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(edit) @12204   11 years jordan (trunk) #4138 "use stdbool.h instead of tr_bool" -- done.
(edit) @12096   11 years jordan (trunk) copyediting: remove trailing spaces from source code lines in …
(edit) @11709   11 years jordan Update the copyright year in the source code comments. The Berne …
(edit) @11680   11 years jordan (trunk libT) #2191 "NAT-PMP and UPnP should also map UDP port" -- …
(edit) @11599   11 years charles (trunk) Join the 21st century and use only 1 space at the end …
(edit) @10900   11 years charles (trunk libT) don't try to port forward through your cablebox just …
(edit) @10460   12 years livings124 update miniupnp to 20100407
(edit) @9868   12 years charles happy new year!
(edit) @9671   12 years charles (trunk) update the copyright notices
(edit) @8767   12 years charles (trunk libT) minor #include futzing
(edit) @8736   12 years charles (trunk) silence some minor gcc warnings
(edit) @8271   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1993: Check if UPNP port is still open. Patch from KyleK
(edit) @7837   13 years charles (trunk libT) update to the newest versions of miniupnp and libnatpmp
(edit) @7658   13 years charles (trunk) update the GPL code's copyright dates
(edit) @7404   13 years charles updated email address
(edit) @7342   13 years charles (trunk libT) make the upnp description a little easier to …
(edit) @7173   13 years charles use tr_bool instead of C bitfields. …
(edit) @6849   13 years charles sync libtransmission to miniupnpc-20081002
(edit) @6795   13 years charles run libT, cli, daemon, gtk through the source-code formatter …
(edit) @6334   13 years charles add a portability wrapper tr_snprintf() around snprintf()
(edit) @5900   14 years charles more janitorial cleanup on the "tr_session*" namespace. Today's …
(edit) @5700   14 years charles add tr_webClose()
(edit) @5600   14 years charles #848: UPnP users always have to wait for NAT-PMP to fail first
(edit) @5585   14 years charles tidy up some libtransmission filenames.
(edit) @5313   14 years charles more string work before the freeze. (1) use %'d to get thousands' …
(edit) @5300   14 years charles yet more string massaging
(edit) @5290   14 years charles strings work: (1) folding similar strings together for easier …
(edit) @5279   14 years charles make the Port Forwarding error messages a little easier for beginners …
(edit) @5243   14 years charles #138: per-torrent messages#138: per-torrent messages#138: per-torrent …
(edit) @5226   14 years charles the last i18n-centric commit for awhile, I hope.
(edit) @5224   14 years charles even more i18n string work, w/more feedback and reading through the …
(edit) @5221   14 years charles lots more i18n string work -- making strings more consistent, folding …
(edit) @5209   14 years charles more i18n work.
(edit) @5208   14 years charles more i18n strings work
(edit) @5193   14 years charles first cut at adding i18n hooks into libtransmission.
(edit) @5065   14 years charles cleanup #includes for errno & strerror
(edit) @4404   14 years charles set copyright info to 2008
(edit) @4311   14 years charles (gtk) fix startup port issue by hitting it with a damn big hammer
(edit) @4251   14 years charles upgrade to miniupnp-20071213
(edit) @4175   14 years charles add messages asking the user to check & make sure that port forwarding …
(edit) @4172   14 years charles fix bad log message
(edit) @4157   14 years charles fix crash on shutdown on natpmp routers reported by SoftwareElves?
(edit) @4154   14 years charles take pea_'s suggestion of not sending out natpmp/upnp discover …
(edit) @4142   14 years charles add extra debugging messages for upnpDiscover()
(edit) @4112   14 years charles added more upnp debugging messages for Chinstrap_
(edit) @4092   14 years charles Use libnatpmp for port mapping. rewrite the upnp/natpmp manager. …
(edit) @3815   14 years charles minor tweaks.
