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(edit) @2481   16 years charles remove unused function tr_cpMostMissingBlockInPiece()
(edit) @2479   16 years charles faster tr_cpGetStatus() and tr_bitfieldHas(), which were showing up at …
(edit) @2478   16 years charles tr_cpBlockAdd: small speedup.
(edit) @2348   16 years charles fix crash on zero-byte torrents
(edit) @2316   16 years charles splitting dnd and priorities apart, and moving the file storage for …
(edit) @2308   16 years charles fix values for tr_cpLeftUntilComplete(), which were slightly off. …
(edit) @2254   16 years charles fix r2252 copy-and-paste bug. Thanks BentMyWookie?
(edit) @2252   16 years charles don't count too many bytes in the last block in …
(edit) @2242   16 years charles * make tr_cpLeftUntilDone() slightly more accurate * simplify …
(edit) @2207   16 years charles Modified tr_torrentCanAdd() to give the new functionality BMW suggests
(edit) @2187   16 years charles possible fix for the -0.0 percent done bug
(edit) @2182   16 years charles Maybe fix the bug of progress-for-done not including non-checked files …
(edit) @2149   16 years livings124 Merge file selection and torrent creation into the main branch. The …
(edit) @2004   16 years charles uninteresting minor stuff like adding const. this commit is just to …
(edit) @1534   16 years joshe Do bounds checking on bitfields.
(edit) @1356   16 years titer Merge io branch into trunk
(edit) @1197   16 years livings124 don't leak in the pool (heh heh)
(edit) @996   16 years joshe Fix a few minor style nits. Use a floats instead of uint8_ts for piece …
(edit) @994   16 years livings124 Initial attempt at against the completeness of a specific piece.
(edit) @620   17 years titer Revert [619]
(edit) @261   17 years titer Updated svn:keywords
(edit) @260   17 years titer Added $Id$ keywords and updated a few headers
(edit) @5   17 years root Update 2005-11-18
(add) @3   17 years root Update 2005-11-17
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