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(edit) @3583   15 years livings124 make main window textured on Leopard
(edit) @3581   15 years charles improve the "can't connect to tracker" error message.
(edit) @3579   15 years joshe Merge r3576 and r3577 from trunk.
(edit) @3574   15 years charles integral sign correctness in makemeta
(edit) @3573   15 years charles Quick & dirty fix to crasher ticket #415.
(edit) @3571   15 years charles Fix issue #413 "Starting a Torrent when one is checking make it queue …
(edit) @3569   15 years charles Fix 0.90 cache bug that could cause "verify local files" to fail.
(edit) @3567   15 years charles apply joshe's r3564 fix to the 0.9x branch.
(edit) @3566   15 years charles apply joshe's r3565 fix to the 0.9x branch.
(edit) @3561   15 years charles tell that it lives in macosx/ now.
(edit) @3559   15 years charles remove the old make system, move to macosx/
(edit) @3557   15 years livings124 0.9x: Ensure only a single "?" is used for appending arguments to the …
(edit) @3555   15 years charles The OpenBSD build fix caused a Darwin build error. :) Thanks to pea …
(edit) @3553   15 years charles fix OpenBSD build error.
(edit) @3551   15 years charles (0.9x) fix 0.90 socket leak.
(edit) @3548   15 years charles set the lowest "maximum upload" and "maximum download" speed to 0
(edit) @3546   15 years charles ensure that "make install" installs the man pages.
(edit) @3545   15 years charles bundle the mk/ directory along for mac users
(edit) @3543   15 years charles don't package .svn and .deps directories underneath macosx/
(edit) @3541   15 years livings124 0.9x: because of the crashing caused by soundNamed: with some sounds, …
(edit) @3538   15 years charles use BUILT_SOURCES for version.h to ensure it builds first
(edit) @3537   15 years charles don't require the user to have svn installed when building from tarball
(edit) @3534   15 years charles fix two separate version.h errors
(edit) @3531   15 years charles users don't need to run autogen from the tarball
(edit) @3529   15 years charles get "make distcheck" working
(edit) @3527   15 years livings124 0.9x: fix small memory leak when generating sounds menu
(edit) @3525   15 years livings124 0.9x: update mac makefile
(edit) @3521   15 years livings124 add Dutch localization
(edit) @3518   15 years livings124 update version to 0.90+
(edit) @3517   15 years livings124 update news
(edit) @3516   15 years livings124 fix Korean localization
(edit) @3515   15 years livings124 add 0.9x Russian localization
(copy) @3514   15 years livings124 create 0.9x branch
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(edit) @3513   15 years livings124 updated readme
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