(edit) @3770   14 years charles move the gateway discovery from init() to start() so that tr_init() …
(edit) @3743   14 years charles fix crash reported by hussam in #transmission
(edit) @3731   14 years charles use Thomas Bernard's miniupnp library instead of rolling our own.
(edit) @3707   14 years charles maybe fix portmapping
(edit) @3552   14 years charles fix OpenBSD build error.
(edit) @3105   14 years livings124 merge encryption branch to trunk (xcode project is still out of date)
(edit) @2898   14 years charles make upnp's internal structures' naming schemes whallop-like
(edit) @2864   14 years charles upnp.c needs platform.h if VERBOSE_LOG is defined (ticket #305, mtolman)
(edit) @2619   14 years charles sync joshe's changes with win32
(edit) @2614   14 years joshe Use BEOS to test for beos instead of relying on the build to set …
(edit) @2591   14 years charles win32 cleanly compiles and starts now. (still doesn't atually *work*, …
(edit) @2576   14 years charles get the socket/net code working on win32 too
(edit) @2573   14 years charles continue whittling away at internal.h to reduce the global #include …
(edit) @2555   14 years charles add portability wrapper for in_port_t…
(edit) @2544   14 years charles this looks bug but it's not: just janitorial cleanup, moving #includes …
(edit) @2391   14 years joshe Include trcompat.h for asprintf() Don't mix function and non function …
(edit) @2358   14 years charles fix the bugs outlined by cluthi81 in ticket #255.
(edit) @2343   14 years joshe Change a couple functions to take an in_addr pointer instead of an …
(edit) @2328   14 years charles clean up #includes a bit.
(edit) @2311   14 years charles clean up #includes a bit.
(edit) @2154   14 years charles * fix error checking large files reported by Gimp_ * portability …
(edit) @2040   14 years joshe Fix upnp verbose logging to show outgoing http requests.
(edit) @2034   14 years joshe Add some code for verbose UPnP logging which can be enabled at …
(edit) @2032   14 years joshe Add a missing quote and fix UPnP regressions.
(edit) @1762   15 years joshe Quick hack to get some PPP UPnP devices working.
(edit) @1761   15 years joshe Add some debugging code that's handy for parsing upnp root files.
(edit) @1720   15 years joshe Don't try port mapping if binding the port fails.
(edit) @1693   15 years joshe Fix UPnP for vendors which specify relative paths and no urlbase.
(edit) @1579   15 years joshe Merge PEX branch, I hope this works.
(edit) @1463   15 years joshe Remove natpmp and upnp locks and rely on the shared lock.
(edit) @1436   15 years joshe Remove misleading error message.
(edit) @1425   15 years titer More simplifications
(edit) @1420   15 years titer Officially give up on making libT reentrant, and simplify our code instead
(edit) @1356   15 years titer Merge io branch into trunk
(edit) @1337   15 years joshe Silence gcc warning.
(edit) @1293   15 years joshe Handle urlbase properly in UPnP root file.
(edit) @1292   15 years joshe Whoops, read UPnP root urlbase correctly.
(edit) @1189   15 years joshe Fix a spurious compiler warning.
(edit) @945   15 years joshe I guess I don't know how xml namespaces work.
(edit) @944   15 years joshe How about we actually put an <?xml?> tag in the xml we send?
(edit) @943   15 years joshe More miscellaneous UPnP fixes.
(edit) @942   15 years joshe Minor UPnP compatibility fixes.
(edit) @939   15 years joshe Don't verify part of the UPnP root descript that apparently isn't standard.
(edit) @938   15 years joshe Add more UPnP debugging messages.
(edit) @930   15 years joshe Properly exit the upnp device pulse when a loop is detected.
(copy) @920   15 years joshe Merge nat-traversal branch to trunk.
copied from branches/nat-traversal/libtransmission/upnp.c:
(add) @864   15 years joshe Add nat traversal support (ie: NAT-PMP and UPnP)
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