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(edit) @14735   22 months mikedld Bump minimum Qt version to 4.8 Earlier versions may continue to work, …
(edit) @14733   22 months mikedld #5921: Use libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon (original patches …
(edit) @14730   23 months mikedld Fork 3rd-party libraries on GitHub?
(edit) @14729   23 months mikedld Try getting SVN revision from Jenkins environment when using CMake …
(edit) @14728   23 months mikedld Only include .msi-related CMake stuff when it makes sense
(edit) @14727   23 months mikedld Add files necessary for .msi packages creation on Windows
(edit) @14715   2 years mikedld Bump to 2.92+
(edit) @14713   2 years mikedld Update NEWS, bump to 2.92
(edit) @14710   2 years mikedld Bump to 2.91
(edit) @14696   2 years mikedld Bump to 2.90+
(edit) @14691   2 years mikedld Bump version to 2.90
(edit) @14682   2 years mikedld Fix warning for when 2nd iconv() argument is const
(edit) @14680   2 years mikedld Define HAVE_ICONV instead of HAVE_ICONV_OPEN when CMake is used
(edit) @14678   2 years mikedld Check for iconv() instead of iconv_open(), adjust utils test
(edit) @14671   2 years mikedld Disable format warnings when building with MinGW
(edit) @14647   2 years mikedld Fix MinGW build (still produces lots of useless warnings though)
(edit) @14645   2 years mikedld On second thought, bring back stdbool.h check back Might be useful …
(edit) @14644   2 years mikedld Remove useless checks and definitions (C99) Now that MSVC support for …
(edit) @14625   2 years mikedld Move DBus/COM checks up to where Qt is being searched for
(edit) @14624   2 years mikedld Add ActiveQt?-based COM interop helper
(edit) @14622   2 years mikedld Bump CMake to 2.8.12, rework Qt use a little
(edit) @14598   2 years mikedld Add the rest of current Windows-related third-party patches
(edit) @14596   2 years mikedld Don't install files for web UI when using CMake
(edit) @14575   2 years mikedld #6005: Bump minimum OpenSSL version to 0.9.7, fix build for versions …
(edit) @14555   3 years mikedld Use CMake-provided C/C++ standard selection capabilities; fix build …
(edit) @14536   3 years mikedld Bump DHT version used in CMake scripts (includes latest Win32 fixes)
(edit) @14534   3 years mikedld #5851: Don't use _configthreadlocale if not provided by CRT (even if …
(edit) @14533   3 years mikedld #5851: Use per-thread locale setup if possible This prevents crashes …
(edit) @14515   3 years mikedld #5934: Generate REVISION file and use it in case of missing reliable source
(edit) @14514   3 years mikedld Bump natpmp revision to include latest Win32 fixes
(edit) @14513   3 years mikedld Define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN and NOMINMAX for our own code only
(edit) @14505   3 years mikedld Bump miniupnpc revision to fix MINIUPNP_STATICLIB macro definition
(edit) @14496   3 years mikedld Add version info to executables (on Windows). Group projects into …
(edit) @14484   3 years mikedld Add patch from #5002 (r13646) to fix crash in libutp for CMake-based builds
(edit) @14474   3 years mikedld Fix libb64 unsigned char issues while waiting for upstream to accept …
(edit) @14472   3 years mikedld Define one of LFS macros instead of using xxx64 functions directly. …
(edit) @14471   3 years mikedld Use lseek64 instead of lseek, if available (large files on 32-bit systems)
(edit) @14451   3 years mikedld Bump libevent version used by CMake to 2.0.22-stable
(edit) @14443   3 years mikedld Lower minimum PolarSSL version required down to 1.2
(edit) @14441   3 years mikedld Add PolarSSL support
(edit) @14437   3 years mikedld #4400: Do not require OpenSSL anymore
(edit) @14436   3 years mikedld #4400: Add CyaSSL support
(edit) @14422   3 years mikedld Use libb64 instead of OpenSSL to encode/decode BASE64 Some crypto …
(edit) @14390   3 years mikedld Improve cross-compilation support when using CMake
(edit) @14383   3 years mikedld Don't mess with MinGW printf support for now (tricky)
(edit) @14371   3 years mikedld Fix utils test; move -Winline to C-only flags (it only harms C++)
(edit) @14370   3 years mikedld Fix a couple of ordinary and pedantic warnings Add previously missing …
(edit) @14364   3 years mikedld Include CTest to enable memcheck
(edit) @14363   3 years mikedld Remove duplicate -Wcast-align flag, add canonicalize_file_name …
(add) @14350   3 years mikedld #5828: Initial CMake build system support
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