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(edit) @643   15 years livings124 Reveal Filter buttons from MrCrowbar?.
(edit) @641   15 years livings124 Tooltips for show and hide filter buttons. Disable bars when they're …
(edit) @640   15 years livings124 Dim filter buttons and "turtle" button when the window isn't key. …
(edit) @638   15 years livings124 Change filter button spacing and sizing a little.
(edit) @632   15 years livings124 Filter bar made slightly bigger to match's filter.
(edit) @630   15 years livings124 Resize filter close button a bit
(edit) @628   15 years livings124 Disable search field when hiding filter bar so mouse doesn't change to …
(edit) @627   15 years livings124 New close filter buttons.
(edit) @625   15 years livings124 The nib know doesn't reference a non-existant class.
(edit) @624   15 years livings124 Turn multiple classes into a generic class for image backgrounds.
(edit) @620   15 years titer Revert [619]
(edit) @614   15 years livings124 small search field in filter
(edit) @608   15 years livings124 A close button for the filter....someone with image editing skills …
(edit) @607   15 years livings124 Make filter command-f.
(edit) @606   15 years livings124 Blue turtle for aqua, gray turtle for graphite.
(edit) @597   15 years livings124 Highlighting of the turtle makes a little more sense.
(edit) @592   15 years livings124 Hide right border on filter bar.
(edit) @591   15 years livings124 Use images for filter buttons.
(edit) @582   15 years livings124 Better clicked filter button color.
(edit) @581   15 years livings124 New colors for the filter bar.
(edit) @577   15 years livings124 Filter can now only be accessed from the filter bar.
(edit) @576   15 years livings124 First attempt at a filter bar.
(edit) @562   15 years livings124 initial support for filtering (the interface is temporary btw)
(edit) @555   15 years livings124 Have remove use actual torrents, too.
(edit) @554   15 years livings124 Have start and stop use actual torrents instead of indexes...this …
(edit) @533   15 years livings124 Small View is renamed Minimal View...a fitting name
(edit) @530   15 years livings124 Start of Small Table View (accessible from View menu).
(edit) @514   15 years livings124 Add names to buttons.
(edit) @497   15 years livings124 Auto-start check in the inspector now can be applied to multiple torrents.
(edit) @496   15 years livings124 Dock menu item for Speed Limit, among smaller changed.
(edit) @494   15 years livings124 Silly mistake with quit prompt.
(edit) @491   15 years livings124 The Almighty Turtle! Speed Limit can now be accessed from the main …
(edit) @490   15 years livings124 Speed Limit: a way to quickly change the upload and download limits …
(edit) @463   15 years livings124 Now can sort by the wait order.
(edit) @440   15 years livings124 Added initial support for Help. More documentation will be added …
(edit) @394   15 years livings124 A little cleanup, a slightly more straight-forward way of checking the …
(edit) @371   15 years livings124 Keyboard shortcut for Remove Downloaded
(edit) @362   15 years livings124 Should save between launches now, among other things.
(edit) @361   15 years livings124 By popular demand: the return of "Remove Torrent File." It only …
(edit) @352   15 years livings124 Transfer, not Torrent
(edit) @349   15 years livings124 Change "Remove Downloaded" back to "Remove Downloaded Files."
(edit) @335   15 years livings124 Allow the Reveal item to also work with the inspector's Files table.
(edit) @332   15 years livings124 Move "reveal" and "show inspector" to Transfers and View respectively.
(edit) @331   16 years livings124 Rename a few menu items (especially "Remove Data File" to "Remove …
(edit) @329   16 years livings124 Inspector, not Info, for previous tab menu item
(edit) @323   16 years livings124 Initial support for creating a torrent copy (to recover torrent files …
(edit) @312   16 years livings124 Add a keyboard shortcut for removing files.
(edit) @310   16 years joshe Add support to libtransmission and the MacOS X GUI for saving private …
(edit) @292   16 years joshe Revert the last commit, it wasn't supposed to go on the trunk.
(edit) @291   16 years livings124 Initial support of moving torrent files in Mac version. Some things …
(edit) @276   16 years livings124 Less ugly original placement and sizing or window on first launch …
(edit) @272   16 years livings124 First commit on my own 8-) Sorting by progress, sorting no longer …
(edit) @261   16 years titer Updated svn:keywords
(edit) @256   16 years titer Merged Mitchell's changes, this includes: Adds stop at ratio, Adds …
(edit) @247   16 years titer Adds Action button that allows quick setting of upload and download …
(edit) @213   16 years titer Adds download rate limit to OS X interface
(edit) @211   16 years titer Multiple selection
(edit) @194   16 years titer Makes the info inspector resizable
(edit) @168   16 years titer Set click point before displaying so that mouse up on a button …
(edit) @165   16 years titer Fixed the info panel and refined its look
(edit) @162   16 years titer Merge from branches/new_api:r161
(edit) @111   16 years titer Reverted the bottom of the window to the way it was before. Minor …
(edit) @106   16 years titer Removed 'BadgeCompleted?' option - who'd want to disable it anyway?
(edit) @94   16 years titer Show ratio instead of the download rate once the download is complete. …
(edit) @58   16 years titer Added check for update
(edit) @57   16 years titer Added preferences to configure badging
(edit) @35   16 years titer Forget to update the nibs in the last commit
(edit) @20   16 years root Update 2005-12-25
(edit) @19   16 years root Update 2005-12-21
(edit) @16   16 years root Update 2005-12-17
(edit) @6   16 years root Update 2005-11-21
(edit) @4   16 years root Update 2005-11-18
(edit) @3   16 years root Update 2005-11-17
(edit) @2   16 years root Update 2005-11-01
(add) @1   16 years root Import from 2005-10-26
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