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(edit) @10760   11 years charles (trunk) fix minor memory leak in the bencode-test unit tests
(edit) @10662   12 years charles (trunk libT) clean up #includes for event.h and evutil.h
(edit) @10091   12 years charles (trunk libT) #2716 "magnet torrents not being saved after quit" -- fix …
(edit) @8889   12 years charles (trunk) remove trailing spaces
(edit) @8685   12 years charles (trunk libT) remove the last calls to tr_getBuffer() and tr_releaseBuffer()
(edit) @8588   13 years charles (trunk) #2131: clean up benc read/write API
(edit) @8414   13 years charles (trunk) add an option to the JSON generator to disable the …
(edit) @8158   13 years charles (trunk) fix another new bencode bug. add some more unit tests for benc.
(edit) @8108   13 years charles (trunk) use tr_bencDict{Find,Add}Bool() where appropriate
(edit) @7783   13 years charles (trunk libT) fix some code that the newly-added gcc warnings didn't like
(edit) @7552   13 years charles (trunk libT) have tr_bencSaveAsJSON() use an evbuffer
(edit) @7359   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1559 (partial): add tr_bencDictMerge() + unit tests. …
(edit) @6842   13 years charles (libT) finish killing tr_errno.
(edit) @6795   13 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @6728   13 years muks (win32) Stack smash test fails with too much depth on win32
(edit) @6615   13 years charles (libT) avoid an unnecessary memory alloc
(edit) @6612   13 years charles bencode cleanup: remove unused functions and unnecessary #includes
(edit) @6591   13 years charles (libT) do proper JSON escaping
(edit) @6490   13 years charles lots of C correctness tweaks suggested by sparse/cgcc
(edit) @6484   13 years charles (libT) #1176: memory leaks in libtransmission
(edit) @6334   13 years charles add a portability wrapper tr_snprintf() around snprintf()
(edit) @5901   14 years charles (rpc) make our generated JSON more human-readable.
(edit) @5860   14 years charles (1) RPC "add-torrent" now lets clients embed base64-encoded metainfo …
(edit) @5843   14 years charles RPC/IPC redesign
(edit) @5829   14 years charles more work on rpc. bug fixes, regression tests, and spec tweaks.
(edit) @5828   14 years charles fix bug in the benc-to-json converter. add rison-to-json converter so …
(edit) @5821   14 years charles add benc-to-json conversion + unit tests.
(edit) @5772   14 years charles add a couple of benc utility functions
(edit) @5608   14 years charles #394: resume files should use original name instead of hash name
(edit) @5438   14 years charles added tr_blocklistGetRuleCount().
(edit) @5198   14 years charles new function: tr_bencSaveAsSerializedPHP()
(edit) @5127   14 years charles more housekeeping: benc_val_t --> tr_benc
(edit) @5126   14 years charles svn propset svn:keywords 'Date Rev Author Id' filename
(edit) @4895   14 years charles more unit tests for bounds-checking on incomplete bencoded data
(edit) @4894   14 years charles add more benc unit tests.
(edit) @4893   14 years charles fix the 1.04 bencode errors reported in the forums this morning. add …
(edit) @4882   14 years charles more graceful handling of bad inputs to tr_bencFree(), tr_bencSave(), …
(edit) @4878   14 years charles fix off-by-one that was uncovered by the new benc's stricter parsing.
(edit) @4876   14 years charles #667: remote crash exploit in bencode parser
(add) @4869   14 years charles part 1 of the bencode exploit fix: - better error checking for int & …
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