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(edit) @2909   14 years joshe Add command-line option to the daemon for using a pidfile. Properly …
(edit) @2906   14 years charles sync the 0.81 announcement from trunk
(edit) @2905   14 years livings124 update news with date
(edit) @2903   14 years livings124 update version info
(edit) @2900   14 years livings124 (0.8x) Italian pref typo fix from Conte Zero
(edit) @2896   14 years charles (0.8x) fix Nan error reported by persept
(edit) @2894   14 years charles (0.8x) modify name in GTK desktop file to follow Linux usability guidelines
(edit) @2892   14 years livings124 (0.8x) update news a bit more
(edit) @2890   14 years charles (0.8x) backport r2872's leak fix for 0.81. update the NEWS file.
(edit) @2862   14 years charles improve cli-driven torrent creation. (Danez, #309 & #310)
(edit) @2855   14 years charles (0.8x) added slovakian translation by Mirek
(edit) @2839   14 years charles (0.8x) tyop fix for Linux
(edit) @2823   14 years livings124 (0.8x) update credits
(edit) @2779   14 years livings124 (0.8x) add updated Russian localization
(edit) @2778   14 years livings124 (trunk) remove Russian localization
(edit) @2774   14 years livings124 fix a problem when adding multiple torrents with "always ask" enabled
(edit) @2759   14 years livings124 (0.8x) missed one
(edit) @2758   14 years livings124 (0.8x) when automatically opening a newly created torrent file, don't …
(edit) @2753   14 years charles (0.8x) revert yesterday's tracker changes.
(edit) @2736   14 years charles (0.8x) fix accidentally-swapped switch cases
(edit) @2734   14 years charles (0.8x) dead code removal. (ticket #286)
(edit) @2733   14 years charles (0.8x) make torrent creation's piece size more flexible. (ticket #293
(edit) @2728   14 years livings124 fix bug where downloads would not be added when dragging the url onto …
(edit) @2714   14 years livings124 (branch) identify a client's peer id correctly
(edit) @2707   14 years livings124 (branch) add new Russian translations
(edit) @2706   14 years livings124 (branch) remove some Russian translations
(edit) @2703   14 years charles (0.8x) updated gtk+ fr translation
(edit) @2695   14 years charles utf8ize the Dutch translation
(edit) @2694   14 years charles (0.8x) update the gtk+ translator list
(edit) @2692   14 years charles (0.8x) updated Dutch translation by Jan Geboers
(edit) @2689   14 years charles (0.8x) adding Portuguese translation by Filipe Gomes
(edit) @2688   14 years charles (0.8x) added Portugese translation by Raphael Higino
(edit) @2685   14 years charles (0.8x) minor tweak to gracefully handle leading spaces in the announce …
(edit) @2684   14 years charles (0.8x) portability patch for MAXPATHLEN. Reported by afxgroup in …
(edit) @2681   14 years charles (0.8x) * updated French translation by Jean-François Fortin Tam. * …
(edit) @2667   14 years livings124 swap upload and download in Spanish prefs
(edit) @2664   14 years charles (0.8x) fix getopt error that made "transmissioncli -n" fail. …
(edit) @2661   14 years charles (0.8x) get gtk+ client building properly on older compilers. …
(edit) @2659   14 years charles (0.8x) rewrite peerCheck code based on comments from mtolman in …
(edit) @2658   14 years charles (0.8x) fix assertion failure reported by kdrweez in …
(edit) @2650   14 years charles (0.8x) fix assertion bug in torrent.c::fileByteCompleted()
(edit) @2647   14 years livings124 update news date
(edit) @2646   14 years livings124 Create a branch for 0.8x releases
(edit) @2150   15 years livings124 remove the file selection branch now that it's merged
(edit) @2148   15 years charles haha
(edit) @2147   15 years charles fix zero-size file bug reported by BMW
(edit) @2146   15 years livings124 don't allow torrent files to be created if a file with the same name …
(edit) @2145   15 years livings124 don't allow creating torrents with no url
(edit) @2144   15 years charles if at first you don't succeed, try try again
(edit) @2143   15 years charles * fix 'piece size is always 1MB on 32 bit machines' bug. * fix label …
(edit) @2142   15 years livings124 updated help file from jah
