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(edit) @10132   13 years charles (trunk daemon) #2875 "add incomplete-dir, dht, and seedratio options …
(edit) @9122   13 years charles (trunk) silence manpage warnings reported by lintian and recorded at …
(edit) @8710   13 years charles (trunk) document the -g arg a little better
(edit) @8708   13 years charles trunk: explain in the manpages that -g can be used to swap between the …
(edit) @8684   13 years charles (trunk libT) #2206: add settings.json documentation to daemon manpage
(edit) @8393   13 years charles (trunk daemon) add --paused argument to pause all on startup
(edit) @8242   13 years jhujhiti (trunk) #1497 Options to listen on specific network sockets
(edit) @7971   13 years charles (trunk daemon) experimental commit for part of #1483: adding a …
(edit) @7785   14 years charles (trunk libT) #1723: View version with / from transmission-remote
(edit) @7547   14 years charles (trunk daemon) #1618: patch from er13 to make transmission-daemon's …
(edit) @7482   14 years charles (trunk daemon) minor fixes to the daemon manpage
(edit) @6823   14 years charles #1309: Web/RPC interface ACL ignored
(edit) @6805   14 years charles update the daemon manpage to explain wildcarding in the ACL
(edit) @6376   14 years charles add more rpc unit tests. man page cleanups.
(edit) @6299   14 years charles sync the man pages with the cli/daemon/remote changes
(edit) @6146   14 years charles #966: allow blocklist support in the daemon. add extra info in the …
(edit) @6096   14 years charles #1004: update man pages FILES section
(edit) @6055   14 years charles add authentication support to daemon & remote
(edit) @5861   14 years charles fix up the man pages a bit
(edit) @5854   14 years charles minor tweaks.
(edit) @5853   14 years charles updated daemon manpage
(edit) @5843   14 years charles RPC/IPC redesign
(edit) @5646   14 years charles gtk/cli/daemon/remote/proxy: add command-line argument --config-dir / …
(edit) @4758   15 years charles #636: make the daemon application manpages' descriptions more helpful.
(edit) @4755   15 years charles update some more URLS to
(edit) @3401   15 years charles janitorial work for the freeze: (1) finish replacing …
(edit) @2743   15 years joshe Add a pidfile command-line argument.
(edit) @1924   15 years joshe Add command-line option to use an alternate location for the socket file.
(edit) @1806   15 years joshe Add debug mode to daemon.
(copy) @1750   15 years joshe Merge daemon branch to trunk.
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(edit) @1623   15 years joshe Add an ipc proxy to make remote daemon connections easier.
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