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(edit) @8050   13 years charles (trunk web) don't use jquery.dimensions as a separate file anymore; …
(edit) @8042   13 years charles (trunk) remove the wx client
(edit) @7927   13 years livings124 (trunk) fix linux build, part 2
(edit) @7924   13 years livings124 (trunk) fix linux build
(edit) @7233   13 years charles fix the linux build
(edit) @6926   13 years charles fix jquery-dimensions include bug reported by Spry
(edit) @6790   13 years charles (web) by Paweł Golonko 1: fix #1172 part 3 2: fix sort-by-progress …
(edit) @6788   13 years charles (web) add filter icon submitted by Paweł Golonko
(edit) @6713   13 years muks (win32) Don't build daemon on win32 yet
(edit) @6694   13 years charles #1249: fix BSD "make install" issue
(edit) @6539   13 years charles #1196: configure switch --enable-darwin is dubious
(edit) @6530   13 years muks Add to EXTRA_DIST
(edit) @6319   13 years charles (1) add clutch to the tarball. (2) on autoconf-based installs, install …
(edit) @6286   13 years charles fix autoconf `COPYING' file generation
(edit) @5871   14 years charles (rpc) ensure "doc/rpc-spec.txt" is added to the tarball
(edit) @4650   14 years charles #612: more control in ./configure over clients build
(edit) @4407   14 years charles fix #527 (source tarball contains .svn directories)
(edit) @3956   14 years charles Include Transmission.xcodeproj in the tarball (#503)
(edit) @3558   14 years charles remove the old make system, move to macosx/
(edit) @3544   14 years charles bundle the mk/ directory along for mac users
(edit) @3528   14 years charles get "make distcheck" working again
(edit) @3340   14 years charles fix the `transmission.desktop' errors reported by jinzo and Lacrocivious
(edit) @3328   14 years charles make the gtk translation files play nicely with autoconf
(edit) @2796   14 years charles More autoconf work. Added instructions on building Transmission to …
(edit) @2749   14 years charles get libevent building and playing nice with all the other apps
(edit) @2431   14 years charles first baby steps of wx client. currently just a window with menus and …
(edit) @2407   14 years charles fun
(add) @2400   14 years charles part one of moving the build environment over to automake/autoconf. …
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