(edit) @2141   15 years livings124 avoid a crash by storing if the torrent should be auto-opened when created
(edit) @2140   15 years livings124 add a check box for opening torrent files in the app
(edit) @2139   15 years livings124 open newly created files when created
(edit) @2138   15 years charles * when re-queueing an aborted builder, zero out its 'done' and …
(edit) @2137   15 years livings124 when dragging a non-torrent file onto the window, display an overlay …
(edit) @2136   15 years livings124 initialize the overlay window when it is first needed instead of at launch
(edit) @2135   15 years charles better directory walking. (Lacrocivious)
(edit) @2134   15 years livings124 small update to news
(edit) @2132   15 years charles clarify the license as per BMW's suggestion
(edit) @2131   15 years charles * if user aborts, don't physically create the torrent file. (thx BMW) …
(edit) @2130   15 years livings124 instead of a sheet when creating the torrent file, turn the whole …
(edit) @2129   15 years livings124 show the document icon for the torrent file instead of the directory icon
(edit) @2128   15 years livings124 update the "won't download this section" progress bar color
(edit) @2127   15 years livings124 updated help from jah
(edit) @2126   15 years livings124 update news a bit more
(edit) @2125   15 years charles Clearer summary
(edit) @2124   15 years charles license the files I wrote under the creative commons …
(edit) @2123   15 years livings124 fix a crash when canceling the creation
(edit) @2122   15 years charles add info on piece count and size to the "create torrent" dialog
(edit) @2121   15 years charles * gtk: fix another special case bug. * cli: sync to libT changes wrt …
(edit) @2120   15 years livings124 another typo fix
(edit) @2119   15 years livings124 this shouldn't have been commented out
(edit) @2118   15 years charles fix another crash-on-abort
(edit) @2117   15 years livings124 small adjustments here and there to torrent creation
(edit) @2116   15 years charles put a NULL ptr check in tr_metaBuilderFree()
(edit) @2115   15 years charles rename gtk/make-meta-ui.[ch] as gtk/makemeta-ui.[ch]
(edit) @2114   15 years charles * fix memory leaks in makemeta * faster hashing of files * more gui …
(edit) @2113   15 years livings124 cancel while torrent is being created now works
(edit) @2112   15 years charles * don't crash on abort * more work on the gtk+ 'create torrent' dialog.
(edit) @2111   15 years livings124 icon for torrent creation and some cleanup
(edit) @2110   15 years livings124 get torrent creation window working a bit more, show a progress bar …
(edit) @2109   15 years charles Get progress updates working in makemeta.c. More polishing on the …
(edit) @2108   15 years livings124 get the basics of file creation working, some better error checking, …
(edit) @2107   15 years charles let libT handle all the makemeta worker thread stuff. (and make BMW …
(edit) @2106   15 years livings124 get compiling again (tho torrent creation will crash)
(edit) @2105   15 years charles fix oops
(edit) @2104   15 years charles tighten things up a little to address bmw's complaints and mine
(edit) @2103   15 years charles another work-in-progress commit to touch base with BMW. The backend …
(edit) @2102   15 years livings124 add the ability to change the torrent name
(edit) @2101   15 years livings124 forgot to commit this
(edit) @2100   15 years livings124 merge in what I have for torrent creation...not guaranteed to not …
(edit) @2099   15 years charles handle BMW's freaky torture test of trying to make .torrent files with …
(edit) @2098   15 years charles debugging messages for BMW's crash
(edit) @2097   15 years charles more rough work on makemeta. not stable yet.
(edit) @2096   15 years charles fix oops
(edit) @2095   15 years charles add single-file flag for BMW
(edit) @2094   15 years charles consistency
(edit) @2093   15 years charles more progress on the makemeta backend.
(edit) @2092   15 years livings124 appears less crashy and better at queueing
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