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(edit) @14644   5 years mikedld Remove useless checks and definitions (C99) Now that MSVC support for …
(edit) @14535   5 years mikedld Don't print trailing space char on each line when saving JSON
(edit) @14529   6 years mikedld #4882: \u-encode all non-printable (as opposed to non-ascii) characters
(edit) @14521   6 years mikedld Cut internal macro names to have equal number of underscores on each side
(edit) @14428   6 years mikedld Replace tabs with spaces; remove trailing spaces
(edit) @14266   7 years jordan (trunk, libT) #5651 'int to bool patch' -- fixed, patch by rajmannugetr
(edit) @14241   7 years jordan Copyedit the license's revised text: (1) remove unnecessary repitition …
(edit) @14225   7 years jordan Licensing changes: 1. add the option the code to be used under GPLv2 …
(edit) @14224   7 years jordan (trunk) restore copyright year as suggested in email by rms
(edit) @14190   7 years jordan introduce TR_PRIuSIZE macro for portable printf()ing of size_t. mikedld
(edit) @13868   8 years jordan make all the log functions/structs/enums use a single 'tr_log' …
(edit) @13858   8 years jordan (libT) unroll decode_hex_string()
(edit) @13687   8 years jordan (trunk, libT) more tr_variant revision: faster serialization, …
(edit) @13683   8 years jordan (trunk, libT) first drop of the tr_quark patch.
(edit) @13678   8 years jordan (trunk libT) when seraializing to JSON, set the LC_NUMERIC locale once …
(edit) @13675   8 years jordan copyediting: whitespace & indentation
(edit) @13672   8 years jordan (trunk, libT) faster JSON parsing for tr_variant. This mostly helps …
(edit) @13669   8 years jordan copyediting: indentation, whitespace
(copy) @13667   8 years jordan refactor libtransmission's tr_benc class as tr_variant.
copied from trunk/libtransmission/json.c:
(edit) @13625   8 years jordan Follow more common whitespace style conventions in the C code …
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