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(edit) @14219   3 years livings124 #5533 Turkish localization
(edit) @13973   4 years jordan add Mnemosyne LLC; plus add copyediting
(edit) @13972   4 years jordan move kjg from the Lead section to Contributors
(edit) @13971   4 years jordan In the Third-Party Resources section, remove libsexy (since we don't …
(edit) @13804   4 years livings124 #5223 Use VDKQueue for watching for torrent files
(edit) @13338   5 years livings124 #4749 Add the Retina 2x images, and the updated 1x images, provided by …
(edit) @13299   5 years livings124 Add Danish localization
(edit) @12436   6 years livings124 add Bruno Bierbaumer to Authors & Credits
(edit) @12235   6 years jordan add Andreas Nilsson to the credits
(edit) @11626   6 years jordan (trunk) update credits
(edit) @11377   6 years livings124 update AUTHORS and Credits with my LLC info
(edit) @11352   6 years livings124 #3669 Streamline the bottom-left buttons, removing the button borders …
(edit) @11019   7 years livings124 (trunk) tweak AUTHORS
(edit) @10925   7 years charles Update the AUTHORS file (BentMyWookie?: ping, the .rtf file needs to …
(edit) @10784   7 years charles (trunk) fix Sérgio Miranda's name
(edit) @10777   7 years livings124 update AUTHORS and Credits
(edit) @10776   7 years Longinus00 update AUTHORS
(edit) @10768   7 years jclay Update AUTHORS/Credits & Help
(edit) @10715   7 years livings124 new localization European Portuguese
(edit) @10000   7 years titer Update my email address Happy r10000 and kudos to charles, livings and …
(edit) @9966   7 years livings124 by request, remove from credits
(edit) @9912   7 years livings124 remove Turkish localization - the translator is MIA
(edit) @9824   7 years livings124 add Simplified Chinese localization
(edit) @9776   7 years charles give jch more credit
(edit) @9743   7 years livings124 German localization
(edit) @8513   8 years kjg (trunk) update AUTHORS
(edit) @8433   8 years charles (trunk) #7: DHT support. This is a work in progress... no gui/rpc …
(edit) @8270   8 years livings124 update Portuguese localization
(edit) @8106   8 years jhujhiti remove my e-mail address from AUTHORS
(edit) @7640   8 years livings124 make credits match authors
(edit) @7638   8 years Gimp my bike shed is colored with an "L".
(edit) @7637   8 years charles (trunk) what color is your bike shed?
(edit) @7636   8 years charles (trunk) try to give credit where it's due. if anyone got left out, …
(edit) @7635   8 years jhujhiti add myself to AUTHORS
(edit) @7174   8 years Gimp Adding my email beside my name.
(edit) @6969   8 years charles fix tab damage
(edit) @6478   9 years livings124 change "Former" to "Previous"
(edit) @6477   9 years livings124 update Credits to match AUTHORS
(edit) @6476   9 years charles Update the AUTHORS credits to include the Clutch devs
(edit) @6399   9 years livings124 new Turkish localization
(edit) @6323   9 years charles Update NEWS file to say the Clutch rewrite's been folded into Transmission.
(edit) @6094   9 years livings124 update email addresses; make links clickable in the Mac about box
(edit) @5472   9 years livings124 (trunk) Traditional Chinese localization
(edit) @5323   9 years livings124 update credits; trivial code changes
(edit) @4424   9 years livings124 adjust credits
(edit) @4415   9 years livings124 "update" credits
(edit) @4382   9 years livings124 update the url to
(edit) @4334   9 years charles add the man who calls himself "John Clay" to the credits too. Merry …
(edit) @4332   9 years charles Add SoftwareElves? to AUTHORS to acknowledge his work on IPC
(edit) @4304   9 years charles (gtk+) first cut of a filter bar
(edit) @4096   9 years livings124 update news and credits; put file name and line number in inspector …
(edit) @4075   9 years livings124 take out accidentally committed code; update credits
(edit) @4017   9 years livings124 updated toolbar images from Rick Patrick of Second Gear fame
(edit) @3733   9 years livings124 update news/credits to mention MiniUPnP
(edit) @3522   9 years livings124 trunk: Add Dutch Sparkle localization and update news for news/authors …
(edit) @3505   9 years charles Update the credits
(edit) @3438   9 years livings124 fix regression where N/A is shown when leechers, seeders, or completed …
(edit) @3415   9 years livings124 add Spanish translation for 0.9x
(edit) @3353   9 years charles minor tweaks: (1) list None' instead of 0 b' for zero bytes, such as …
(edit) @3343   9 years livings124 commit some preliminary inspector images
(edit) @2853   10 years charles added mirek's slovakian translation. added mirek, Niels Provos, and …
(edit) @2822   10 years livings124 update credits
(edit) @2697   10 years livings124 patch from Nick Shanks to improve the filter bar
(edit) @2693   10 years charles (trunk) update the gtk+ translator list
(edit) @2638   10 years livings124 add French translation by tiennou
(edit) @2595   10 years livings124 remove translations from credits that I predict won't make it into .8
(edit) @2561   10 years livings124 add Russian translation by Anton Sotkov
(edit) @2549   10 years charles Get BeOS client building on Zeta 1.21 thanks to patches by Fredrik Modéen
(edit) @2548   10 years livings124 add italian localization
(edit) @2543   10 years charles Add Jan Geboers as Dutch translator of gtk+ client
(edit) @2540   10 years livings124 add Korean translation from Jaewoo Chung
(edit) @2470   10 years livings124 adjust about window and credits a little bit
(edit) @2457   10 years livings124 new about window and updated credits file, inspired by adium's
(edit) @2384   10 years livings124 when it's time to change, you have to rearrange
(edit) @2383   10 years livings124 images for priorities, courtesy of BigBossman?
(edit) @2262   10 years livings124 Don't make other actions rely on dealloc being's not …
(edit) @2244   10 years livings124 awesome Globe icon (Glow|be) from Jonas Rask
(edit) @2000   10 years charles trivial commit to test new svn account
(edit) @1750   10 years joshe Merge daemon branch to trunk.
(edit) @1737   10 years joshe Add finnish gtk translation.
(edit) @1726   10 years livings124 German Mac translation
(edit) @1717   10 years livings124 add Spanish translation and de-localize the credits, now with all the …
(edit) @1709   10 years livings124 add Greek translation
(edit) @1698   10 years livings124 update Authors and Credits
(edit) @1695   10 years joshe Update french translation.
(edit) @1689   10 years joshe Update russian translation.
(edit) @1684   10 years joshe Use UTF-8 here.
(edit) @1670   10 years livings124 this character wasn't appearing correctly...maybe it's just me, though
(edit) @1669   10 years livings124 French Mac OS X translation from cluthi
(edit) @1495   10 years joshe New swedish translation.
(edit) @1469   10 years joshe Add swedish translation from ticket #2
(edit) @1342   10 years livings124 a little less redundant checking of global bandwidth, and added myself …
(edit) @1022   10 years joshe Add Romanian translation.
(edit) @1020   10 years joshe Update for Bulgarian translation.
(edit) @1011   10 years livings124 New toolbar icons from Van Hugo.
(edit) @977   10 years livings124 New icon!
(edit) @739   11 years joshe Add russian translation.
(edit) @738   11 years joshe Add polish translation. My apologies to Tomasz for forgetting this …
(edit) @666   11 years livings124 New awesome help by jah.
(edit) @620   11 years titer Revert [619]
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