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(edit) @14736   21 months mikedld Reduce torrents model memory requirements (Qt client) Keep torrents …
(edit) @14735   21 months mikedld Bump minimum Qt version to 4.8 Earlier versions may continue to work, …
(edit) @14734   21 months mikedld #6071: Fix typo in comment
(edit) @14733   21 months mikedld #5921: Use libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon (original patches …
(edit) @14732   21 months mikedld Refactor RPC requests code for proper queueing (patch by intelfx @ …
(edit) @14731   22 months mikedld Web UI: main() refactoring (patch by skybon @ GH-9) Less jQuery, more …
(edit) @14730   22 months mikedld Fork 3rd-party libraries on GitHub?
(edit) @14729   22 months mikedld Try getting SVN revision from Jenkins environment when using CMake …
(edit) @14728   22 months mikedld Only include .msi-related CMake stuff when it makes sense
(edit) @14727   22 months mikedld Add files necessary for .msi packages creation on Windows
(edit) @14726   22 months jordan crypto.h and crypto-utils.h can't use #pragma once, it breaks our name …
(edit) @14725   22 months jordan maybe fix double-include of crypto.h / crypto-utils.h in crypto-test
(edit) @14724   22 months jordan use '#pragma once' instead of #ifndef..#define..#endif guards
(edit) @14723   22 months jordan fix bad TR_DEPRECATED macro on clang :P
(edit) @14722   22 months jordan give a useful definition of TR_DEPRECATED on msvc as well
(edit) @14721   22 months jordan fix a handful of minor compiler warnings, mostly in the unit tests, eg …
(edit) @14720   22 months mikedld Only grow filter input up to 250px width, then stick to the right
(edit) @14719   22 months mikedld Fix dropping .torrent files into main window on Windows Previously …
(edit) @14718   23 months mikedld Explicitly compare result of str(n)cmp/memcmp to signify that it's not …
(edit) @14717   23 months mikedld Handle potential dirname/basename errors where needed
(edit) @14716   23 months mikedld #6089: Beautified JavaScript? (patch by skybon)
(edit) @14715   23 months mikedld Bump to 2.92+
(edit) @14713   23 months mikedld Update NEWS, bump to 2.92
(edit) @14712   23 months mikedld Attempt to remove OSX.KeRanger?.A for unlucky users…
(edit) @14710   23 months mikedld Bump to 2.91
(edit) @14709   23 months mikedld Update NEWS
(edit) @14708   23 months mikedld Update NEWS
(edit) @14707   23 months mikedld #5743: Use -rad as short form of --remove-and-delete
(edit) @14706   23 months mikedld Fix constraints issues on Yosemite when hiding web seed view (OS X)
(edit) @14705   23 months mikedld #6078: Show main window and scroll to torrent on notification click
(edit) @14704   23 months mikedld #6077: Add --blocklist-update to transmission-remote man page
(edit) @14703   23 months mikedld #6083: Remove what looks like unintended changes (added in r14343) …
(edit) @14702   23 months mikedld Fix copyright year in Win32 resources
(edit) @14701   23 months mikedld #6079: Fix miniupnpc script to handle spaces and other special chars …
(edit) @14700   23 months mikedld Fix building for Win32/x86 (wrong callback calling convention)
(edit) @14699   23 months mikedld Prevent crash during group rules removal in some cases (OS X) The …
(edit) @14698   23 months mikedld Fix existing Qt client instance detection and torrents delegation
(edit) @14697   23 months mikedld Include Windows patches into source archive, otherwise CMake build fails
(edit) @14696   23 months mikedld Bump to 2.90+
(edit) @14694   23 months mikedld Update NEWS
(edit) @14691   23 months mikedld Bump version to 2.90
(edit) @14690   23 months mikedld Sync translations with Transifex
(edit) @14689   23 months mikedld Update user-facing copyright years
(edit) @14688   23 months mikedld Update NEWS
(edit) @14687   23 months mikedld #6061: Change Sparkle Update URL to use HTTPS instead of HTTP
(edit) @14686   23 months mikedld Use autolayout for about and license windows (OS X)
(edit) @14685   23 months mikedld Use autolayout for torrent info window (OS X)
(edit) @14684   23 months mikedld Use autolayout for group rules window, take two (OS X)
(edit) @14683   23 months mikedld Use autolayout for group rules window (OS X)
(edit) @14682   2 years mikedld Fix warning for when 2nd iconv() argument is const
(edit) @14681   2 years mikedld Load icons with GResource, remove deprecated inline pixbufs
(edit) @14680   2 years mikedld Define HAVE_ICONV instead of HAVE_ICONV_OPEN when CMake is used
(edit) @14679   2 years mikedld Only depend on iconv if found
(edit) @14678   2 years mikedld Check for iconv() instead of iconv_open(), adjust utils test
(edit) @14677   2 years mikedld #6064: Add test cases which exhibit the issue
(edit) @14676   2 years mikedld #6064: Merge ConvertUTF.c fixes from LLVM (?)
