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(edit) @7154   13 years charles (libT) yet another stab at getting bandwidth management under control. …
(edit) @7152   13 years charles (libT) I wonder if this will have any affect on the bug reported by …
(edit) @7147   13 years charles (libT) #1468: another stab at getting the peer transfer speeds both …
(edit) @7133   13 years charles (libT) define peer connections' sockets' so_sndbuf size in the …
(edit) @7122   13 years charles increase the socket's SNDBUF size
(edit) @6944   13 years charles remove dead code
(edit) @6906   13 years charles (libT) dead code removal
(edit) @6795   13 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @6556   13 years charles #220: lazy bitfields
(edit) @6552   13 years charles more connection management changes
(edit) @6396   13 years charles one more piece of Aloisius' performance patch: set SO_SNDBUF to 2x MTU
(edit) @6334   14 years charles add a portability wrapper tr_snprintf() around snprintf()
(edit) @5977   14 years charles refactor out some dead code in net.c, and probably give jhujhiti fits
(edit) @5957   14 years charles remove more dead code
(edit) @5956   14 years charles (libT) remove dead code
(edit) @5658   14 years charles string folding
(edit) @5588   14 years charles #857: DSCP support for Transmission
(edit) @5290   14 years charles strings work: (1) folding similar strings together for easier …
(edit) @5208   14 years charles more i18n strings work
(edit) @5193   14 years charles first cut at adding i18n hooks into libtransmission.
(edit) @5065   14 years charles cleanup #includes for errno & strerror
(edit) @4600   14 years charles mingw portability fixes: libtransmission #includes
(edit) @4404   14 years charles set copyright info to 2008
(edit) @4171   14 years charles more helpful error message
(edit) @4170   14 years charles two arguments were transposed.
(edit) @4102   14 years charles finish the `shared' update: bind & listen the incoming port. better …
(edit) @4092   14 years charles Use libnatpmp for port mapping. rewrite the upnp/natpmp manager. …
(edit) @4029   14 years charles use PMP_MCAST_ADDR, instead of a hardcoded address, in net.c
(edit) @4028   14 years charles get nat-pmp working again in Leopard. Thanks to Chinstrap for …
(edit) @3552   14 years charles fix OpenBSD build error.
(edit) @3335   14 years charles * add intltool macros to make it easier to build from svn. * minor …
(edit) @3171   14 years charles * record the ports of incoming sockets. we might need them later if we …
(edit) @3105   14 years livings124 merge encryption branch to trunk (xcode project is still out of date)
(edit) @2614   14 years joshe Use BEOS to test for beos instead of relying on the build to set …
(edit) @2596   14 years charles More win32 portability fixes. we now talk to tracker & peers; hash …
(edit) @2593   14 years charles more portability fixes
(edit) @2591   14 years charles win32 cleanly compiles and starts now. (still doesn't atually *work*, …
(edit) @2578   14 years charles More Win32 portability changes
(edit) @2576   14 years charles get the socket/net code working on win32 too
(edit) @2573   14 years charles continue whittling away at internal.h to reduce the global #include …
(edit) @2555   14 years charles add portability wrapper for in_port_t…
(edit) @2552   14 years charles better encapsulation of platform-specific constructs: tr_thread_t, …
(edit) @2544   14 years charles this looks bug but it's not: just janitorial cleanup, moving #includes …
(edit) @2343   15 years joshe Change a couple functions to take an in_addr pointer instead of an …
(edit) @2334   15 years charles second draft of a fix for the tracker communication bug reported by TMT
(edit) @2328   15 years charles clean up #includes a bit.
(edit) @2311   15 years charles clean up #includes a bit.
(edit) @1425   15 years titer More simplifications
(edit) @1420   15 years titer Officially give up on making libT reentrant, and simplify our code instead
(edit) @1401   15 years titer clean up
(edit) @1357   15 years titer Use tr_cond* a bit more
(edit) @1356   15 years titer Merge io branch into trunk
(edit) @920   15 years joshe Merge nat-traversal branch to trunk.
(edit) @791   15 years joshe Unbreak BeOS build.
(edit) @620   16 years titer Revert [619]
(edit) @261   16 years titer Updated svn:keywords
(edit) @260   16 years titer Added $Id$ keywords and updated a few headers
(edit) @245   16 years titer Fixes warnings
(edit) @237   16 years titer Clean up, perform all DNS resolutions in a common thread. This should …
(edit) @236   16 years titer Code cleanup
(edit) @218   16 years titer Fixed a couple of bugs introduced in [164]
(edit) @164   16 years titer Adds non-blocking (threaded) DNS resolution
(edit) @26   16 years root Update 2006-01-11
(add) @1   16 years root Import from 2005-10-26
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