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(edit) @6856   13 years charles (rpc) slightly better errno handling
(edit) @6855   13 years charles slightly more efficient serving of static files & rpc responses
(edit) @6847   13 years charles (rpc) #1319: possible fix for the deflate bug
(edit) @6846   13 years charles (rpc) #1319 as pointed out by spry, deflate()'s output can sometimes …
(edit) @6845   13 years charles (rpc) more robust `deflate' wrangling, possibly fixing ticket #1319
(edit) @6835   13 years charles (rpc) fix rpc server memory leak that snuck in over the past few days' …
(edit) @6833   13 years charles (rpc) fix minor path resolution glitch when serving up clutch files
(edit) @6825   13 years charles add a separate flag for enabling/disabling the rpc address whitelist
(edit) @6823   13 years charles #1309: Web/RPC interface ACL ignored
(edit) @6820   13 years charles add support for compressing the content served by the rpc server -- …
(edit) @6819   13 years charles (libT) maybe fix the evhttp issues that softwareelves reported
(edit) @6817   13 years charles pass in as the rpc server address
(edit) @6815   13 years charles send NULL as the address to evhttp_bind_socket()
(edit) @6814   13 years charles (libT) d'oh, left out an important line last night while testing the …
(edit) @6811   13 years charles (libT) make sure to init the rpc server with the correct event base.
(edit) @6810   13 years charles add some debugging messages for the RPC server
(edit) @6804   13 years charles (libT) uncrustify
(edit) @6801   13 years charles a little more cleanup of the rpc server stuff.
(edit) @6800   13 years charles (libT) more rpc-server cleanup
(edit) @6798   13 years charles rpc-server cleanups. add true wildmat control. break the Mac build a …
(edit) @6797   13 years charles (libT) experimental code to serve clutch/rpc via evhttpd
(edit) @6795   13 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @6703   13 years muks (win32) Rename rpc.[ch] to rpcimpl.[ch]
(edit) @6697   13 years charles #1209: shttpd crash when setting port to one already in use
(edit) @6645   13 years charles (shttpd) replace VERSION with SHTTPD_VERSION. (shttpd) make …
(edit) @6641   13 years charles #1222: web access authentication text
(edit) @6613   13 years charles more metainfo/bencode cleanup
(edit) @6566   13 years muks Add UTF-8 charset to Content-Type HTTP headers
(edit) @6534   13 years charles (libT) fix a couple of compiler warnings from gcc -Wmissing-prototypes …
(edit) @6533   13 years charles fix shttpd issue reported by Gimp_
(edit) @6430   13 years charles #1129 alternate fix: / should redirect to, not replace, /transmission/web
(edit) @6428   13 years charles 1129: You must add "/transmission/web/" to your IP to view web interface
(edit) @6352   13 years charles (rpc) serve the clutch static files faster
(edit) @6351   13 years charles (rpc) possible fix for the new breakage caused by the shttpd upgrade …
(edit) @6349   13 years charles (third-party) upgrade shttpd from 1.39 to the latest, 1.41
(edit) @6343   13 years charles (rpc) fix minor memory leak in the RPC server
(edit) @6342   13 years charles (rpc) better handling of multiple concurrent RPC connections
(edit) @6337   13 years charles (rpc) fix possible password authentication error reported by kman
(edit) @6336   13 years charles (gtk) #1088: when the gtk+ client is serving Clutch, torrents added …
(edit) @6334   13 years charles add a portability wrapper tr_snprintf() around snprintf()
(edit) @6328   13 years charles #1084: Make web' and clutch' synonymous in the backend
(edit) @6323   13 years charles Update NEWS file to say the Clutch rewrite's been folded into Transmission.
(edit) @6319   13 years charles (1) add clutch to the tarball. (2) on autoconf-based installs, install …
(edit) @6275   13 years charles (rpc) uploading files via an http form w/file inputs works now.
(edit) @6272   13 years charles (rpc) get torrent uploads partially working.
(edit) @6253   13 years charles (rpc) fix crash when quickly toggling rpc on/off reported by John_Clay
(edit) @6251   13 years charles when getting 5xx errors from a tracker, keep increasing the intervals …
(edit) @6222   13 years charles senseless RPC changes
(edit) @6139   13 years charles fix ACL parsing error introduced by the shttpd auth code change.
(edit) @6124   13 years charles (libT) add NULL pointer checks to tr_torrentStart(), tr_torrentStop()
(edit) @6121   13 years charles (libT) poll the RPC request queue more frequently if there have been …
(edit) @6108   13 years charles (libT) make tr_torrentAmountFinished() look at the same pieces as …
(edit) @6106   13 years charles #1007: check_auth space delimiter bug
(edit) @6083   13 years livings124 fix minor memory leak when setting the rpc acl
(edit) @6054   14 years charles fix some stub code
(edit) @6049   14 years charles get RPC password protections working in libT and the gtk+ client. …
(edit) @6046   14 years charles (rpc server) fix ACL error reported by pea_
(edit) @6043   14 years charles (libT RPC server): poll more frequently for new commands after we've …
(edit) @6036   14 years charles (gtk) more work on the RPC preferences tab: the ACL editor works now & …
(edit) @6031   14 years charles RPC ACL: (1) add a new call for testing ACLs (2) add wildcard notation …
(edit) @6026   14 years charles fix the error message leak reported by BentMyWookie? in the new ACL code
(edit) @6025   14 years charles (libT) handle a NULL third argument to tr_sessionSetRPCACL()
(edit) @6005   14 years charles (libT) if the ACL passed in via tr_sessionInitFull() can't be parsed, …
(edit) @6004   14 years charles (libT): added an ACL tester to tr_sessionSetRPCACL() and return an …
(edit) @5959   14 years charles svn propset
(edit) @5958   14 years charles fix svn id property
(edit) @5860   14 years charles (1) RPC "add-torrent" now lets clients embed base64-encoded metainfo …
(edit) @5855   14 years charles * better RPC handling of requests submitted via http POST * plug a …
(edit) @5847   14 years charles fix compile error reported by BentMyWookie?
(add) @5843   14 years charles RPC/IPC redesign
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