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(edit) @480   16 years titer 0.6.1
(edit) @477   16 years joshe Merge 476 from trunk: Add keywords.
(edit) @475   16 years joshe Merge 474 from trunk: Add translators section to AUTHORS.
(edit) @473   16 years joshe Merge from trunk: 444 - Update italian translation. 468 - Fix …
(edit) @471   16 years titer Backport of [442]
(edit) @470   16 years titer Backport of [445] (partly), [466], [468], [469]
(edit) @460   16 years titer Adds 0.6 branch for bugfix release(s)
(edit) @321   16 years joshe This branch isn't needed anymore.
(edit) @306   16 years livings124 Context menus shouldn't have keyboard shortcuts. I should learn to …
(edit) @305   16 years livings124
(edit) @304   16 years livings124 A little less wordy.
(edit) @303   16 years livings124 Small fix for pull-down menu.
(edit) @302   16 years livings124 Changed some phrasing and added a little disclaimer.
(edit) @300   16 years livings124 Changed around Remove menu items a bit. These might need to be changed …
(edit) @299   16 years livings124 As far as I can see this is now working. Some cosmetic touchups are …
(edit) @298   16 years joshe Ok, I didn't test tr_mkdir() in the other place it was used. Fix it there.
(edit) @297   16 years joshe Fix tr_mkdir() again, this time I actually tested so I know it works.
(edit) @296   16 years joshe Remember when I said I fixed tr_mkdir() before and made a comment …
(edit) @295   16 years livings124 trying to get it to work
(edit) @294   16 years joshe Re-commit rev 291, in the right place this time.
(edit) @293   16 years joshe Oops, fix the new tr_mkdir() function to actually work. Testing is …
(edit) @292   16 years joshe Revert the last commit, it wasn't supposed to go on the trunk.
(edit) @291   16 years livings124 Initial support of moving torrent files in Mac version. Some things …
(edit) @290   16 years joshe Fix typo.
(edit) @289   16 years joshe Create any needed parent directories for the prefs, cache, and …
(edit) @288   16 years joshe Add a couple of cross-platform functions for finding a location for …
(edit) @282   16 years joshe Update the GTK, MacOS, and cli frontends to compile again. BeOS …
(edit) @281   16 years joshe Add libtransmission support for saving private copies of torrent files.
(edit) @280   16 years joshe Add a branch for work on saving a private copy of torrent files. This …
(edit) @279   16 years joshe Oops. Apparently I don't know how to use subversion today. Delete the …
(edit) @278   16 years joshe Add a branch for work on saving a private copy of torrent files.
(edit) @258   16 years joshe Remove a branch which has served it's purpose.
(edit) @229   16 years joshe Don't require a "peers" field in the response to a stopped event.