(edit) @14675   2 years mikedld Add hidden "watch-dir-force-generic" setting handling to daemon
(edit) @14674   2 years mikedld Make it possible to force generic watchdir implementation in runtime
(edit) @14673   2 years mikedld Fix Turkish translation for high/normal/low priority in Add Magnet window
(edit) @14672   2 years mikedld Use autolayout for Add Magnet window (OS X)
(edit) @14671   2 years mikedld Disable format warnings when building with MinGW
(edit) @14670   2 years mikedld #6051: transmission-gtk --version shouldn't require display
(edit) @14669   2 years mikedld Add bitfield test for has all/none
(edit) @14668   2 years mikedld Apply most of recommended project changes (OS X)
(edit) @14667   2 years mikedld Get rid of some more deprecation warnings (OS X)
(edit) @14666   2 years mikedld Use TR_BAD_SIZE instead of -1 in tr_quark_new() calls Extend …
(edit) @14665   2 years mikedld #6050: Get rid of calls to deprecated convertScreenToBase: API (patch …
(edit) @14664   2 years mikedld #6048: Improve error checking on metadata retrieval
(edit) @14663   2 years mikedld #5737: Retry if RPC server fails to bind to specified address
(edit) @14662   2 years mikedld #6042: Remove dead code now that we build for OS X 10.7+ (patch by …
(edit) @14661   2 years mikedld Add tests in such a way that target name is expanded (CMake)
(edit) @14660   2 years mikedld #5663: Autotools fixes: proper kqueue check, macro definitions
(edit) @14659   2 years mikedld Don't build transmission-cli by default (suggested by geirha)
(edit) @14658   2 years mikedld Improve file test modification time checks
(edit) @14657   2 years mikedld Uncomment error prefixing tests
(edit) @14656   2 years mikedld #5974: Torrents queued should be able to "Resume Now" (patch by JJTagy)
(edit) @14655   2 years mikedld Update NEWS
(edit) @14654   2 years mikedld #6046: Fix grammatical mistake in German translation (spotted by geos2016)
(edit) @14653   2 years mikedld Fix line endings on last commit
(edit) @14652   2 years mikedld #5663: Emulate GetOverlappedResultEx on Windows Vista/7
(edit) @14651   2 years mikedld #5663: Rework directory watching in daemon Implement BSD/Darwin …
(edit) @14650   2 years mikedld #5407: In tr_peerMgrGetDesiredAvailable(), check if swarm is running …
(edit) @14649   2 years mikedld #5891: Move UDP shutdown timer setup to sessionCloseImplStart
(edit) @14648   2 years mikedld #5891: Fix crash on session shutdown (evdns_getaddrinfo_cancel)
(edit) @14647   2 years mikedld Fix MinGW build (still produces lots of useless warnings though)
(edit) @14646   2 years mikedld Loosen bitfield assertions to account for unknown bit counts
(edit) @14645   2 years mikedld On second thought, bring back stdbool.h check back Might be useful …
(edit) @14644   2 years mikedld Remove useless checks and definitions (C99) Now that MSVC support for …
(edit) @14643   2 years mikedld Always add all source files to targets Mark files which shouldn't be …
(edit) @14642   2 years mikedld Would you please die already, nasty chdir warning…
(edit) @14641   2 years mikedld Get rid of some more warnings
(edit) @14640   2 years mikedld Get rid of some more warnings
(edit) @14639   2 years mikedld Optimize URL-parsing functions a bit; rewrite tr_urlParse()
(edit) @14638   2 years mikedld #6041: Use AppKit? status light icons (patch by mattrajca)
(edit) @14637   2 years mikedld Fix bitfield bit removal, add more asserts, extend unit test
(edit) @14636   2 years mikedld #5963: Fix two more places where int is used in boolean context
(edit) @14635   2 years mikedld #6037: Fix global options popover layout (patch by mattrajca, with …
(edit) @14634   2 years mikedld Ongoing refactoring (use size_t instead of int)
(edit) @14633   2 years mikedld Ongoing refactoring (use size_t instead of int)
(edit) @14632   2 years mikedld Revert r14501
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