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(edit) @4629   14 years livings124 update version
(edit) @4448   14 years livings124 update trunk version to 1.00+
(edit) @4443   14 years livings124 update version to 1.00
(edit) @4124   14 years livings124 trunk: get ready for .96
(edit) @4092   14 years charles Use libnatpmp for port mapping. rewrite the upnp/natpmp manager. …
(edit) @4070   14 years livings124 merge 0.95 commit to trunk
(edit) @3968   14 years livings124 update trunk's appcast and version info
(edit) @3802   14 years livings124 update version info and news
(edit) @3731   14 years charles use Thomas Bernard's miniupnp library instead of rolling our own.
(edit) @3729   14 years livings124 fix oops
(edit) @3725   14 years livings124 update to 0.92+
(edit) @3685   14 years charles fix the "./configure --without-gtk" --> "po/Makefile is not ready" …
(edit) @3666   14 years charles "corruption" fix part 3: cleanup. remove unneeded possible points of …
(edit) @3636   14 years charles check to see if the OS needs large file support to be turned on …
(edit) @3632   14 years charles lower openssl's version prerequisite because Lacrocivious' computer is …
(edit) @3626   14 years charles bump trunk to 0.91+
(edit) @3621   14 years charles better openssl detection & support: use openssl's pkg-config file.
(edit) @3606   14 years charles compatability with older C copmilers (ticket #422, patch by fizz)
(edit) @3536   14 years charles don't require the user to have svn installed when building from tarball
(edit) @3528   14 years charles get "make distcheck" working again
(edit) @3523   14 years charles trying to get "make distcheck" to work right
(edit) @3481   14 years charles don't let po/ stop configure when "./ …
(edit) @3370   14 years charles (1) don't build the wx client unless the user tells to. …
(edit) @3335   14 years charles * add intltool macros to make it easier to build from svn. * minor …
(edit) @3328   14 years charles make the gtk translation files play nicely with autoconf
(edit) @3003   14 years livings124 (trunk) update version to 0.82+
(edit) @2918   14 years livings124 update version info
(edit) @2853   14 years charles added mirek's slovakian translation. added mirek, Niels Provos, and …
(edit) @2837   14 years charles * more work on the tracker... getting closer. * oops! make sure …
(edit) @2819   14 years charles try backing out from -Os to -O3 and seeing if that changes anything
(edit) @2813   14 years charles make the build quieter
(edit) @2785   14 years charles more autoconf hacking
(edit) @2768   14 years charles ensure that libevent is built as a static library, not a shared one
(edit) @2762   14 years charles more work on getting our autoconf setup to play nice with libevent
(edit) @2755   14 years charles use optimization level -Os in autoconf too
(edit) @2749   14 years charles get libevent building and playing nice with all the other apps
(edit) @2614   14 years joshe Use BEOS to test for beos instead of relying on the build to set …
(edit) @2589   14 years charles bump autoconf version
(edit) @2576   14 years charles get the socket/net code working on win32 too
(edit) @2569   14 years charles second attempt at getting autoconf to be aware of the macosx directories
(edit) @2567   14 years charles first stab at getting autoconf to know about the macosx hierarchy
(edit) @2551   14 years charles sync the two build systems w.r.t. dirname() and basename()
(edit) @2550   14 years charles add libgen test to
(edit) @2526   14 years charles get both build systems (hand-written configure, and autoconf) to …
(edit) @2434   14 years charles update the configure script's directory list
(edit) @2431   14 years charles first baby steps of wx client. currently just a window with menus and …
(edit) @2422   14 years charles on second glance, there are even more issues that keep us from working …
(edit) @2421   14 years joshe Check for socket and dns library in a better way.
(edit) @2418   14 years joshe A couple autoconf fixes for osx.
(edit) @2417   14 years joshe Add compat code for if daemon() function isn't available.
(edit) @2412   14 years joshe Build on solaris.
(add) @2400   14 years charles part one of moving the build environment over to automake/autoconf. …
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