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(edit) @1119   15 years livings124 add support in libT and the mac interface for displaying comment, …
(edit) @1064   15 years titer Adds progress in tr_peer_stat_t
(edit) @1006   15 years livings124 in info show the number of incoming connections next to total connections
(edit) @996   15 years joshe Fix a few minor style nits. Use a floats instead of uint8_ts for piece …
(edit) @994   15 years livings124 Initial attempt at against the completeness of a specific piece.
(edit) @926   15 years titer Remember whether a peer comes from an incoming or outcoming connection
(edit) @920   15 years joshe Merge nat-traversal branch to trunk.
(edit) @817   15 years joshe Add time to messages.
(edit) @815   15 years joshe Rework the message stuff again to be easier on the frontend.
(edit) @803   15 years joshe Make message level available to message handler callback.
(edit) @798   15 years joshe Allow frontend to change message output level. Rename …
(edit) @788   15 years joshe Try to keep track of the overall speed of the swarm. Patch by Denis Ahrens.
(edit) @780   15 years livings124 Check for connected peers, as well as better peer table resizing behavior.
(edit) @774   15 years joshe Retrieve peer address as a string via tr_torrentPeers().
(edit) @767   15 years livings124 Free even more memory.
(edit) @766   15 years livings124 Get peers separately from the rest of the stats. This should also get …
(edit) @765   15 years livings124 Fix a memory leak.
(edit) @764   15 years livings124 Some changes to getting peers in libtransmission. Now it uses a …
(edit) @754   15 years livings124 Some new accessors for libtransmission...I don't see what harm these can do
(edit) @626   15 years joshe Allow frontend to supply a custom function for displaying …
(edit) @620   15 years titer Revert [619]
(edit) @405   15 years titer Don't assume that a download is a folder if there only is one file …
(edit) @310   16 years joshe Add support to libtransmission and the MacOS X GUI for saving private …
(edit) @264   16 years titer Splits VERSION_STRING and VERSION_REVISION, removes duplication of …
(edit) @261   16 years titer Updated svn:keywords
(edit) @260   16 years titer Added $Id$ keywords and updated a few headers
(edit) @245   16 years titer Fixes warnings
(edit) @210   16 years titer Adds download rate limit
(edit) @162   16 years titer Merge from branches/new_api:r161
(edit) @20   16 years root Update 2005-12-25
(edit) @14   16 years root Update 2005-12-13
(edit) @7   16 years root Update 2005-11-24
(edit) @6   16 years root Update 2005-11-21
(edit) @2   16 years root Update 2005-11-01
(add) @1   16 years root Import from 2005-10-26
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