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(edit) @14724   5 years jordan use '#pragma once' instead of #ifndef..#define..#endif guards
(edit) @14241   7 years jordan Copyedit the license's revised text: (1) remove unnecessary repitition …
(edit) @14225   7 years jordan Licensing changes: 1. add the option the code to be used under GPLv2 …
(edit) @14224   7 years jordan (trunk) restore copyright year as suggested in email by rms
(edit) @13625   8 years jordan Follow more common whitespace style conventions in the C code …
(edit) @12230   10 years jordan (trunk libT) copyediting: yes, removing more unnecessary #includes
(edit) @12204   10 years jordan (trunk) #4138 "use stdbool.h instead of tr_bool" -- done.
(edit) @11709   10 years jordan Update the copyright year in the source code comments. The Berne …
(edit) @11599   10 years charles (trunk) Join the 21st century and use only 1 space at the end …
(edit) @11588   10 years charles (trunk libT) #3836 "libevent2 support" -- finish moving to the …
(edit) @9868   11 years charles happy new year!
(edit) @9704   11 years charles (trunk libT) finally get rid of the last remnants of tr_timer
(edit) @9671   11 years charles (trunk) update the copyright notices
(edit) @7658   12 years charles (trunk) update the GPL code's copyright dates
(edit) @7541   12 years charles (trunk libT) minor cleanup: use symbolic name instead of magic …
(edit) @7404   12 years charles updated email address
(edit) @7385   12 years charles (trunk libT) more semantic cleanup: tr_handle->tr_session, …
(edit) @7151   12 years charles (libT) add #ifdefs to ensure that client apps don't #include private …
(edit) @6811   12 years charles (libT) make sure to init the rpc server with the correct event base.
(edit) @6795   12 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @5754   13 years charles #915: Does too many wake-ups when idle
(edit) @4404   13 years charles set copyright info to 2008
(edit) @4004   13 years charles rewrite the tracker code. this should improve and/or fix a number of …
(edit) @3833   13 years charles fix r3830 bug reported by Gimp_
(edit) @3830   13 years charles remove dead code.
(edit) @3829   13 years charles remove dead code.
(edit) @3457   13 years charles fix overflow error that caused timers with intervals larger than 35 …
(edit) @3247   13 years charles fix some memory issues.
(edit) @3105   13 years livings124 merge encryption branch to trunk (xcode project is still out of date)
(edit) @2975   13 years charles (trunk) fix some of the crash-on-shutdown issues.
(edit) @2876   13 years charles minor improvements to.. you guessed it.. the tracker/libevent code
(edit) @2874   13 years charles cleaner shutdown
(edit) @2849   13 years charles svn propset svn:keywords 'Date Rev Author Id' filename
(edit) @2846   13 years charles $Id$
(edit) @2843   13 years charles update to exclude third-party. add $Id:$ to the new files …
(edit) @2836   13 years charles push event_del() through the libevent pipe too.
(add) @2829   13 years charles do all the libevent enqueuing from a single thread.
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