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(edit) @7658   13 years charles (trunk) update the GPL code's copyright dates
(edit) @7404   13 years charles updated email address
(edit) @7367   13 years charles (trunk) #1559: Simplify tr_sessionInitFull
(edit) @7251   13 years charles (libT) misc cleanup: use tr_bool and tr_port where appropriate
(edit) @7173   13 years charles use tr_bool instead of C bitfields. …
(edit) @6932   13 years charles #1366: move tr_ctor{Set,Get}Save() to a package-private header.
(edit) @6903   13 years charles (libT) a few more win32 portability changes from Spry
(edit) @6898   13 years charles (libt) remove some more instances of MAX_PATH_LENGTH
(edit) @6897   13 years charles make MAX_PATH_LENGTH private to libtransmission. add tr_dirname() and …
(edit) @6842   13 years charles (libT) finish killing tr_errno.
(edit) @6795   13 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @6612   13 years charles bencode cleanup: remove unused functions and unnecessary #includes
(edit) @6600   13 years charles make tr_bencDictFindType() private.
(edit) @6425   13 years charles minor text cleanup
(edit) @6154   13 years charles tr_ctorSetDownloadDir(): handle NULL download dirs more gracefully.
(edit) @5922   13 years charles * change tr_stat.activityDate's and tr_stat.startedDate's type to …
(edit) @5843   13 years charles RPC/IPC redesign
(edit) @5819   13 years charles ipc: add session accessor/mutators. transmission.h: make the session …
(edit) @5613   13 years charles get tr_ctorSetMetainfoFromHash() working again.
(edit) @5517   13 years charles #684: Use XDG basedir spec for configuration and cache files in $HOME
(edit) @5127   13 years charles more housekeeping: benc_val_t --> tr_benc
(edit) @5126   13 years charles svn propset svn:keywords 'Date Rev Author Id' filename
(edit) @5014   13 years charles add tr_ctor{Set,Get}DeleteSource?()
(edit) @4813   14 years charles remove unused "max unchoked peers" feature. fix obsolete TR_FLAG_SAVE …
(edit) @4608   14 years charles follow the spec's suggestion that new connections be 3x as likely for …
(edit) @4437   14 years charles #542: handle torrent metainfo files whose tag is missing or …
(edit) @4404   14 years charles set copyright info to 2008
(edit) @4339   14 years charles remove debugging messages that aren't needed anymore.
(edit) @4285   14 years charles (1) fix peer limits in fastresume (2) possible fastresume corruption …
(edit) @4269   14 years charles fix r4267 crash reported by John_Clay
(edit) @4267   14 years charles the torrent ctor is here.
(add) @4261   14 years charles add torrent-ctor so that xcode can be updated. it's not plugged in …
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