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(edit) @1623   16 years joshe Add an ipc proxy to make remote daemon connections easier.
(edit) @1622   16 years joshe Fix tr_getPrefsDirectory() to make more sense on osx.
(edit) @1621   16 years joshe Build on osx.
(edit) @1617   16 years joshe Add a daemon frontend.
(edit) @1616   16 years joshe New branch for daemon.
(edit) @1578   16 years joshe Don't add more peers from pex if we have 50 or more already.
(edit) @1568   16 years livings124 command-2 to show message log
(edit) @1567   16 years joshe Unbreak keepalive messages.
(edit) @1560   16 years livings124 change order for consistency
(edit) @1559   16 years livings124 divide a termination while loop to make it safer
(edit) @1558   16 years livings124 update change log some more
(edit) @1557   16 years livings124 updated the news file with the changes I could remember (still needs gtk)
(edit) @1556   16 years livings124 clear test of seeders and leachers to clarify that it applies to the …
(edit) @1554   16 years joshe Remove old message length check that was causing some messages to be …
(edit) @1553   16 years livings124 simplify peer string creation
(edit) @1550   16 years livings124 peers tab shows count of where peers came from
(edit) @1548   16 years joshe Fix saving of bitfield to resume file, this was broken in r1534.
(edit) @1547   16 years joshe bzero -> memset
(edit) @1546   16 years livings124 clarify some text
(edit) @1545   16 years joshe Fix for if unused isn't defined. Pointless churn to silence …
(edit) @1544   16 years livings124 get the pex branch compiling on mac
(edit) @1543   16 years livings124 take out the 5 minute maximum for announcing to the tracker, aka the …
(edit) @1542   16 years joshe Remove some leftover debug code.
(edit) @1541   16 years joshe Compile-testing after a merge is a good idea.
(edit) @1540   16 years joshe Implement Azureus peer protocol, including PEX message. Implement …
(edit) @1539   16 years joshe Create branch for PEX.
(edit) @1484   16 years joshe Fix fatal signal handling to exit as cleanly as closing the main …
(edit) @1483   16 years joshe New branch for a bunch of GTK stuff.
(edit) @1461   16 years joshe Delete this branch, it's no longer needed.
(edit) @1459   16 years joshe Clean up NAT-PMP code a little. Correctly handle a NAT-PMP device …
(edit) @1458   16 years joshe Quick branch for nat-pmp fixes.
(edit) @1355   16 years titer Show error string in the UI
(edit) @1354   16 years titer Merge 1196:1353 from trunk to branches/io
(edit) @1352   16 years titer fix warnings
(edit) @1351   16 years titer When torrent completes, close all files to flush data on disc
(edit) @1350   16 years titer Stop the torrent if a fatal error occured, and have transmissioncli …
(edit) @1349   16 years titer clean up
(edit) @1348   16 years titer Fix some conflicts
(edit) @1347   16 years titer More errors
(edit) @1346   16 years titer Propagate errors
(edit) @1345   16 years titer clean up
(edit) @1240   16 years livings124 small fix
(edit) @1239   16 years livings124 swap the sublist address only after successful connect, as per the specs
(edit) @1238   16 years livings124 less verbose error logging
(edit) @1237   16 years livings124 a little cleaner
(edit) @1234   16 years livings124 libT can now better report if it can connect to a tracker, and as a …
(edit) @1233   16 years livings124 len-1
(edit) @1232   16 years livings124 small oversite in last commit
(edit) @1231   16 years livings124 handle redirect of url's
(edit) @1223   16 years livings124 identify (and display in mac version's inspector) if private torrent
(edit) @1215   16 years titer Return the proper errors from tr_ioRead and tr_ioWrite
(edit) @1213   16 years livings124 fix and improvement
(edit) @1212   16 years livings124 simplify check
(edit) @1211   16 years titer Ooops memleak from [1209]
(edit) @1210   16 years titer Fixes BeOS build
(edit) @1209   16 years titer Handle non-existing files in cache files
(edit) @1208   16 years joshe Restructure the tracker list in tr_info_t a bit. Fix some memory leaks.
(edit) @1207   16 years titer Properly release files when checking hashes
(edit) @1206   16 years titer Another one
(edit) @1205   16 years titer Funny how testing can reveal stupid mistakes
(edit) @1204   16 years titer Typo, cleaning
(edit) @1203   16 years titer Adds tr_cond* and use them in fdlimit instead of tr_wait
(edit) @1201   16 years titer Updates inout to work with previous changes
(edit) @1200   16 years titer Don't try to create the parent folder, and only create sub-folders for …
(edit) @1199   16 years titer Updates implementation (not complete yet)
(edit) @1198   16 years titer fdlimit API changes
(edit) @1196   16 years titer Adds branch for I/O changes
(edit) @1195   16 years livings124 revert last commit bc strings in C suck
(edit) @1194   16 years livings124 a little better logging
(edit) @1193   16 years joshe Revert this, it snuck in.
(edit) @1192   16 years joshe Simplify the address and announce strings a bit. Fix a couple related …
(edit) @1191   16 years joshe Eliminate magic numbers for tracker address length.
(edit) @1188   16 years livings124 use random offset for unreachable trackers
(edit) @1187   16 years livings124 randomize announce within a minute for the normal announce
(edit) @1186   16 years livings124 display error message in the inspector
(edit) @1185   16 years livings124 ability to store warning message
(edit) @1182   16 years livings124 small changes to branch
(edit) @1181   16 years livings124 fixed some formatting
(edit) @1180   16 years livings124 better logging
(edit) @1179   16 years livings124 small tracker cleanup
(edit) @1178   16 years livings124 show "http" in announce string in inspector
(edit) @1177   16 years livings124 get rid of some warnings/errors
(edit) @1176   16 years livings124 small change to message output text
(edit) @1175   16 years joshe Remove some unised variables.
(edit) @1174   16 years joshe Catch up with announce info relocation.
(edit) @1173   16 years livings124 rework storage of announce addresses
(edit) @1172   16 years livings124 remove some comments
(edit) @1169   16 years livings124 for-loops are so much cooler than while-loops
(edit) @1168   16 years livings124 let's actually release ALL lists
(edit) @1167   16 years livings124 patch to avoid scraping if response code 4xx is received
(edit) @1166   16 years livings124 release announce list when removing torrent
(edit) @1165   16 years livings124 a little extra logging
(edit) @1164   16 years livings124 reset scrape values when changing tracker
(edit) @1163   16 years livings124 locking a locked lock is silly and now T supports announce-lists …
(edit) @1162   16 years livings124 small oversite when no announce-list
(edit) @1161   16 years livings124 use array of pointers for the addresses
(edit) @1160   16 years livings124 tracker should be set when added rather than when started
(edit) @1159   16 years livings124 Always use the first item in the sublist as the announce (avoids using …
(edit) @1158   16 years livings124 logic fix
(edit) @1157   16 years livings124 double addition
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