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(edit) @9525   12 years livings124 add yet another BitSpirit? peer id
(edit) @9481   12 years livings124 fix BitLet? peer id
(edit) @9426   12 years livings124 BitTorrent? Embedded -> SDK
(edit) @9425   12 years livings124 add "BitTorrent? Embedded" to client list
(edit) @9007   12 years charles add KGet to the clients list
(edit) @8899   12 years livings124 add another missing peer id
(edit) @8889   12 years charles (trunk) remove trailing spaces
(edit) @8599   13 years charles (trunk) on non-mac platforms, try not building our own copy of …
(edit) @8561   13 years charles (trunk libT) re-start work on making libT doxygen friendly. still a …
(edit) @8441   13 years livings124 add RezTorrent? to clients
(edit) @8373   13 years livings124 when checking client id, look for Transmission first
(edit) @8013   13 years charles (trunk libT) recognize aria2 as a client
(edit) @7658   13 years charles (trunk) update the GPL code's copyright dates
(edit) @7549   13 years charles (trunk libT) have a pool of reusable evbuffers
(edit) @7526   13 years charles Add "SD" to the clients list as Xunlei as reported by malucas72 in the …
(edit) @7404   13 years charles updated email address
(edit) @7204   13 years charles (libT) #1537: uTorrent Mac Beta Peer ID
(edit) @6956   13 years charles Added clients: BitTorrent? Pro, LeechCraft?, QVOD, BitWombat?, …
(edit) @6822   13 years charles (libT) better handling of Shad0w-style peer ids that don't have …
(edit) @6795   13 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @6613   13 years charles more metainfo/bencode cleanup
(edit) @6499   13 years charles (libT) recognize BitSpirit? peer-ids.
(edit) @6490   13 years charles lots of C correctness tweaks suggested by sparse/cgcc
(edit) @6395   14 years charles (libT) make unrecognized peer_ids a little more readable for the peers tab.
(edit) @6389   14 years charles (libT) make the licensing consistent across all the files which only …
(edit) @6334   14 years charles add a portability wrapper tr_snprintf() around snprintf()
(edit) @6235   14 years livings124 call new versions of Azureus Vuze
(edit) @6227   14 years charles (libT) recognize & parse FlashGet? peer-ids
(edit) @6201   14 years charles #1032: recognize bitlord/bitcomet in the inspector's peers column
(edit) @5843   14 years charles RPC/IPC redesign
(edit) @5736   14 years livings124 the display of our own client's peer-id has to be 100% accurate
(edit) @5728   14 years livings124 for peer id's with 2 major digits, if the tens place is 0, don't show it
(edit) @5727   14 years livings124 minor adjustments to the client code, and keeping the code pg
(edit) @5725   14 years charles add a few more peers, raided from KTorrent's list
(edit) @5724   14 years charles tweak the last commit: when parsing peer-ids we don't want locales to …
(edit) @5723   14 years charles #905: update peer_id client lists. add a dozen or so new clients from …
(edit) @5505   14 years livings124 small rearrangement in clients list; update NEWS
(edit) @5174   14 years charles #743: add Xunlei to the client list.
(edit) @5080   14 years livings124 fix typos in last commit
(edit) @5079   14 years livings124 add Amazon S3 to clients list
(edit) @5039   14 years livings124 update clients list
(edit) @5023   14 years livings124 add Net Transport to clients list
(edit) @5006   14 years livings124 add LH-ABC to the clients list
(edit) @4404   14 years charles set copyright info to 2008
(edit) @3953   14 years livings124 fix Wyzo
(edit) @3951   14 years livings124 add Wyzo to clients list
(edit) @3915   14 years livings124 update clients list to identify test builds
(edit) @3864   14 years charles reintroduce the "SWIFT" algorithm
(edit) @3735   14 years charles remove libtransmission code that duplicates functionality in libevent
(edit) @3463   14 years charles roll back the clients changes because of the 0.90 freeze
(edit) @3462   14 years charles merge the, T, and libtorrent client lists. T knows …
(edit) @3377   14 years livings124 add Halite to clients
(edit) @3297   14 years livings124 set properties for new files
(edit) @3246   14 years livings124 remove unneeded line
(edit) @3244   14 years livings124 fix Bitlet and add new Limewire client id's
(edit) @3238   14 years livings124 add bitlet to client id's
(edit) @3105   14 years livings124 merge encryption branch to trunk (xcode project is still out of date)
(edit) @2713   14 years livings124 identify a client's peer id correctly
(edit) @2641   14 years livings124 add BitTorrent? DNA to clients
(edit) @2602   14 years livings124 add Pando to clients
(edit) @2583   14 years livings124 in the clients list show dev builds as Transmission as "+" builds
(edit) @2545   14 years joshe Add a couple headers needed to build on openbsd.
(edit) @2544   14 years charles this looks bug but it's not: just janitorial cleanup, moving #includes …
(edit) @2391   15 years joshe Include trcompat.h for asprintf() Don't mix function and non function …
(edit) @2383   15 years livings124 images for priorities, courtesy of BigBossman?
(edit) @2378   15 years livings124 identify dev builds of transmission correctly in the peers list
(edit) @2372   15 years joshe Add getright peer id.
(edit) @2352   15 years joshe According to azureus, bitspirit v0 is really v1.
(edit) @2351   15 years joshe Add bitspirit to clients list.
(edit) @2328   15 years charles clean up #includes a bit.
(edit) @1895   15 years livings124 show Blizzard Downloader actual version (this could become wrong in …
(edit) @1894   15 years livings124 add Blizzard Downloader to clients (still need to figure out the exact …
(edit) @1849   15 years livings124 differentiate old-style and new-style Transmission peer id (so version …
(edit) @1848   15 years livings124 add BTQueue to clients
(edit) @1811   15 years livings124 add Bitflu and FoxTorrent? to clients
(edit) @1757   15 years livings124 better identify some versions of Bits on Wheels
(edit) @1675   15 years livings124 add missing )
(edit) @1667   15 years livings124 add qBittorrent to clients
(edit) @1650   15 years joshe Cache peer client name. Don't create an 'unknown client' name with …
(edit) @1648   15 years livings124 add BitBuddy? to clients
(edit) @1624   15 years livings124 add TuoTu? to clients
(edit) @1610   15 years livings124 add CTorrent to clients
(edit) @1571   15 years livings124 improve KTorrent id a bit more
(edit) @1570   15 years livings124 more accurate ktorrent client id
(edit) @1565   15 years livings124 add BTG to clients
(edit) @1497   15 years livings124 remove unused custom subclass
(edit) @1493   15 years livings124 updated formatting for TorrentStorm?
(edit) @1492   15 years livings124 add Shad0w's client
(edit) @1491   15 years livings124 added Tribler to clients
(edit) @1449   15 years livings124 add Ares Galaxy to clients
(edit) @1448   15 years livings124 add Deluge and another Shareaza format to clients
(edit) @1375   15 years livings124 add BitPump?
(edit) @1318   15 years livings124 small improvement
(edit) @1316   15 years livings124 add bittyrant to client id's
(edit) @1310   15 years livings124 typo caused pressed action button to be flipped
(edit) @1309   15 years livings124 better tornado-style client identification
(edit) @1308   15 years livings124 added BT Protocol Daemon to clients
(edit) @1306   15 years livings124 add eXeem to clients
(edit) @1304   15 years livings124 bindings + formatters = trouble....revert to glue code for speed …
(edit) @1301   15 years livings124 add TorrentTopia?
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