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(edit) @6932   13 years charles #1366: move tr_ctor{Set,Get}Save() to a package-private header.
(edit) @6832   13 years charles (libT) housekeeping: tr_torrent.handle --> tr_torrent.session
(edit) @6795   13 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @6784   13 years charles add new compile-time throttle options suggested by persept
(edit) @6782   13 years charles first draft at having more accurate speed controls
(edit) @6699   13 years charles (libT) change benc's integral type from int to size_t, squashing a …
(edit) @6016   14 years charles (1) add a doneDate to tr_torrent and tr_stat. (2) save …
(edit) @5994   14 years charles #981: add tr_stat.dateAdded to libT; add "sort by age" to gtk+ client
(edit) @5924   14 years charles remove unused functions tr_torrentSetActiveCallback() and …
(edit) @5922   14 years charles * change tr_stat.activityDate's and tr_stat.startedDate's type to …
(edit) @5843   14 years charles RPC/IPC redesign
(edit) @5813   14 years charles partial implementation of json-ipc backend: torrent …
(edit) @5796   14 years charles new utility for iterating through torrents: tr_torrentNext()
(edit) @5748   14 years charles when one of the trackers in a multitracker list is successful, bump it …
(edit) @5611   14 years charles 'resume' cleanup
(edit) @5462   14 years charles experimental commit to save 1888 bytes from each tr_torrent
(edit) @5329   14 years charles fix bug that caused very large torrents to crash Transmission
(edit) @5204   14 years charles #751: more digging to try to figure out where the problem is.
(edit) @5126   14 years charles svn propset svn:keywords 'Date Rev Author Id' filename
(edit) @5066   14 years charles (gtk) #544: remove fast-resume cache when appropriate
(edit) @5042   14 years charles modify "verify local data" to not lose the blocks in incomplete pieces
(edit) @4884   14 years charles #666: pausing in the middle of "verify local data" makes T forget …
(edit) @4813   14 years charles remove unused "max unchoked peers" feature. fix obsolete TR_FLAG_SAVE …
(edit) @4734   14 years charles if the torrent's download path doesn't exist, don't create it -- it's …
(edit) @4539   14 years charles cleanup
(edit) @4425   14 years charles test code for #575 (m1b's bug)
(edit) @4404   14 years charles set copyright info to 2008
(edit) @4326   14 years charles fix another file priority bug.
(add) @4324   14 years charles a little housekeeping: move tr_torrent stuff into its own header
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