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(edit) @1119   15 years livings124 add support in libT and the mac interface for displaying comment, …
(edit) @1108   15 years livings124 add Electric Sheep to clients list
(edit) @1101   15 years titer Make sure strcatUTF8 leaves the string null terminated (spotted by …
(edit) @1074   15 years titer Handle torrents with empty folders (fixes #12)
(edit) @1064   15 years titer Adds progress in tr_peer_stat_t
(edit) @1063   15 years titer Fix for ABC 3.1.0
(edit) @1060   15 years titer Saves a list of peers when you pause a torrent, and tries to reconnect …
(edit) @1059   15 years livings124 Don't request more peers if stopping (or changing ports).
(edit) @1016   15 years titer BeOS/BONE compile fix
(edit) @1007   15 years livings124 don't know how this happened…
(edit) @1006   15 years livings124 in info show the number of incoming connections next to total connections
(edit) @1001   15 years joshe Fix for trackers that include parameters in announce URL.
(edit) @1000   15 years joshe Try to get home directory with getpwuid(getuid()) if getenv("HOME") fails.
(edit) @997   15 years joshe Prevent overflow when reading/converting strings from the torrent metainfo.
(edit) @996   15 years joshe Fix a few minor style nits. Use a floats instead of uint8_ts for piece …
(edit) @994   15 years livings124 Initial attempt at against the completeness of a specific piece.
(edit) @945   15 years joshe I guess I don't know how xml namespaces work.
(edit) @944   15 years joshe How about we actually put an <?xml?> tag in the xml we send?
(edit) @943   15 years joshe More miscellaneous UPnP fixes.
(edit) @942   15 years joshe Minor UPnP compatibility fixes.
(edit) @939   15 years joshe Don't verify part of the UPnP root descript that apparently isn't standard.
(edit) @938   15 years joshe Add more UPnP debugging messages.
(edit) @937   15 years joshe Fix extra space in tracker HTTP request line.
(edit) @932   15 years joshe Add missing prototype for tr_peerIsIncoming().
(edit) @931   15 years joshe Fix possible uint64_t underflow which could cause insanely huge …
(edit) @930   15 years joshe Properly exit the upnp device pulse when a loop is detected.
(edit) @929   15 years titer Don't attach peers to inactive torrents (should fix the CLOSE_WAIT …
(edit) @926   15 years titer Remember whether a peer comes from an incoming or outcoming connection
(edit) @920   15 years joshe Merge nat-traversal branch to trunk.
(edit) @887   15 years joshe Add KTorrent, libTorrent and MLDonkey to clients list.
(edit) @862   15 years livings124 stupid mistake in last commit
(edit) @861   15 years livings124 Add Opera to the clients list.
(edit) @854   15 years joshe Add an assertion.
(edit) @851   15 years livings124 add bitrocket to the client id's (you have to acknowledge the …
(edit) @837   15 years joshe Allow a couple of the message functions to be called before the first …
(edit) @817   15 years joshe Add time to messages.
(edit) @815   15 years joshe Rework the message stuff again to be easier on the frontend.
(edit) @803   15 years joshe Make message level available to message handler callback.
(edit) @798   15 years joshe Allow frontend to change message output level. Rename …
(edit) @791   15 years joshe Unbreak BeOS build.
(edit) @788   15 years joshe Try to keep track of the overall speed of the swarm. Patch by Denis Ahrens.
(edit) @787   15 years livings124 Better BitTorrent? client identification.
(edit) @786   15 years joshe Try to find a UTF-8 filename in single-file mode too.
(edit) @780   15 years livings124 Check for connected peers, as well as better peer table resizing behavior.
(edit) @775   15 years livings124 IP address in peer table
(edit) @774   15 years joshe Retrieve peer address as a string via tr_torrentPeers().
(edit) @773   15 years livings124 Add bits on wheels to clients list.
(edit) @772   15 years livings124 Lock and unlock while accessing peers in libtransmission. Handle lack …
(edit) @770   15 years livings124 Fix for when the returned client string is "unknown client ("
(edit) @769   15 years joshe Use the proper name of uTorrent through the magic of UTF-8.