(edit) @225   16 years titer
(edit) @224   16 years titer Make a difference whether the tracker is unreachable or the tracker …
(edit) @223   16 years titer The dictionary can start with any field
(edit) @222   16 years titer Merge 84:221 from trunk
(edit) @221   16 years titer Removed unused branch
(edit) @220   16 years titer Removed unused branch
(edit) @190   16 years titer More for BeOS
(edit) @189   16 years titer Adds BeOS makefile
(edit) @188   16 years titer Only build the GTK interface if enabled
(edit) @187   16 years titer Now use Makefile's configure
(edit) @186   16 years titer Removed Jam's configure
(edit) @185   16 years titer Adds Makefile for GTK interface
(edit) @184   16 years titer makefile just calls Xcode on OS X
(edit) @183   16 years titer Fixed paths, added transmissioncli
(edit) @182   16 years titer Moved Xcode project in the root folder, we'll use it to build …
(edit) @181   16 years titer merge -r172:180 from trunk
(edit) @178   16 years titer Use white text for the highlighted row only on >= 10.3 (background of …
(edit) @177   16 years titer Now runs on Jaguar
(edit) @176   16 years titer Dynamic checks for whether NSToolbar supports item selection
(edit) @175   16 years titer Build with the 10.2.8 SDK on PPC. Had to comment a few 10.3-specific …
(edit) @174   16 years titer Clean up the XCode project
(edit) @173   16 years titer Import libtransmission in the Xcode project
(edit) @172   16 years titer Adds branch for changes towards 10.2 compatibility
(edit) @161   16 years joshe Update the GTK code for the new API. Use a new scheme for handling …
(edit) @160   16 years titer Fixes crash when the first torrent is removed
(edit) @159   16 years titer Fixed removal of torrents
(edit) @158   16 years titer Quick 'n dirty fix so incoming connections work again
(edit) @157   16 years titer Optimized buildAdvancedBar a bit
(edit) @156   16 years titer Added [NSString stringWithInt:] for convenience. UI cosmetic: bigger …
(edit) @155   16 years titer Fixes pause/resume button, adds a more standard way of clicking items …
(edit) @154   16 years titer Fixes history with no torrents, always remove ellipis to menu items if …
(edit) @153   16 years titer Simplifies removing torrents code
(edit) @152   16 years titer Fixed MacIntel? display bug
(edit) @151   16 years titer Moved 'reveal in finder' to the Torrent class, and do it in a …
(edit) @150   16 years titer Started to restore the start/resume/reveal buttons
(edit) @149   16 years titer Fixed Alt-Click to switch to Advanced Bar
(edit) @148   16 years titer OS X design changes: merged the two cells into one
(edit) @147   16 years titer Added tr_torrentIterate
(edit) @146   16 years titer Progress bar fix
(edit) @145   16 years titer Fixed warning when quitting with active torrents. Fixed menu and …
(edit) @144   16 years titer Fixing the progress cell. The progress also is resizable now.
(edit) @143   16 years titer Fixed text color
(edit) @142   16 years titer Fixing
(edit) @141   16 years titer First pass at updating the OS X interface (still doesn't work yet)
(edit) @140   16 years titer Adds tr_torrentAvailability for the advanced progress bar (also, now …
(edit) @139   16 years titer Seperates status and error in tr_stat_t.
(edit) @138   16 years titer Adds an error feedback for tr_torrentInit. Adds tr_torrentInfo along …
(edit) @137   16 years titer Adds a permanent handle for every torrent. Removed the limit on the …
(edit) @136   16 years titer Add a branch for the new API
(edit) @105   17 years joshe This branch isn't needed anymore.
(edit) @101   17 years joshe Remove this branch, it has been merged.
(edit) @84   17 years joshe Add a branch with some simple tracker http parsing code. Also, treat a …
(edit) @83   17 years joshe Whoops, forgot to add this with the fastresume stuff.
(edit) @82   17 years joshe Add a branch for the new version 1 fastresume format.
(edit) @77   17 years joshe Add internationalization support.
(edit) @73   17 years joshe Merge rev 68:72 from trunk.
(edit) @71   17 years joshe Rename this branch as it doesn't have anything to do with the …
(edit) @69   17 years joshe Merge from trunk up to rev 68.
(edit) @50   17 years joshe Use toolbar icons that are a little more appropriate.
(edit) @49   17 years joshe Many small usability improvements. Remove an ugly wart in the conf api.
(edit) @48   17 years joshe Add my TODO list and add generated binaries to the ignore properties.
(edit) @47   17 years joshe Oh hey, how about I seek to the beginning of the file before reading …
(edit) @46   17 years joshe Add backwards compatibility to read version 0 resume files.
(edit) @45   17 years joshe Bump the resume file format and use it to save download and upload totals.
(edit) @44   17 years joshe Do some basic HTTP header parsing to check for 2xx response code. …
(edit) @43   17 years joshe Remove debugging output.
(edit) @42   17 years joshe Whoops, use the empty stop response workaround when changing ports …
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