when adding multiple torrents with "always ask" enabled
(edit) @2759   15 years livings124 (0.8x) missed one
(edit) @2758   15 years livings124 (0.8x) when automatically opening a newly created torrent file, don't …
(edit) @2753   15 years charles (0.8x) revert yesterday's tracker changes.
(edit) @2736   15 years charles (0.8x) fix accidentally-swapped switch cases
(edit) @2734   15 years charles (0.8x) dead code removal. (ticket #286)
(edit) @2733   15 years charles (0.8x) make torrent creation's piece size more flexible. (ticket #293
(edit) @2728   15 years livings124 fix bug where downloads would not be added when dragging the url onto …
(edit) @2714   15 years livings124 (branch) identify a client's peer id correctly
(edit) @2707   15 years livings124 (branch) add new Russian translations
(edit) @2706   15 years livings124 (branch) remove some Russian translations
(edit) @2703   15 years charles (0.8x) updated gtk+ fr translation
(edit) @2695   15 years charles utf8ize the Dutch translation
(edit) @2694   15 years charles (0.8x) update the gtk+ translator list
(edit) @2692   15 years charles (0.8x) updated Dutch translation by Jan Geboers
(edit) @2689   15 years charles (0.8x) adding Portuguese translation by Filipe Gomes
(edit) @2688   15 years charles (0.8x) added Portugese translation by Raphael Higino
(edit) @2685   15 years charles (0.8x) minor tweak to gracefully handle leading spaces in the announce …
(edit) @2684   15 years charles (0.8x) portability patch for MAXPATHLEN. Reported by afxgroup in …
(edit) @2681   15 years charles (0.8x) * updated French translation by Jean-François Fortin Tam. * …
(edit) @2667   15 years livings124 swap upload and download in Spanish prefs
(edit) @2664   15 years charles (0.8x) fix getopt error that made "transmissioncli -n" fail. …
(edit) @2661   15 years charles (0.8x) get gtk+ client building properly on older compilers. …
(edit) @2659   15 years charles (0.8x) rewrite peerCheck code based on comments from mtolman in …
(edit) @2658   15 years charles (0.8x) fix assertion failure reported by kdrweez in …
(edit) @2650   15 years charles (0.8x) fix assertion bug in torrent.c::fileByteCompleted()
(edit) @2647   15 years livings124 update news date
(copy) @2646   15 years livings124 Create a branch for 0.8x releases
copied from trunk:
(edit) @2645   15 years livings124 update appcast to point to mirror
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