(edit) @768   15 years livings124 Add uTorrent to clients.
(edit) @767   15 years livings124 Free even more memory.
(edit) @766   15 years livings124 Get peers separately from the rest of the stats. This should also get …
(edit) @765   15 years livings124 Fix a memory leak.
(edit) @764   15 years livings124 Some changes to getting peers in libtransmission. Now it uses a …
(edit) @763   15 years livings124 lock torrent before accessing peers
(edit) @758   15 years joshe Use UTF-8 encoded name and paths in torrent file if available.
(edit) @754   15 years livings124 Some new accessors for libtransmission...I don't see what harm these can do
(edit) @751   15 years livings124 Small iterator change in libtransmission by oleo.
(edit) @723   15 years titer Typo
(edit) @679   15 years titer AmigaOS4 patch by Andrea Palmate
(edit) @626   15 years joshe Allow frontend to supply a custom function for displaying …
(edit) @620   15 years titer Revert [619]
(edit) @609   15 years titer Increased limit on the size of torrent files
(edit) @560   15 years joshe What was I thinking?
(edit) @547   15 years joshe Fix a couple more memory leaks in edge cases.
(edit) @543   15 years joshe Don't leak memory when bencode parsing fails.
(edit) @526   15 years joshe Don't try to free memory that we never allocated.
(edit) @525   15 years joshe Move the ETA cap of 99:59:59 from libtransmission to the MacOS X GUI. …
(edit) @414   15 years titer Don't crash when pausing a torrent that is checking files (refs …
(edit) @405   15 years titer Don't assume that a download is a folder if there only is one file …
(edit) @401   15 years titer Quick fix for #69 (flush disk cache when complete)
(edit) @400   15 years titer Fixes scraping with transmissioncli (#79)
(edit) @346   15 years titer Fixes #22 (all torrents apparently at 0 % when T restarts)
(edit) @326   16 years joshe Fix bug where upload and download totals were discarded when …
(edit) @310   16 years joshe Add support to libtransmission and the MacOS X GUI for saving private …
(edit) @265   16 years titer Split and moved makefiles into a seperate folder, fixes and speed-up …
(edit) @264   16 years titer Splits VERSION_STRING and VERSION_REVISION, removes duplication of …
(edit) @261   16 years titer Updated svn:keywords
(edit) @260   16 years titer Added $Id$ keywords and updated a few headers
(edit) @254   16 years titer Toughens the criteria for banning, tries to make guesses about the …
(edit) @253   16 years titer Adds automatic peer banning. At first, peers get only banned for the …
(edit) @250   16 years titer Be more flexible in case the dictionary isn't at the beginning of the …
(edit) @245   16 years titer Fixes warnings
(edit) @243   16 years joshe A couple minor i18n cleanups. Add italian translation. Add an install …
(edit) @241   16 years joshe Make sure not to go past the end of the buffer when loading bencoded …
(edit) @239   16 years titer Ooops
(edit) @238   16 years titer Use file descriptors instead of streams (preliminary cleanup for fixes …
(edit) @237   16 years titer Clean up, perform all DNS resolutions in a common thread. This should …
(edit) @236   16 years titer Code cleanup
(edit) @233   16 years titer Portability fix (platforms such as sparc64 need uint32_t pointers to …
(edit) @230   16 years titer Merged simple_http_parsing branch
(edit) @228   16 years joshe Add missing tracker stats reset when changing our listening port. …
(edit) @219   16 years titer Show tracker errors again
(edit) @218   16 years titer Fixed a couple of bugs introduced in [164]
(edit) @217   16 years titer Should fix a race condition
(edit) @216   16 years joshe Fixed bug where incorrect stats were being reported to the tracker. …
(edit) @210   16 years titer Adds download rate limit
(edit) @204   16 years joshe Don't print an error if the .depend files don't exist.
(edit) @203   16 years joshe I will not commit without compiling first. I will not commit without …
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