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(edit) @77   16 years joshe Add internationalization support.
(edit) @73   16 years joshe Merge rev 68:72 from trunk.
(edit) @71   16 years joshe Rename this branch as it doesn't have anything to do with the …
(edit) @69   16 years joshe Merge from trunk up to rev 68.
(edit) @50   16 years joshe Use toolbar icons that are a little more appropriate.
(edit) @49   16 years joshe Many small usability improvements. Remove an ugly wart in the conf api.
(edit) @48   16 years joshe Add my TODO list and add generated binaries to the ignore properties.
(edit) @47   16 years joshe Oh hey, how about I seek to the beginning of the file before reading …
(edit) @46   16 years joshe Add backwards compatibility to read version 0 resume files.
(edit) @45   16 years joshe Bump the resume file format and use it to save download and upload totals.
(edit) @44   16 years joshe Do some basic HTTP header parsing to check for 2xx response code. …
(edit) @43   16 years joshe Remove debugging output.
(edit) @42   16 years joshe Whoops, use the empty stop response workaround when changing ports …
(edit) @41   16 years joshe Workaround for trackers that send an empty response to a stop event. …
(edit) @40   16 years joshe More random debug stuff, also actually change the port right away via …
(edit) @39   16 years joshe Add some untested code to change update the tracker when the listening …
(edit) @33   16 years joshe Add branch to finish shared port work.
(add) @1   16 years root Import from 2005-10-26
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