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(edit) @6329   14 years charles (libT) add proxy port arg as requested by BentMyWookie?
(edit) @6299   14 years charles sync the man pages with the cli/daemon/remote changes
(edit) @6298   14 years charles have daemon and cli use tr-getopt too.
(edit) @6238   14 years charles (daemon) #1047: man page inconsistencies
(edit) @6162   14 years charles unify the daemon and gtk client's config files so that you can easily …
(edit) @6148   14 years charles maybe *now* 1.30 is feature complete: by popular demand, add proxy …
(edit) @6147   14 years charles take out some console test messages that weren't supposed to be …
(edit) @6146   14 years charles #966: allow blocklist support in the daemon. add extra info in the …
(edit) @6120   14 years charles wire up the backend proxy support.
(edit) @6055   14 years charles add authentication support to daemon & remote
(edit) @5913   14 years charles sine we now have two public ports (peer and rpc), rename "publicPort" …
(edit) @5906   14 years charles (rpc) remove TR_RPC_TORRENT_CLOSING. formalize "torrent-list"'s …
(edit) @5857   14 years charles tweak the daemon & remote console messages a little
(edit) @5854   14 years charles minor tweaks.
(edit) @5843   14 years charles RPC/IPC redesign
(edit) @5758   14 years charles silence r5755 compile warning
(edit) @5755   14 years charles #912: Resume file parsed twice on startup#912: Resume file parsed …
(edit) @5646   14 years charles gtk/cli/daemon/remote/proxy: add command-line argument --config-dir / …
(edit) @5167   14 years charles add win32/posix wrapper function tr_lockfile() to libT and use it in …
(edit) @4390   15 years livings124 replace other instances of the old url
(edit) @3401   15 years charles janitorial work for the freeze: (1) finish replacing …
(edit) @2818   15 years joshe Shut down ipc server on fatal signal, not just torrent client.
(edit) @2807   15 years joshe Properly protect pidfile creation and deletion with the lockfile.
(edit) @2784   15 years joshe Unbreak daemon.
(edit) @2783   15 years joshe Fix -p option to be optional. Someone pass the dunce cap over this way.
(edit) @2743   15 years joshe Add a pidfile command-line argument.
(edit) @2415   15 years joshe Apparently "sun" is a bad choice for a variable name on solaris.
(edit) @2413   15 years joshe bzero -> memset
(edit) @2400   15 years charles part one of moving the build environment over to automake/autoconf. …
(edit) @2325   15 years charles update versioning scheme as per consensus between TMT, John_Clay, …
(edit) @2224   15 years joshe Whoops, fix signal handling for SIGQUIT and SIGTERM.
(edit) @2133   15 years joshe Fix daemon to unlink the socket on exit with -s
(edit) @1924   15 years joshe Add command-line option to use an alternate location for the socket file.
(edit) @1856   15 years joshe Ignore SIGPIPE. errnomsg -> errmsg.
(edit) @1806   15 years joshe Add debug mode to daemon.
(copy) @1750   15 years joshe Merge daemon branch to trunk.
copied from branches/daemon/daemon/daemon.c:
(edit) @1732   15 years joshe Give up on using event bases for now so we can build with libevent 1.1.
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